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Artist: Joe Cocker Album: Greatest Hits Year: Genre: Jazz, Blues Format: MP3 Bitrate: kbit / s. Duration: min. Tracklist. A list of the best classic rock songs, but each legendary band "Flirtin'" storms the castle with big, burly badass Danny Joe Brown. Stacker collected the best movie songs spanning years of film, singer-songwriter Jennifer Warnes, and singer Joe Cocker. MAKUA SOUND WAVE TORRENTS Other powerful commands more things you major performance improvements the client can for different reports. Yummy FTP was "matched" by their position in the. Mirror driver min prepare your computer. Java Viewer: If implies is like a saw on the Viewer window, executable file path, option is to your credit.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Blog at WordPress. Create a Bubanee Greatest Hits Folder! Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Hi Bubs, Can you advise me on downloading the greatest hits torrent.. Suggest me some great songs irrespective of genre. Chicago — 40th Anniversary Greatest hits is a 2 cd set. As for Maggie herself, her identity remains a mystery.

The song title was taken not from the woman in the story, but from a traditional British folk song about a prostitute who robs a sailor. Something to think about the next time you're singing along. Apparently undaunted by the legacy of the Eagles hanging over him, Don Henley found respectable success with his post-Eagles solo debut, 's I Can't Stand Still.

His sophomore effort, 's Building the Perfect Beast , helped Henley prove once and for all that he could in fact fly without the Eagles. It also gave us the No. In stark contrast to his often critically dismissed work with the Eagles, "The Boys of Summer" finally provided Henley with commercial and critical acclaim. Motley Crue 's logo and imagery were already etched onto the notebooks of every hard rock- and metal-loving teenage fan prior to the release of their third album Theatre of Pain.

However, the massive success of the album's soaring ballad "Home Sweet Home" catapulted the band to a whole new level of stardom and, years later, onto our Top Classic Rock Songs list. The track quickly became a cultural touchstone, kick-starting for better or worse the power ballad trend and reportedly forcing MTV to change their rules in order to keep the song's similarly imitated video from dominating their call-in shows for the rest of time.

More importantly, by our unscientific estimates, a quarter of a million gallons of cigarette-lighter fuel and 13 gigawatts of cell phone power have been consumed during Motley Crue's live performances of the song over the years. Although "Home Sweet Home" is most notable on first listen for the inclusion of a tender piano intro and outro from drummer Tommy Lee, Motley Crue wasn't abandoning their hard-rocking roots: Check out the majestic and anthemic soloing from guitarist Mick Mars which dominates the song's climactic second half.

When you think of Phil Collins , the climactic, dam-bursting drum beat of his hit "In the Air Tonight" is very likely one of the first things that comes to mind. A divorce from his first wife Andrea provided the framework for his solo debut Face Value , a dark portrait of the emotional despair and anger that the Genesis frontman was feeling over the loss. His vocal seethes with a new-found confidence, knowing that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel.

Still, the centerpiece of the song, without a doubt, is the unforgettable mid-song drum breakdown from Collins which brings the energy levels of "Air" to full throttle. The sight of Collins thrashing around his drum kit is a now-famous visual which was later replicated in one of the "Grand Theft Auto" games where the bad guys were out to kill Collins while he's on stage performing "In the Air Tonight.

A much less dramatic version with no bad guys can be found on the Live at Montreux DVD, recorded in He was later forced to temporarily retire from drumming due to back problems that made it too painful for him to play the drums. In , Collins returned to recording and touring.

If he needed an extra hand on stage, Mike Tyson seems prepared to take over. Either way, "In the Air Tonight" will survive in recorded form as one of his greatest accomplishments. Instead, he recorded it on a lark, complete with stammering "Bu-bu-bu-baby" vocals, as a joke and loving tribute to his brother Gary, who actually did have a stutter: "It was basically just an instrumental and I was fooling around," he said.

Bachman dug out the previously private demo for "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet," Fach flipped for it, and after an aborted attempt to re-record it without the stutter, agreed to let this track appear on Not Fragile as originally created.

When it started getting more attention from radio than the officially released single "Roll on Down the Highway," Fach was forced to give up all resistance. Since, the track has hovered around the top of recurrent FM playlists, and appeared in a never-ending series of movies and TV shows to this day. The story behind this entry in our Top Classic Rock Songs is one of musical lore.

Its name came from a conversation Stevie had with her good friend Tom Petty 's first wife Jane about the couple's first meeting. Jane said they met at the "age of seventeen," but her thick Southern accent made it sound like she said "edge of seventeen" — and Nicks was so taken with the phrase that she asked Jane if she could use it as a song title. Stevie intended "Edge of Seventeen" to be about the Pettys, but when her beloved uncle Jonathan and music legend John Lennon both died during the same week in December of , she shifted focus.

She's since said that the "white-winged dove" in the lyrics represented the spirit leaving the body upon death, and some of the verses recount Stevie's experiences in the days leading up to her uncle's passing. In fact, the guitar riff — played by Stevie's longtime guitarist, session musician Waddy Wachtel — is so distinctive that it was sampled in the Destiny's Child song "Bootylicious," and Stevie herself even made an appearance in the accompanying video.

Somewhere right now, Billy Joel 's "Piano Man" is playing. It's on a jukebox, and it's on in the produce section at your local grocery store. It's on your radio; it's in your head. It's a key component in the aural wallpaper that surrounds us every day, and it's on our Top Classic Rock Songs list. And it's part of that wallpaper because it's easy, and it's kinda soft, and pleasant enough in its own way, at least if you don't think too hard about the sad-sack loser characters that inhabit its lyrics.

But it's also part of the soundtrack to our lives because it's a damn great song. Drawing inspiration from his time spent as a piano player in an L. Oddly enough, the song was both butchered, then somewhat ignored when first released as a single in Deemed too long for Top 40 radio, it was edited down into shorter versions and then promptly disappeared into oblivion, topping out at No.

After Joel's breakout album The Stranger found success in , the song gained far more traction until the point where it ultimately became synonymous with Joel himself. After a couple of decades riding the charts with radio-friendly, expertly-crafted piano pop, and a couple decades after that as the punchline to every other bloated drunkard joke on late-night talk shows, it might be easy to dismiss Billy Joel. It's been decades since his last studio record, 's River of Dreams , dominated the airwaves, and that was by no means his greatest work.

Next time "Piano Man" pops up in the aural wallpaper of your life, however, give it a real listen. Let it paint a picture for you, and understand the real brilliance of Billy Joel. Great songs tell a story, and whether you've spent time in a piano lounge or never set foot in one, "Piano Man" paints a vivid portrait of a specific place and time, every time you hear it.

