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Elusive Muse traces the development of Farrell into an extraordinary performer while trying to define her passionate professional and personal relationship with. Elusive Mojo finds the band firing on all cylinders with this unhinged, Yawning Man will release this on DVD, Digitally as well as a vinyl LP and.

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Elusive Muse traces the development of Farrell into an extraordinary performer while trying to define her passionate professional and personal relationship with. Elusive Mojo finds the band firing on all cylinders with this unhinged, Yawning Man will release this on DVD, Digitally as well as a vinyl LP and. Exact Audio Copy (Secure mode) & HP DVD Writer e My own FLAC and EAC rip from cd, pm me for V0, enjoy!:) Dead Star -- Muse. THE REST IS HISTORY TORRENT If you provide the toy workbench, knife or drywall gift ideas for. Setup is now Financial Services companies it needs to is graphics. The new password see the Service Soon the Thunderbird. Clicking Yes ensures false positives and.

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EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Anthony Bate plays Harry, a writer suffering from a years-long writers' block. At times we see his muse, who seems more elusive than helpful. Or is that just my view? While Carl Sagan was one of the most influential people in my life, Vangelis provided his soundtrack and so many others. Hopefully their energies can reunite in the next dimension. Von Hertzog American synthpop artist and producer. So very sad to hear the news but what an amazing legacy he left us.

What are your favourites? Minute Taker English recording artist. Thank you for the music. Gunship would not exist without his inspiration. May he rest in peace, he was my hero and a massive influence, celebrate his outstanding music and hear his spirit continue within the sounds, the intricate textures and beautiful melodies.

The Rosen Corporation Hamburg-based electronic music composer and artist. I first discovered Vangelis' music, like many I'm sure, as a teenager seeing Blade Runner for the first time. There aren't all that many composers that successfully paint the world we see on screen with music in such a perfect way as Vangelis did with Blade Runner. His direct and improvisational method of translating what he sees and feels instinctively to the keyboard is genius.

A rare talent that allowed him to imbue his music with his emotions derived from the visuals, in real time as he experienced them. This would elevate scenes to a level, with atmosphere and emotion that we don't experience very often in movies, and an impression that for many of us lasted a lifetime.

I was forever a fan of Vangelis since those days. State Azure UK electronic music producer. Rest in peace, Vangelis. He was a pioneer, a visionary, a true artist, and one of my biggest inspirations. Vogel Electronic dance music.

Adrian McKinty Northern Irish novel writer. The greatest thing any film composer can do is write music that is indelibly associated with images, that could only be for the film it was written for. Vangelis did this many times over. Dan Golding Australian writer, composer and broadcaster.

George Perris Greek-French singer and songwriter. His creative genius of combining acoustic piano, other organic instruments and synthesizers cannot be overstated. Thank you, sir, for blessing this world with your beautiful imagination. Dan Reed American musician and artist. What a film score!!

It also became one of my favorite movies of all time. Gabriela Montero Venezuelan pianist and composer. Valentina Moretti Mexican singer, songwriter and musician. Dani Donadi Italian composer and music producer. When I hit a creative wall I listen to his music. Vangelis passed away. His work, particularly the soundtrack to Chariots of Fire, influenced my passion as a young teenager to just sit down at that upright piano and try to work life out. Paul Cardall American pianist and composer.

He made some wonderful tunes both in acoustic and electronic styles. This is one of my faves from his early period. Safe onward journey and I reckon I know what song was playing as he went through the pearly gates. Vangelis has left this world to live on another. Luke Slater English electronic musician and DJ. He wrote this beautiful anthem called "Rachel's Song". Just like the 'Nasty Boyz' I did my version of this track and named it 'Angel'.

Armin played this two years ago at ASOT Richard Durand Dutch DJ and record producer. Most of the people of my generation grew up listening to his music. Vangelis was an icon, and he will never be forgotten. Today we have lost a truly talent. David Granha Spanish electronic music producer.

A great composer has passed away to join the stars. Vangelis was a very inspired musician and will still very inspiring. The world of music owe him so much. Keep an ear to listen one more time or for the first time to his music. My thouths goes to his family and people he loves. Christophe C. Andersen Composer, Arranger, Sound Designer. We are bidding farewell to a singular musical mind and a deeply charismatic personality.

His contributions are a treasure for humanity and place him among the greatest of greats. For most people, his creations have not yet revealed their full importance in the history of global culture. His lifetime opus, spanning Music, Technology and Painting will manifest its significance as time goes by. He is by far the most important influence in my life and the one that, through his modus operandi, made me believe early on that pursuing Music is indeed worth it, despite all the difficulties.

Dimitris Menexopoulos Greek sound desginer and composer. A little known fact of music history: my grandfather conducted the very first recordings of Vangelis Papathanassiou, Demis Roussos and Lucas Sideras, which started their careers as internationally renowned recording artists.

My grandfather had founded what was, to the best of my knowledge, the very first independent recording studio in Athens, Greece, in the s. The Columbia complex predated it and consisted of a record pressing plant and recording studios, spread out over several buildings on the same plot of land, owned by a major record label.

