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doesn't the Beloved desire you to be desireless? Rumi <3 <3 Dam the torrent of ecstasy when it runs in flood, so that won't bring shame & ruin. DESIRELESS add artist to watchlist · VOYAGE VOYAGE. DR Discoring Records. C In Stock. 12,40 €to Cart · HouseDiscoDancePopClassics. Explore awesome s by @ttujolucero. This visual is about freetoedit Eagle Eye Cherry Desireless Torrent Download. ST JOE S MASCHINE TUTORIALS TORRENT To compare the. The venom in the Daemon Manager. Hidden categories: Webarchive the right of full of features be excluded under. Database Objects: Searches database objects only.

He served in the 1st Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. While he was away, the Up Tights continued with Henry's brother, Arthur, taking over all the guitar duties. The band also hired a manager named John Mitchell. For the band's first recordings at Variety, Lee chose two originals by Noble titled "Look a Little Higher" and an updated version of "Just a Dream" which Lee released on his Alley Records label in Lee continued to record the band over the next several months.

He liked to experiment in the studio and produced many versions of the group's original songs, adjusting the mix and adding elements to each unique take. For the group's second Alley release, they appeared simply as Ike Noble on the record label. As the band grew in popularity, they began appearing with and competing with Memphis legends, the Bar-Kays.

The group's biggest show in Arkansas was an opening slot at Barton Coliseum, one of the largest venues in the state, in Little Rock in mid Further Sleeve notes on back of the LP. Fast 50 min. In , with the release of her first album Polaar, Maud Geffray — half of duet Scratch Massive — took a sidestep and imposed a fascinating, floating, melancholic and elegiac solo output. Written, started, and finished within the last two years, and co-produced alongside young prodigy Krampf, Ad Astra is the logical continuation of Polaar, but much more pop, light, luminous, open to the world.

Ad Astra is an electronic album without any complexes. Its beats are more asserted and dancey, its pads are erected like cathedrals, its vocals, while pitched and processed, are spotlighted, and references to 90s dance abound. Ad Astra switches from experimental to commercial with the same ease, the poppier bias shines throughout the danceable, exhilarating songs, as well as the more nostalgic and contemplative numbers, all the while bursting with energy and melancholy, youth and innocence, as if hanging suspended on the dancefloor.

Bei MOLA werden alle Erfahrungen misstrauisch auf links gedreht, um zu sehen was sich hinter der alltagstauglichen Fassade verbirgt. Our next release has been getting some serious playback on some of the biggest festival stages by one of the baddest to ever do it. At once raw and elegant, it emerges from a place of constraint and desire.

Its individual tracks reflect this paradox as the album unlocks itself like a koan: a riddle that, once solved, dawns on the listener like an epiphany. Metallic emanations in "Communal Dysphoria" and "Comfort in Form," interpolated with echo and reverb, arise from the void and disappear back into it, moving like scattered precipitation over rugged, rhythmic terrain.

Certain tracks speak to certain influences: in "Extrasolar" and "May I Speak Candidly," drone is tempered by synth pads and wistful ambience. A monster from the loch that at times breaks through the still, watery surface. Despite the assorted elements at work, a visceral quality binds everything together. Even the record's more subdued works are textured and tangible, at times balancing or playing against the serrated edges of its more structured pieces.

Like all compelling works, the sounds here exist in a liminal space that is not entirely classifiable. Still, it is wholly cohesive in both its moodiness and its adeptness. The result is a striking work of unconventional electronics that journeys through rhythms, atmospheres and experimentations.

A true narrative of a continuously challenging personal journey Beginning with the tension-building, free flow of 'My Turn', we then delve into grief and anger with 'I Hate You', which transforms into the pulsating tempos of 'Stranger or Lover'. The glistening nostalgia of 'Last Things' marks the halfway point before grappling with the heavy introversion of 'Alone' and devious energy of 'Mind Corner'.

We at Jazzman have already given legitimate release to albums that fell foul of the notorious '70s 'tax scam' practice, namely those by Sounds of the City Experience and Ricardo Marrero. It now gives us great satisfaction to present Reality's 'Disco Party' album, for the very first time in agreement with the surviving members of the band. Possibly the most obscure of all the obscurities in the TSG catalogue, 'Disco Party' isn't actually 'disco' at all, moreover it's a fully rounded excursion into mids dancefloor funk and proto-disco-jazz, performed by a group of expert musicians at the height of their powers.

Recorded in one long session in NYC, until now, bandleader Dr. Otto Gomez and the rest of his crew had never even heard the recordings they'd made almost 50 years ago. Indeed, none of the band even knew that their album had been released! At Jazzman, we consider it our mission to shine new light on music that went under-appreciated at the time of its original release.

There are many varied circumstances which can cause an otherwise great record to not do so well - for instance, poor budget, marketing, promo and sometimes just plain old bad luck. Perhaps the most unjust circumstance involves the tax loss releases of the mids - records made purely to cheat a few dollars out of the tax man. Here, along with restoring the music, we have dug deep into the backstory of the group, interviewing Gomez and others to find out exactly who this unheralded NYC funk orchestra were and what happened to them before and after the monumental session laid out on this record.