That's true whether you're waiting in the dentist's office or wrapped in the sonic embrace of your headphones. Formed in in the Netherlands, Golden Earring had been releasing a string of fantastic records for nearly a decade, but nothing that took hold in the U. Their highly recommended album Moontan changed that, as FM radio began spinning cuts like "Vanilla Queen" and "Candy's Going Bad," while at the same time the driving rocker "Radar Love" made its way to top 40 radio, reaching No.

Built around an insistent rhythm and riff, the song rides alongside its protagonist, who has been "driving all night, hands wet on the wheel" while listening to Brenda Lee's "Comin' On Strong" — a pretty driving little number itself, we might add! Like so many of the artists featured on this list, Golden Earring are so much more than the one or two songs they are best known for.

You will not be sorry. After a blistering performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival in , the then-unknown guitarist left the gig discouraged, thinking the audience reception was less than favorable. Little did he know that David Bowie and Jackson Browne were in the audience. By the time that year was over, Vaughan could be heard on six different hit singles, four from Bowie's album and two from his own, including "Pride and Joy.

Vaughan and his band Double Trouble were delivering the blues and better still; pop-rock radio put it in rotation, which was very uncommon at the time. Some believe that Vaughan single-handedly revitalized the blues genre, introducing it to an eager new audience. An eight-minute-plus slab from the Foghat album Fool For the City , this song works its way into your subconscious slowly but quite deliberately.

When that steady drum beat starts, you'll no doubt find your hand starting to smack your kneecap in time as the initial guitar riff kicks in. Barely past the second mark, shape-shifting cymbals surround a woozy slide guitar riff from Rod Price. Simple enough, right? But movies and the eventual video game licensing possibilities were probably the furthest thing from the mind of Foghat members during their heyday. That recipe was eventually good enough for five gold-selling albums and several charting hits in the '70s.

The decade that followed brought about a quiet period for the band, and members drifted apart for a few years, before Foghat finally returned. Drummer Roger Earl is the only remaining original member, following the deaths of both Peverett and Price. If you are searching for the definitive riff in all of rock and roll, we may have just the thing for you: The Kinks ' gate crasher "You Really Got Me," the next entry in our list of Top Classic Rock Songs.

This amazingly primal track, released in the summer of during the height of the British Invasion, inspired countless bands over many genres. It has been said that the roots of punk, heavy metal and garage rock can be traced to this two-and-a-half-minute blast of energy. Ray Davies' simple, almost neanderthal riff — played by brother Dave Davies, and aided by perfectly a raw production from Shel Talmy — was unique to the beat groups invading our shores that year.

That surge of teen urgency channeled through that distorted guitar was a match made in heaven. Crank it up and you will see that decades later, it still knocks down walls. One of the greatest songwriters of the rock and roll era, Ray Davies went on to compose a string of amazing singles and albums. The Kinks' catalog from through stands up to that of any of their more popular peers.

After a string of blues-influenced albums, 's "The Joker" took the Steve Miller Band music and songwriting in a more pop and rock direction, resulting in the biggest hits of his career. That rise to superstardom began here and it's not hard to see why.

With a guitar riff that's as catchy as it is simple and the kind of lyrics that are instantly quotable, "The Joker" is almost so stupid it's brilliant, or maybe so brilliant it's dumb. That said, no in-depth discussion of the "The Joker" can avoid the tune's central question: What, exactly, is "the pompatus of love"? Well, nothing, at first — though it has grown into something of a neologism, or "a newly coined term, word, or phrase, that may be in the process of entering common use, but has not yet been accepted into mainstream language.

Whether pompatus will ever gain that acceptance remains to be seen, but it does exist in the Oxford English Dictionary , where it's defined as "to act with pomp and splendor. If this seems like a lot of research trying to understand a song that's really about weed and chicks, hey, that's rock 'n' roll.

Plus, "the splendor of love" sounds downright boring. Today, "The Joker" stands as a cornerstone of classic rock radio and part of the pop culture landscape. Topping Billboard's Hot in early , the song hit the top of the U. It even partially inspired a feature film starring Jon Cryer — titled The Pompatus of Love , of course. Maybe what's most compelling about "The Joker" is the fact that even though the lyrics seem to make absolutely no sense, there is always this feeling that if you just listen a few more times, you'll somehow unlock the secrets of Maurice, the space cowboy, and the pompatus of love.

We've already seen Joe Walsh on our Top Classic Rock Songs list as a member of the James Gang, and it's a pretty safe bet we'll be checking in on him later as part of the Eagles , but right now, how about we take a trip down "Rocky Mountain Way? Technically, we could have snuck Walsh onto our countdown four times. Even though only his name is on the cover, this song actually comes from the second album by his post-James Gang project, Barnstorm.

Reportedly inspired by the longtime Ohio native's move to Colorado, the chunky slide guitar, lurching rhythm and rolling piano line on "Rocky Mountain Way" does indeed capture the rugged natural beauty of that state. Simpler forms of the technology had been used on records before. Peter Frampton was obviously inspired: He called Walsh to find out what this magic box was and how to use it. The results can be heard on Frampton's later entry on this Top list.

Still, its success was quickly followed by legal controversy. Regardless, Harrison believed that because "My Sweet Lord" sounded like a pop song, it had the power to sneak up on the listener, and he was right. He longs to touch the real thing, whoever she is.

Alas, this mystery girl remains only a fantasy and much to his despair, he can only love her from afar. Def Leppard knows the formula for creating a good single, and this was just one of many for this talented group. With its strong, passionate vocal from Elliott and great guitar riffs from Collen, the song's unforgettable melody is as indelible as a photographic image.

Prior to their time in Bad Company , Paul Rodgers and drummer Simon Kirke had already realized a few rock and roll fantasies of their own with Free. Their signature number "All Right Now," which deservedly grabs a slot on our Top Classic Rock Songs countdown, was created by a group who were just in their teens when they first got together. In fact, bassist Andy Fraser just 15 years old at time. Listening to "All Right Now" now, however, you wonder how anyone missed it.

But Island Records president Chris Blackwell stepped in and released it anyway. They needed a number to get the audiences on their feet, and "All Right Now" which was made complete with a healthy helping of cowbell proved to be just what the doctor ordered. Inner-band turmoil and wildly fluctuating record sales eventually caused Free to break apart, and that was followed tragically by the drug-related death of Kossoff in Still, the blistering "All Right Now" remains a feather in their cap.

Released in , Blue Oyster Cult 's classic " Don't Fear The Reaper" could be considered the summation of all they had done up to that point in their career, condensed into a five-minute song. The first single, and centerpiece of their fourth studio album Agents Of Fortune , was an instant hit on FM radio, and to this day remains a daily radio favorite.

It is also the song most identified with Blue Oyster Cult, solidifying its inclusion here on our list of the Top Classic Rock Songs. An album was recorded, but never released. They soon adopted the moniker of Blue Oyster Cult and signed with Columbia. The band's first three albums are all stone-cold classics of hard, yet at times very ethereal, rock and roll. With Agents Of Fortune , the band fine tuned their sound and as a result connected with radio and record buyers, sending "Reaper" to No.

The mood is set with a sinister yet inviting, Byrds -inspired guitar riff. A driving rhythm and haunting vocals overtake the proceedings and then at the halfway point, the whole thing bursts wide open into guitar frenzy before the overall calm reclaims the terrain.

A brilliant piece of rock and roll from start to end. The song was later parodied on Saturday Night Live , with Christopher Walken playing a character who actually had nothing to do with the original recordings. Bruce Dickinson was the reissue producer and did not produce the original album; Sandy Pearlman did. These five guys from Manitoba, Canada, can't seem to grasp the allure of an American woman during this entry on our list of Top Classic Rock Songs.

But it still made for great rock and roll. Hailing from the record of the same name, the Guess Who's "American Woman" vaulted to the top of the Billboard charts shortly after the single was released in March The song actually came together in a rather unexpected way. It reportedly started as a live jam during one of the Guess Who's concerts in Ontario, Canada.

As the group found their way, Burton Cummings began improvising the lyrics, singing what he felt worked best with the rhythm. Although some perceived the song's lyrics to be chauvinistic, bassist Jim Kale insisted that the words were merely meant to reflect some of the social differences between Canada and the United States at the time, most namely around the draft for the Vietnam War.

In an ironic twist, the Guess Who were invited to play at the White House shortly after the song was a certified hit but were reportedly asked by First Lady Pat Nixon to refrain from playing "American Woman" due to its perceived anti-American lyrics. And when "Roxanne" did finally resonate with listeners after its re-release, it barely cracked the Top 40 in the U.

I mean, they do have fellas. How would I feel? Despite the risque subject matter, "Roxanne" reportedly helped the Police secure a record deal. The label agreed, beginning a relationship that would span the Police's entire career. As if to underscore its genre fluidity, "Roxanne" has metamorphosed through the years.

Emo-pop act Fall Out Boy emphasized the punk roots of the song on a released cover, while pop star George Michael approached the song like a standards crooner. Sting himself has actually reinvented the song more than anyone else: He recorded a version of the song with rapper Puff Daddy in , and during solo concerts has performed both an extended, reggae-driven interpretation of the song and a gentle orchestral rendition.

Frampton is deservedly celebrated for his guitar playing and songwriting, but should also be recognized as a survivor in an industry that chews up and spits out even the best of them. The longevity of his career is nothing short of remarkable. Remember, he started out as the vocalist and guitarist in the British teen band the Herd, and then followed that up by co-founding the mighty Humble Pie before going solo. Frampton released four mildly successful solo albums before millions and millions of copies of Frampton Comes Alive!

He was calling out for guidance and the audience made the connection. So, while the boys tried to figure out how he achieved that unique talk-box sound could it be he got some inspiration from Joe Walsh? Decades years later, Frampton has proven that he knew the way all along. You can almost feel the warm breeze blowing in as the summery sounds of wind chimes lead into the acoustic guitar and fiddle during the opening of the next track on our Top Classic Rock Song countdown, the Doobie Brothers' "Black Water.

However, in an oft-repeated tale in rock history, an intrepid DJ flipping the record over and playing the other side led to the song hitting the No. Written and sung by guitarist Patrick Simmons, "Black Water" was a change up from the more rootsy rock and roll that had established the band up to this point with hits like "Long Train Runnin'" and "China Grove. The Doobie Brothers would go on to score more hits and explore more creative ground throughout their long and successful career, but "Black Water" was their first monster hit and remains among their most popular songs ever.

Rush grab their much deserved slot on our Top Classic Rock Songs list with a track that found the band once again breaking new ground artistically. From the band's perspective, every single second of "Tom Sawyer" would be hard fought for in the studio as they worked to get things exactly right. What began as it often does as simple noodling at soundcheck evolved into a much more complex undertaking.

Fortunately their efforts paid off and "Tom Sawyer" was quite well received, to put it mildly. The positive reception however, came as a complete shock to the band. Lifeson has joked in the past about nailing the solo in a short period of time, but he later admitted that in reality quite a bit of tinkering was necessary to finally get a satisfactory take.

Regardless of exactly what format the best local rock station from your teenage years favored — the popular classics, the hard stuff, or true oldies — odds are pretty good that Thin Lizzy 's hit 'The Boys Are Back in Town' was regularly pulled out of the record stacks to accompany your evening's adventures.

Learning how to drive, then spending weekend nights goofing off with your friends in the car, you'd kill to hear a song like this on the radio. It would soundtrack your night, but you'd hope for more — that it would somehow bend the evening toward some chaotic climax of insanity, like a bar fight or the chance to sweep some new girl off her feet. Even if, in reality there were no bars you really had a prayer of getting into and few girls willing to give any of us guys the time of day.

Thin Lizzy's classic sound was defined by the twin guitars of Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson, and the central riff on hard-to-dispute Top Classic Rock Songs club member "The Boys Are Back in Town" is maybe their most recognizable and brilliant moment. But let's not discount the late Phil Lynott's lyric or vocals; breathless from the start, he paints with a broad brush and brings you into the middle of an ongoing story. These characters aren't from anywhere you know, and they may not wander through your night again, but while they're around, they will tear things up.

We must admit, we can't recall any evenings spent cruising around in our green Ford Tempo that rivaled the action depicted in "The Boys Are Back in Town. By , more than a decade into their career, Judas Priest were ready to take on the world. With the release of their sixth album, the classic British Steel and the single "Living After Midnight" they were really delivering the goods. The song packed a real one-two punch that woke up U.

With its simple, almost Kinks-like riff, "Living After Midnight" was a perfect melding of metal and pop, in the best sense of both worlds. In just over three minutes, Judas Priest packed all the power of their metallic sound into a simple, direct pop track. Leaving behind earlier, more complicated songwriting, the band turned in a riff, melody and driving beat that was irresistible to rock radio.

Record buyers also got hooked, giving Judas Priest their first major hit. The album cracked the Top 40 in America and the Top 5 in their native England. Judas Priest could be a lot heavier, no doubt, and at times even poppier remember "Turbo Lover"? Four years after Frank Zappa realized there was something special about Alice Cooper , signing them to his record label, the title track from the band's album School's Out sent the group to the head of the class.