Our liner notes tell the story of the TSG label and the 'tax loss' phenomenon, and we delve into the history of the band from their humble beginnings as the Smokin' Shades of Black! We also find out exactly what it means to record some brilliant music - only to have it taken away - and discarded. Only with Jazzman - We Dig Deeper! Sourced from the original masters, this very comforting and warm gem is available on limited edition vinyl housed in heavy gsm sleeve with holographic sticker, as well as on digipack CD.

Originally released in on the legendary Cobra label, Paradia is the first solo album by Roland Bocquet, keyboard player for cult French band Catharsis. The mostly instrumental album is a wonderful oddball adventure blending cosy ambient, euro-folk, synth escapades, Latin fusion with a French touch, gentle bossa, a tiny bit of minimalist chanson, and a heavy dose of je-ne sais-quoi. The result is soothing, mysterious in the sweetest ways, and fully atmospheric: a must have for fans of Pascal Comelade, Mort Garson, Dominique Guiot, ZNR, Vladimir Cosma, movie soundtracks, library music, and unclassifiable gems.

Paradia, Paradia, Paradiaaaaaaaa…. The B side is a classic Romperayo hypnotic loop that will go straight to your inner soul, just like a Jodorowsky's movie. The Stones Throw affiliate heads over to Mutual Intentions for a novel instrumental record that expands a musical dialect built on his singular fusion of sounds.

The artist explores the musical possibilities contained in his hands as he moves between keys, guitars, drums and wind instruments in arrangements that break down the intellectual barriers of genre for the corporeal intimacy of the soul. The horsemen are known for their incredibly fun, deep-diving selections, and this shines through in their Back To Mine compilation in flamboyant style.

Over the course of 16 years of their nightclub tenure, they have become a global brand as pinnacle players of the queer party scene in London and beyond, holding down residencies in New York, Berlin, and Lisbon. Across 15 eclectically brilliant tracks, Horse Meat Disco, which comprises Jim Stanton, James Hillard, Luke Howard, and Severino Panzetta expertly traverse through classic disco cuts, wonky dancefloor groovers, and silky smooth soul.

Tape The third LP from the New Zealand quartet houses 12 jewels of tight, guitar-heavy songs that worm their way into your head, an incandescent collision of power-pop and skuzz. With Expert, The Beths wanted to make an album meant to be experienced live, for both the listeners and themselves. They wanted it to be fun -- to hear, to play -- in spite of the prickling anxiety throughout the lyrics, the fear of change and struggle to cope.

The following February, The Beths left the country for the first time in more than two years to tour across the US, and simultaneously finish mixing the album on the road. That latter half felt more collaborative, with everyone on-hand to trade notes in real time, until it all culminated in a chaotic three-day studio mad-dash in Los Angeles.

There, Expert finally became the record they were hearing in their heads. Expert is an extension of the same skuzzy palette the band has built across their catalog, pop hooks embedded in incisive indie rock. Stokes strings it all together through her singular songwriting lens, earnest and self-effacing, zeroing in on the granules of doubt and how they snowball. Did I do the wrong thing? Or did you? And are we still good people at the end of it? The Svart reissue comes with a gatefold jacket and the copy pressing is split into two color variants, the more serene clear vinyl option and the more expressive blue and green marble edition.

The Svart reissue comes with a gatefold jacket and the copy pressing is split into two color variants, the more serene clear vinyl option and the more expressive red and green marble edition. With musical roots still firmly in the progressive realm, Charlie draws from his love of old-school 80s thrash, 90s tech-metal and alternative rock. Running the gamut from melodic to avant-garde to straight-up heavy, you might say Tiktaalika bridges the gap between King Crimson and King Diamond!

The artwork was created by Dan Goldsworthy. Produced in Belgium by Jay Alansky with lyrics written by his sidekick Jacques Duvall, this EP brings together an Italo discoesque bassline surrounded by shiny synths and irresistible guitar licks. On top of that, Clara Capri sings with a high-pitched voice.

Maudit DJ is a real celebration of the nightlife. During this euphoric period, they met Clara Capri, a young Italian girl really crazy about Disco, swearing only by Giorgio Moroder or Chic. Her two buddies decide to concoct her a real hymn to the dancefloor.

With a great care to the production and the sound and with the best technologies from the era, they managed to create this French dance music attempt, at a moment when nobody was speaking about French Touch. In the band released their debut album Megabear: a record built from 52 short tracks intended to be played in shuffle mode in order for the listener to create their own perfect combination of songs.

In they dove headfirst into follow-up EP Pterodactyl which saw them change pace and tact throughout — constructing delicate vocal layers with luscious swathes of guitars and keys to build a bridge between their raw DIY past and a bright, creative future.

With Toilet of Venus acting as an extension of Lager Door, the former track looks at present struggles as opposed to the latters inherent nostalgia, Jupiter Pluvius looks theologically at the idea of projecting strength and power onto inanimate objects, all wrapped in sharp wordplay and vibrant fuzzed out guitars and keys that are addictive as hell. The Item is out of Stock.

This item has not yet been released. You can pre-order the product now. Order now. Collecting orders for repress. Search :beat torrent Filter. Styles All. Play all 3 12inch. House Disco Dance Pop. Play all 1 12inch. Various add artist to watchlist Magic Black Plastic Vol. Play all 4 12inch. House Deep Pop Synth-Pop. Play all 6 12inch. Beats Ambient Experimental Pop Leftfield. Camel Power Club add artist to watchlist Narukanaga 2x12". Play all 19 2x12inch. Pop Electric Alternative Indie.

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