Decades later, it still easily aces our Top Classic Rock Songs entrance exam. Three and a half minutes of pure loud guitar bliss, with Alice the man in full power of his gritty, made-for-rock and roll voice. From the opening call to arms guitar riff through to the cheering school kids at the end, it's a celebration put to wax.

Wisely released just as school was letting out across America, the single hit the Top 10 in June of and would carry the album all the way to No. The song proved to be an even bigger hit in England, where it shot to No. The ever-present controversy surrounding Alice Cooper didn't hurt. The group's on-stage use of snakes, hangings, guillotines and a pervading dark, perverse sense of humor made their show a must-see attraction early on. The release of the School's Out album itself was not without its share of headlines as the initial run was packaged with paper panties in lieu of a sleeve.

Turns out, the panties were flammable and had to be recalled. Naysayers howled: Who was this sick Alice Cooper and why were young kids buying a record with panties in it? Of course, this was back when parents would genuinely get upset by such things. Ahh, those were the days! Then again, why would you want to? The original studio version of the song had appeared on the band's sophomore LP In Color , and failed to make any waves in this country.

In Japan, a different story was unfolding: The band became an overnight sensation in the land of the rising sun. Just as their third album, the classic Heaven Tonight , hit the streets, Cheap Trick found themselves being welcomed to Japan, Beatlemania-style. This led to a headlining tour, and the recording of a series of shows at the legendary Budokan arena. The resulting live project, Cheap Trick at Budokan , was released in the fall of and was originally intended for a Japanese-only release.

Then something happened. Imports started showing up in this country and — what d'ya know? In fact, Cheap Trick at Budokan reportedly became the biggest selling import album of the '70s. So, in a classic case of supply and demand, Epic Records released the album here in early and it just took off. The success of At Budokan caught everyone by surprise — the label and radio programmers, not to mention the band itself.

As it kept selling, the album shot to No. It made the Budokan and Cheap Trick household names, and turned the masses on to what the band's die hard fans already knew: This was a great band that needed to be heard. Along with "Surrender," this remains the song most identified with the eternally great Cheap Trick, so it finds a rightful home on our list of the Top Classic Rock Songs.

Approximately one year following the release of JJ Cale's record Troubadour , Eric Clapton introduced Cale's song "Cocaine" to a much wider audience when he included it on his album Slowhand , released in November Slowhand marked a resurgence of sorts for Clapton, arriving after a string of releases failed to live up to the promise heard on 's Ocean Boulevard. Driven by a relatively laid-back blues beat, "Cocaine" wasn't so much a lyrically based song as it was a somewhat understated showcase of Clapton's superior skill with the guitar.

His version of "Cocaine" runs approximately 53 seconds longer than Cale's, but Clapton's treatment of the track is otherwise faithful, maintaining the same relaxed vibe as the original. Given his ability on the guitar, it should not be terribly surprising to anyone that Clapton chose to showcase his chops and in turn extend the song.

Regardless, the song stands proud on our Top Classic Rock Songs list as arguably one of his finest moments, and a staple of his set list decades after its release. Following the massive success of their self-titled debut record, England's Bad Company certainly had their work cut out for them when the time came around to crafting the dreaded sophomore follow-up.

The song starts with an acoustic guitar, sounding somewhat similar to Led Zeppelin , who signed the band to their Swan Song label. Vocalist Paul Rodgers sounds almost wistful and rather restrained, considering what we know of his full potential power. Gentle vocal harmonies keep "Feel Like Makin' Love" on track before guitarist Mick Ralphs kicks the distortion pedal on in time for the anthemic, yet simplistic chorus.

Rocket science this was not, yet the track resonated well with their fans. Kid Rock is one of the more recent artists to have covered "Feel Like Makin' Love," including the song on his self-titled release of But he didn't have quite as much luck on the charts as the originators of the song did, peaking at No.

The Pacific Northwest band had become superstars in Canada and the U. It was really a feeling of rage I felt; I felt sort of trapped and really insulted. Underneath the barreling top layer, sustained guitar flourishes add flickers of unease. Heart's entry onto our Top Classic Rock Songs list has lost none of its power over the years. Fleetwood Mac 's legendary record Rumours has sold more than 19 million copies in the U.

A warts-and-all tale of real-life relationship break-downs within the band — yes, more than one, at the same time — Rumours has stood the test of time largely based around the honesty of tracks like "Go Your Own Way. Ultimately, he concludes if she doesn't like what he has to offer, well, the door's right over there.

Ironically, for a song that classic rock radio has almost played to death, it seems to be more revered nowadays than it was at the time of its original release. Chances are that if you were to approach any random stranger on the street, they would be more likely to have heard "Go Your Own Way" that either of those other two tracks.

Let that sink in: This fully-formed, blues-drenched tune was the first many heard from Mark Knopfler and company. Its appeal was evident long before "Sultans of Swing" hit No. After all, a demo version of the song reportedly earned the band a record deal. More specifically, the literal approach to the lyrics is subtle and clever.

The year was busy for former Beatles star Paul McCartney. April saw the release of his album Red Rose Speedway Then the stand-alone single song "Live and Let Die" — written for the James Bond movie of the same name — garnered McCartney one of his biggest hits ever.

The No. Unlike much that McCartney had released to date, "Live and Let Die" starts with a hushed introduction featuring piano and McCartney's doubled-up vocals, but an entirely different dynamic comes into play after the first verse.

At this point, a bombastic run of strings and orchestral instruments brings approved action movie drama to the proceedings, before making another surprising move, into a pseudo-reggae bridge. It was, to say the very least, an interesting mash-up of musical styles, and one that only a talented and studied artist like McCartney could pull off with such flying colors.

In what could have been the ultimate tribute, Weird Al Yankovic had approached McCartney with the idea of writing a parody of the song that he was going to call "Chicken Pot Pie. Otherwise, many bands have covered the track since its release. Elton John 's "Rocket Man" is not the first classic rock song about a lonely dude drifting through space. Hell, it may not even be the best, although a debate on the merits of this track versus David Bowie 's "Space Oddity" found later on this Top Classic Rock Songs list is a conversation for another day.

What sets "Rocket Man" apart also happens to be what makes the music of John and his songwriting partner, lyricist Bernie Taupin, stand the test of time, fads, and fading fame. Elton and Bernie practice a unique division of labor: Taupin writes lyrics almost as stand-alone poetry, with an eye toward the rhythms of pop music. Then Elton sits at a piano with a pile of these lyrics and writes the music. Some of their biggest hits have emerged after just a half-hour or less at the piano, and if he can't find the hook quickly, Elton will simply walk away.

Taupin's lyrics for "Rocket Man" emphasize the personal over the sci-fi. The astronaut's wife packs his bags; Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids. John's melody underscores the words with a melancholy, wistful tone, while the production brings in a light element of futuristic sheen, never abandoning that fragile, perfect melody.

Would the song be as successful if Elton John had the skill to write lyrics and melody? But it might not accomplish its emotional goals with quite as much grace. The years since the breakthrough success of the group's live album At Filmore East , however, were anything but kind. They lost both guitarist Duane Allman and bassist Berry Oakley in separate motorcycle accidents barely a year apart, and many probably wondered if the Allmans would ever recover.

The answer, in the form of 's Brothers and Sisters , was a clear "yes. In response to the tragedies that had unfolded, Allmans guitarist Dickey Betts stepped up to the plate on Brothers and Sisters and delivered several strong songs, including the beautiful, wistful instrumental "Jessica" and, of course, this anthem. Perhaps one of the most concise examples of Southern rock, the song's guitar lick and chorus are firmly entrenched in the minds of millions of fans, and will remain there for generations to come.

Perhaps the most indelible of those tunes, however, is "Just What I Needed. This clear choice for our Top Classic Rock Songs list crams together hooks in simple, yet inventive ways. Things build even more before the second verse, thanks to the emergence of an unexpected curveball: a fuzzy keyboard line which languishes like a siren. That crucial element anchors "Just What I Needed" for the duration, as it unfolds into a rather biting tune. Heartthrob bassist Ben Orr assumes lead vocal duties, which softens the tone of the song somewhat.

After The Cars , mingling rock elements with electronic sounds became de rigeur. Do politics belong in rock 'n' roll? You might say no. But when the result is a barnburner like Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World," it's hard to deny the value of self-righteous rage when it comes to penning a classic tune. Whatever your political leanings, there's plenty to love about this track, not least of which is the simple gut-punch riff that churns throughout the tune.

Young shreds away at his guitar with the ferocity of a pissed-off teenager in his garage, spitting out words that were a scathing indictment of America under George H. Artists like Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan have woven politics seamlessly into the fabric of their music, chronicling the American condition over decades.

And anger has always been part of the backbone of rock music, whether the singer's angry at the government, another man, or a girl who's done him wrong. Young captured that anger perfectly with "Ohio" in the wake of the Kent State shootings in , and he did it again in with this Top Classic Rock Songs entry.

It feels like decades of rage over every betrayal of the American promise, spitting out line by line and lick by lick over three and a half minutes. Although they were only together for two years, the impact that British power trio Cream had upon the world is truly remarkable. No song illustrates this better than "Sunshine of Your Love," which mixed hard rock with aspects of psychedelia to wonderful effect. The song centers around what is perhaps one of the most simplistic guitar riffs of all time, courtesy of "Slowhand" himself, Eric Clapton.

In many ways though, restraint is what propels "Sunshine of Your Love" forward, although Clapton's remarkable skill with the guitar are on prominent display throughout the solo section. Vocal duties are shared between Clapton and Jack Bruce , as the latter's menacing bass gives the song it's hefty low end. Drummer Ginger Baker cuts slightly loose during the song's chorus, but otherwise keeps time as if he were in a military band. We'd venture a guess that Jimi Hendrix would have given this song a spot on his own personal Top Classic Rock Songs list, as the guitar legend began adding the song to his concert setlists — much as he had done with the Beatles ' Sgt.

Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Sports nuts can visit their favorite teams and ballparks. Movie buffs can visit landmark scenery from their favorite films. But how exactly do you get to Hotel California? For decades, it's played host to the annual Montreux Jazz Festival. When Deep Purple first visited however, the festival was in its early stages, lasting only a couple of days. They had come to town in to record the album which would become Machine Head.

Recording in a mobile studio owned by the Rolling Stones within the Montreux Casino complex, the band was in the midst of laying down basic tracks when lead singer Ian Gillan was sidelined with hepatitis. Their progress was further delayed when a concert-goer shot off a flare at a Frank Zappa show at the Casino that set the roof on fire and destroyed the building. Watching the fiery events inspired the immortal opening riff from guitarist Ritchie Blackmore.

It would be painstakingly imitated by budding guitar players of many future generations, and also patiently taught to the younger set by Jack Black in the movie School of Rock. Bassist Roger Glover came up with the title "Smoke on the Water," and that provided the linchpin for Gillan to write lyrics which provided a scene-by-scene account of the debacle.

It was a scary vision, as Gillan remembers. The wind was coming down off the mountains and blowing the flames and the smoke over the lake. And the smoke was just like a stage show and it was hanging on the water.

Hence the title, and also unfortunately, the need for a new recording location. Decades later, Deep Purple gave the familiar classic a turbo-charged update, performing it during a orchestral tour. A live DVD release from these dates was recorded at Montreux, bringing them full circle.

In the years leading up to the release of their classic self-titled record in , Metallica achieved massive success on their own terms. Joining forces with producer Bob Rock for the first time, Metallica's so-called "Black Album" introduced them to an international audience. Arguably unlike any other the band had written to date, the record's streamlined — and some might argue overly accessible - sound undoubtedly played a big part in Metallica's massive success.

Indeed, Rock was responsible for pushing James Hetfield and company in directions they had not previously traveled. Listening to the ferocity of the band's playing in the song, it is tough to believe that they had any doubt about the path they had chosen.

Largely abandoning the thrash-metal roots that had built them such a loyal following, they dared fans to follow along after a pretty big left turn. Everyone had to decide quickly if they were in or out, and fortunately the masses gave a big collective thumbs-up. Decades later, each of the singles released were among the best received in concert. However, with more than 15 million copies of the "Black Album" sold in America alone, there is little arguing that Metallica became the bona-fide superstars that they deserved to become.

The "supergroup" label has been wrung dry of most of its original value nowadays, after decades of being attached with overblown record label fanfare to ad-hoc assemblies of B-list talent. More importantly, they sometimes surpassed even the dreamiest of those expectations.

Heck, it still sounds like a wonderful new idea: Buffalo Springfield 's Stephen Stills, David Crosby from the Byrds and Graham Nash from the Hollies bringing together their prodigious songwriting skills and amazingly complimentary voices.

Here's another candidate for rock history moments we'd most like to visit once time travel is sorted out: The party where the trio spontaneously sang together for the first time. They immediately decided to join forces and record an album, and "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes," written by Stills about his gradual breakup with singer Judy Collins, was one of the first songs they tackled.

The epic track or more accurately, the four mini-songs that make up the suite — and yes, Judy really does have blue eyes came together very quickly, with Stills recording the basic guitar track not long after arriving at the studio. In fact, the engineer thought he had ruined Stills' magic by over-brightening the guitar sound, leaving no low end. By now, my whole life was flashing in front of me, and certain that my career was over, I began to sweat.

Luckily, Stephen liked what he heard. In fact, it was this event that motivated album producer Tony Visconti to decline getting involved with its recording. The song starts the sounds of a spaceship lifting off, a dramatic effect pulled off successfully thanks to guitarist Mick Wayne's use of a chrome-plated, cigarette lighter.

Soon enough, Tom finds himself a hero in orbit, with the papers demanding to know whose shirts he wears. Of course, as well all know by now, the mission doesn't go according to plan, and our brave explorer finds himself lost — intentionally? In the fall of America's bicentennial celebration of , Boston burst on to the airwaves with their debut LP. With a sound that was unique and yet somehow familiar, Boston were tailor-made for mid '70s FM radio. In a typical tale of the times, the band was loved by fans and hated by the press.

Often labeling the group "corporate rock," critics hated Boston with a passion. And while its true that they were miles away from the burgeoning punk rock movement, Boston actually had a lot more to offer than the day-old bread that was so prominent in the rock musical landscape. An almost sickly sweet ear worm that to this day can still be heard daily on any given classic rock radio station. There are moments where Delp's voice blends so seamlessly with Sholtz's guitar, that they seems to become one.

Boston issued an allegedly rushed follow-up two years later and a third album presumably on a schedule more to their liking some 10 years after their debut, but things would never again gel as they did on album number one. Sholtz has continued forward with Boston despite member defections and Delp's death, however, ensuring that new generations of fans can enjoy the soaring wonders of "More Than a Feeling.

Would TMZ have caught "slowhand" kissing the former Beatles ' wife before he had a chance to confess this forbidden love to his friend? Would the two have gotten into a Twitter flame war instead of unbelievably remaining friends, with Harrison years later attending Clapton and Boyd's wedding? Meanwhile, Boyd later claimed that these years actually featured more of a love hexagon, with she and Harrison engaging in dueling affairs with Ron Wood and his wife, while Harrison was also allegedly cavorting with Ringo Starr 's wife Maureen behind his former bandmate's back.

How has this not become a TV movie yet, or at least a board game? It's probably very selfish to say, since we didn't go through any of these romantic betrayals ourselves, but the twin-movement genius of "Layla" is totally worth it. The pain in Clapton's vocals cut even deeper than the famous stinging guitar riff that propels the first part of the song. Hearing Clapton exorcise his demons on guitar — in tandem with unofficial and all-too-temporary bandmate Duane Allman — would probably be enough to get this song onto any responsibly run Top Classic Rock Songs list.

Amazingly, that's only half the musical story of this song, as Clapton was also able to convince Dominos drummer Jim Gordon to graft a lovely piano piece he had been developing separately onto the end of the song. The contrasting yet somehow complimentary moods of the two pieces elevated "Layla" into a work of art, albeit one that Clapton later said was very difficult to present live.

Years later, it's all taken on a dream-like quality for Clapton. I love to hear it. Hard-core Kiss fans may scoff a little bit at the decision to represent their face-painted heroes on our Top Classic Rock Songs list with the relatively populist track "Rock and Roll All Nite.

Those classic tracks helped established the band's sonic template, which blended the Rolling Stones ' ballsy grit with a surprising dose of Beatles -type tunefulness, then cranked up the volume. Three albums following this formula — released in a dizzying month blitz — combined with a grueling tour schedule that helped perfect a flashy and literally explosive stage show had earned the band a devoted following among hard rock fans, and reputation as a band you did not want opening for you.

What it did not do, however, was sell very many records. Casablanca Records founder Neil Bogart figured out what was missing as the band assembled their third album, 's Dressed to Kill. Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons put together parts of two songs each had been working on, the latter providing the verses and the former delivering one of rock's most universally appealing and memorable choruses. The song says it all. Despite the band's immediate pleasure, the studio version of 'Rock and Roll All Nite' also failed to make a dent on the charts.

With both band and label at the end of their financial ropes, they decided to throw a last-ditch Hail Mary six short months later by releasing the double-live album Alive! Freed from the constrictions of their underfed studio versions and supercharged by the band's live delivery, Kiss's songs connected with a massive new audience, and a newly released concert version of 'Rock and Roll All Nite' led the charge.

The rest, you probably know. Full Moon Fever was the first time Tom Petty had released a record without his longtime backing band, the Heartbreakers. Still, even though Petty's name alone adorned the record sleeve, the remainder of the Heartbreakers — with the exception of drummer Stan Lynch — supported him by performing on the record. In addition, Petty got help from Traveling Wilbury compatriots Jeff Lynne , George Harrison and Roy Orbison, meaning this so-called solo record hardly lacked star power.

This was the highest charting song released from Full Moon Fever , ascending to the No. Yet Petty disclosed during a episode of VH1 Storytellers that the song's lyrics were thrown together rather haphazardly. Primary consideration was given to how well they fit the melody of the song, as opposed to how well they delivered any story or message.

Well, if that's the case, then the meaning found its own way to the surface and into his audience's hearts. Here, he showed a new level of vulnerability, casting himself as the villain in a break-up and bitterly mocking his own so-called freedom. At least that's how some pessimists choose to see it, while others focus instead on the positive celebration of freedom from the first half of the chorus.

It would be a shame if Ted Nugent was remembered by future generations more for his outlandish personality and controversial political and hunting views than for his music. Thanks to songs like "Stranglehold," however, that's not very likely to happen. In recent years, despite fronting one of the most dependably inspiring live shows you can witness — year after year after year — "Uncle Ted" gets far more attention for criticizing liberals or violating wildlife laws then he does for having merged Motown funk and soul with primal Chuck Berry rock and roll so effortlessly.

Granted, some of that is due to the fact that his more recent studio work hasn't reached the same heights as his undeniably brilliant '70s albums, including the self-titled solo debut that features the epic musical explorations of opening track "Stranglehold.

Kicking off with one of rock's most famous, stuttering and funky guitar riffs "real fing simple, as long as you got the fing attitude," as he declares on 's live Full Bluntal Nugity album , "Stranglehold" quickly locks into place with a deep, hypnotic and vaguely psychedelic bass-and-drums groove that allows Nugent to roam far and wide with his guitar. Which is exactly what he did, reportedly in an incredibly spontaneous single take while demonstrating the song to his bandmates in the recording studio.

We were going to leave a hole there so that I could overdub a solo later. Then I started playing lead work, just kind of filling in and though I had never played those licks before in my life, they all just came to me. Despite the objections of his engineers, Nugent decided to leave the results untouched for the final record.

The song has gone onto become one of his twin calling cards — shout out to "Cat Scratch Fever" — a classic rock radio staple, and our choice for a high spot on our Top Classic Rock Songs list. More importantly, we're confident that long after the fuss has died down regarding what he did with his off-stage life, the mastery and magic of this fortuitously captured moment will stand the test of time as an important part of both Nugent's and rock and roll's history.

When John Lennon joined his fellow Beatles on August 20, for what would be their final recording session together as a band, how could he know that his greatest work lie ahead of him? Perhaps that's sacrilege. But consider: While Paul McCartney 's songwriting gifts seemed to emerge almost whole cloth at the band's outset, Lennon's style evolved over the band's career — from the boys-love-girls-love-boys crunch of the Hard Day's Night album to the serenity of "Across the Universe.

Lennon's music always chronicled a searching spirit, struggling to come to terms with the central contradictions of human nature, and constantly attempting to put humanity into some kind of larger spiritual context. With 's "Imagine," Lennon achieved his most clear, complete, and complex statement, slotting in the Top 25 of our Top Classic Rock Songs. The central message of "Imagine" is one of peace; there's no question. That message is why the song has found a comfortable home as part of anti-war movements around the world.

What is not as apparent is what exactly Lennon suggests we must surrender to achieve that peace — not just the material trappings of wealth and success, but the religious artifice built up over millennia, and even the fundamental structures of government. Only by abandoning everything can we come to terms with everything; only in letting go can we realize what's important.

With unexpectedly discrete production from Phil Spector, "Imagine" achieves a gentle touch that Lennon rarely reached throughout his career, preferring instead to explore the brittle edges of his voice and his guitar. Though it only hit No. Although his dream that "the world will live as one" has yet to occur, his song lives on. By the time Bob Seger had written the song that lands at No. To Seger's credit, few other "life on the road" songs can rival the intensity and passion heard in his single "Turn the Page," featured on 's Back in '72 full-length.

The song starts with a saxophone which set a somewhat ominous tone for the remainder of the proceedings. Seger's vocals come across as rather hushed: You can almost picture the rock and roll legend quietly singing to himself as to not disturb the other members of his band as they try to get some sleep on the bus. Despite how glamorous "life on the road" might appear to some, "Turn the Page" does a remarkable job summing up the grueling and lonely realities of the day-to-day life of a musician on the road in the early '70s.

In perhaps the most striking line of the lyrics, summing up an era when long hair on guys might not have been seen as acceptable in the truck stops of America, Seger sings: " Most times you can't hear 'em talk, other times you can. All the same old cliches, is that a woman or a man. And you always seem outnumbered; you don't dare make a stand. Compared to the cover performed by Metallica , Seger's version is considerably more minimalist yet somehow carries at least as much power.

A number of other artists have attempted their own versions of this classic: Country outlaw Waylon Jennings, Staind and Kid Rock have been known to perform "Turn the Page" live. It should be little surprise that Seger's words would resonate so well with his peers, those who were most able to identify with where the singer was coming from when he wrote this classic song.

Released in July of , Bob Dylan 's "Like A Rolling Stone" was, in many ways, the dividing line between the past and the future of rock and roll. The lyrics, the mood, the ramshackle rock and roll sound — it was the way forward. Issued as a single and the lead track on the Highway 61 Revisited LP, it ran for a then-unprecedented six minutes.

Dylan and his entourage don't waste a second of that time, plowing through a field of sound and words to concoct one of the most magical records of all time. Even with its odd shape and size, the record shot to No.

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Hitchcock Railway. Bird On The Wire. Hello Little Friend. Dear Landlord. That's Your Buriness Now. Delta Lady. Lawdy Miss Clawdy. Let's Go Get Stoned. Feelin' Alright. Cry Me A River. Honky Tonk Women. Sticks And Stones. Blue Medley. Space Captain. The Letter. Please Give Peace A Chance.

Girl From The North Country. Do Right Woman. James Infirmary. Something to Say. Black Eyed Blues. Woman to Woman. High Time We Went. Night Rider. Pardon Me Sir. She Don't Mind. Put Out The Light. I Get Mad. Don't Forget Me. You Are So Beautiful. Sing Me A Song.

Don't Forgive Me. Jamaica Say You Will. Where Am I Now. Oh Mama. If I Love You. It's All Over But the Shouting. Forgive Me Now. A Song For You. Born Thru Indifference. Moon Dew. She Is My Lady. You Came Along. The Jealous Kind. I Broke Down. The Man In Me. A Whiter Shade Of Pale. Wasted Years. Lady Put The Light Out. Boogie Baby. Watching The River Flow. Southern Lady. I Can't Say No. Fun Time. Seven Days. Talking Back To The Night. Ruby Lee. Look What You've Done. Sweet Little Woman.

Many Rivers To Cross. Just Like Always. So Good, So Right. Crazy In Love. Civilized Man. Come On In. There Goes My Baby. I Love The Night. A Girl Like You. Long Drag Off A Cigarette. Inner City Blues. Shelter Me. Don't You Love Me Anymore. Heart Of The Matter. Living Without Your Love.

Love Is On A Fade. Don't Drink The Water. Unchain My Heart. The One. All Our Tomorrows. I Stand In Wonder. A Woman Loves A Man. Trust In Me. The River's Rising. Two Wrongs. When The Night Comes. Another Mind Gone. Just To Keep From Drowning. Got To Use My Imagination. Letting Go. I Will Live For You. Bad Bad Sign. You Know It's Gonna Hurt. I'm Your Man. One Night Of Sin. With a Little Help from My Friends. When the Night Comes. Up Where We Belong. Living in the Promiseland.

She Came in Through the Bathroom Window. Five Women. Please No More. I Can Hear The River. Out Of The Rain. There's A Storm Coming. Love Is Alive. Can't Find My Way Home. Night Calls. Little Bit Of Love. Unchain My Heart 90's Version. Feels Like Forever.

Now That You're Gone. When A Woman Cries. Let The Healing Begin. The Simple Things. Too Cool. Soul Time. Highway Highway. Take Me Home. Hell And Highwater. Summer In The City. Out Of The Blue. The Great Divide. I Don't Need No Doctor. Just Like a Woman. Let It Be. Something's Coming On. Those Precious Words. I'll Cry Instead. The Weight. Black-Eyed Blues. Please Give Peace a Chance. Wake Up Little Susie. Midnight Rider.

Cry Me a River. Something To Say. Woman To Woman. I Can Stand a Little Rain. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. Edge Of a Dream. Get On Live Unforgiven Live Thankful Live You Are So Beautiful Live Premium Edition Fire It Up I'll Be Your Doctor You Love Me Back I Come In Peace Eye On The Prize Younger The Letting Go Weight Of The World Bonus: The Last Road Walk Through the World With Me.

Change in Louise Just Like a Woman I Shall Be Released Bonus: The New Age of Lily Something's Coming On. Bird On A Wire That's Your Business Hello, Little Friend Darling Be Home Soon Bonus: Let It Be. With a Little Help from My Friends Bird on the Wire She Came in Through the Bathroom Window That's Your Business Now SomeWax The New Age Of Lily Something's Comming On She's Good To Me. Don't Forgive Me Just Like Always Bonus: Sweet Little Woman 12" Mix Look What You've Done 12" Mix Inner City Blues.

LP 1 Introduction Honky Tonk Women Sticks And Stones Cry Me A River Blue Medley Let's Go Get Stoned. Girl From The North Country Give Peace A Chance Introduction Conversation Space Captain The Letter Delta Lady. CD 1 Feelin' Alright Superstar Please Give Peace A Chance The Weight Darling Be Home Soon Let It Be Further On Up The Road. Let's Go Get Stoned Hummingbird Dixie Lullaby March 27, CD 1 - Set 1.

Honkey Tonk Women Sticks and Stones Girl From The North Country. Blue Medley. Give Peace A Chance. Further On Up The Road Let's Go And Get Stoned Blues Medley Up Where We Belong Guilty Unchain My Heart. Living In The Promiseland studio track. Living in the Promiseland studio track.

Early In The Mornin' James Infirmary What kind Of Man Are You Love The One You're With. Live at the Esquire Club, recorded in Sheffield, England, Sixteen Tons Money That's What I Want Georgia on My Mind News Is Out Ride on Josephine You'd Better Move On I'm Free. Whiter Shade of Pale Just Like Always Seven Days. Jealous Kind You Are so Beautiful Sweet Forgiveness The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress I Heard It Through the Grapevine.

Something's Coming On I Don't Need No Doctor I Shall Be Released Summer in the City Cry Me a River High Time We Went. Come Together Black Eyed Blue Hitchcock Raillway She's So Good To Me. Somethin's Coming On The letter. Just Lika A Woman Majorine Bird On A Wire Live Feelin' Alright Live The Letter Live Delta Lady Live Cry Me A River Live. I'll Cry Instead She's So Good To Me Sticks and Stones Live Civilized Ma Don't You Love Me Anymore.

She's So Good to Me Ride the Water Pt. II Talking Back to the Night Darling, Be Home Soon Feeling Allright Now That You're Gone When A Woman Cries Civilized Man Live. Essential Collection Honkey Tonk Woman Live Jack-a-Diamonds James Infirmary Blues Early In The Morning One Night of Sin How That the Magic Has Gone Have a Little faith on Me Let the healing Begin Those Precious Words Hitchcock Railway. Wake Up Little Susie Please Give Peace a Chance Midnight Rider.

I Can Stand a Little Rain A Song For You Many Rivers To Cross. Edge Of a Dream Human Touch On Air Run Shaker Life Can't Be So Bad Let's Get Stoned N' Oubliez Jamais Anybody Seen My Girl? You Are So Beatiful Up Where We Belong. Night Calls. N'Oubliez Jamais You Are So Beautiful. Look What You'Ve Done Sweet Lil' Woman Marjorine Single Version The Letter Single Version Space Captain Single Version Cry Me A River Live Different Road Could You Beloved Don't You Love Anymore Have a Little Faith In Me On Nights Of Sin On My Way Home Sweet Little woman.

When The Nights Comes Moon Is A Harsh Mistress Up Where We Belong ft. Jennifer Warnes Ruby Lee. The Best Of One Night Of Sin You Cant Have My Heart N'oubilez Jamais Feelin Alright Up Where We Belong Feat. What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted Edge Of A Dream The Ultimate Hits 2 versions. The Ultimate Hits , 2CD. You Are So Beautiful Live. Up Where We Belong Ft. Many Rivers to Cross Tell Me There's A Way My Strongest Weakness Anybody Seen My Girl Lie To Me Love Made A Promise Ain't No Sunshine Come Together.

Unchain My Heart Remix Please No More. N' Oubliez Jamais Album Version Love Made a Promise Lie to Me. Hymn 4 My Soul Hymn 4 My Soul Instrumental. Just Like Always - Civilized Man vinyl-rip Heaven - Unchain My Heart vinyl-rip Satisfied - One Night Of Sin vinyl-rip Take Me Home - Organic vinyl-rip Guilty - Jamaica Say You Will Jack-A-Diamonds - Stingray Just Like Always - Civilized Man Heaven - Unchain My Heart Satisfied - One Night Of Sin Take Me Home - Organic Something's Coming On - Joe Cocker!

Blue Medley CD 3 - Set 2 Unchain My Heart LP 2 Living In The Promiseland studio track - Live Living in the Promiseland studio track - Live In L. Seven Days CD 2 Younger CD 2 The letter - The Collection

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Joe cocker greatest hits mp3 torrent This record truly defines the term "art rock," and though routinely hailed as a classic nowadays, it was not always that way. Previous Mr. Up Where We Belong I Will Live For You The Earth Band was formed in out of the ashes of the original Manfred Mann band, replacing the original's garage rock with a more progressive sound that incorporated classical themes. I always look for your name when i am searching for DL, cause i know there link quality in the file.
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Yify torrents movie thousand words 2012 chevy He started playing power chords to warm up, and suddenly Ozzy's face looked up. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Lloyd Price Let's Go Get Stoned Jane said they met at the "age of seventeen," but her thick Southern accent made it sound like she said "edge of seventeen" — and Nicks was so taken with the phrase that she asked Jane if she could use it as a song title. What Do You Say? In fact, bassist Andy Fraser just 15 years old at time. Jimmy Miller's warm and inviting production helps make the song all the more essential.
Edtv torrent Don't Forgive Me Bowie was ecstatic to work next to one of his heroes, while Reed benefited from the skills that Bowie and Ronson brought to the studio. As if to underscore its genre fluidity, "Roxanne" has metamorphosed through the years. People that grew up in those times like the song because it reminds them of better days, so maybe we jog them back? What it did not do, however, was sell very many records. Log in now. If he here an extra hand on stage, Mike Tyson seems prepared to take over.
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