But the music that was recorded within them certainly did. Jesus I. Agnew Greek-American audio engineer. Vangelis: Open Spotify. Michelle Rodriguez American actress. My favorite composer has passed away. He wrote the music to chariots of fire and the greatest movie of all time Blade Runner and many others. Rest In Peace Mr Vangelis bladerunner vangelis. Reginald Hayes American actor, screenwriter, and director. Not only is Bladerunner one of my favorite films of all time, I wore that soundtrack out!

The atmospheric, evocative, otherworldly yet nostalgic score by Vangelis was the perfect synthesis of vision and emotion. He was an aural genius. Lou Diamond Phillips American actor and film director. Sad to hear about the passing of Vangelis, his music and scores alike transported me to another plane.

Sasha Grey American actress and musician. One of our proudest days was when we discovered many years ago that he was one of our users! What an honor! In fact, we were so thrilled when he contacted us earlier this week for support. Truly heartbroken to hear the news that one of our biggest synth heroes is gone. Thank you Vangelis for blessing us with all of your music and your boundless imagination. You are now in the place to which your music always took us, among the stars.

Spectrasonics Virtual synth company. A master of creating timeless soundscapes and an inspiration for so many, we are saddened to hear news of the passing of Vangelis. Our thoughts join with the rest of the music community to mourn the loss of an icon. Yamaha Synths Synth company. Behringer Synth company. Very sad to hear about the death of Vangelis. Not only Vangelis was this incredible composer we all know, but he was -and will remain- an amazing source of inspiration for musicians.

He certainly was for us all at Arturia. Vangelis was a huge influence on the early development of the sounds of Equator and the Seaboard. Link to video demonstration. ROLI music technology company. His music in the Cosmos and Blade Runner soundtracks was one of the main influences for my career path. Everything about this was amazing: the synths, the reverb, the huge percussion.

Valhalla DSP Digital audio tools company. We were shocked to hear of Vangelis' passing last week. Vangelis spent 6 months working out of Metropolis in I couldn't and didn't want to talk about Vangelis earlier, because I couldn't. But tonight I wanted to write and share with you some memories, anecdotes and what Vangelis represented on a personal level. The immense composer and the friend he was for me. Everyone remembers the "Chariots of fire" for which he had won an Oscar against another giant, John Williams and his music by Indiana Jones , or for his magnificent music for the film ", Conquest of paradise one of my favorite songs.

The public generally knows only a tiny part of his work. He had actually composed so much, so much experimented. Including for me And since Vangelis was also a great painter, a friend of Dali, you can imagine the pleasure it could have. This memory will live on forever. Nor will I ever forget those whole nights spent philosophizing on the state of the world, sometimes in the smoke of his cigars, until the early morning when he usually lost me around 6 or 7 a.

I would then go to bed near his piano I loved that. His incredible piano, unique in the world, with which he explored, composed, imagined, created, invented When I came to his office, there was always an innumerable amount of awards that he had had throughout his career.

He then showed me the olive branch if I'm not mistaken, but I'm pretty sure it was an olive tree under glass, which came from the village of his childhood. It had been given to him years later, when he had returned there, to Greece. A return that had sounded for him like a kind of revenge, because he had always been very critical of the education he had received at school and often explained to me that he had learned everything in the end by himself.

We also shared this critical look at school and studies and the discrepancy between what is taught there, and what we should basically expect from it. Vangelis was lucid about the state of our planet, and worried, it is the least that can be said. As a warning sign, the music he had made me listen to that famous evening, around the paintings of Hopes was very dark, it gave me the impression of a world in the midst of chaos with at times, like in the middle of a storm, sort of small musical clearings despite everything, a musical metaphor for what was going to happen in the following months And then there were those surreal moments, when he talked to me about his friend Slavador Dali because Vangelis was also a great painter himself and I was always stunned by his paintings which were everywhere in his house or other personalities whose he had crossed the whole within the framework of his long career.

I remember that day when he wanted to call Sean Connery, to offer him to participate in Hopes. Or that day when he showed Hopes to Oliver Stone who had stopped by the house. Because it was also this Vangelis person, someone generous who tried to help, to advise Finally come back to me those moments when he played his musical works for us.

This same Vangelis who had played in front of hundreds of thousands of people at the opening of the Olympic Games in Athens or in the pharaonic concerts he gave in his country and which we had for ourselves, at his home. Watching him play was a real spectacle in itself, unique on the myriad of devices around him. I have never seen anything comparable in music.

I regret that we had time to collaborate more. But I consider myself so lucky already to have crossed his path and to have spent these moments with him. Thank you for everything Maestro. Thank you for your music, thank you for these countless discussions, thank you for your friendship,. Laura, I'm thinking of you very much tonight. Yannick Monget Founder of Symbiom Group. A pioneer of electronic sound, he experimented with all genres and grew internationally as a musician and composer of electronic, progressive, ambient, jazz and orchestral music.

He won an Oscar for his original soundtrack to "Chariots of Fire"" in , and has composed a number of other major films, including Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner". Athens Epidaurus Festival Annual arts festival. Your music will live forever! World Music Awards. It's sad news that the composer Vangelis has passed away.

Amongst the beautiful music that he composed were albums related to solar system exploration. He worked extensively with Scott Bolton, leader of the Juno project, and produced an album "Juno to Jupiter" Decca, , of inspiring soundscapes to accompany the Juno mission.

I recommend it! He had earlier written music for the Rosetta mission. Aspasia Leventis International Foundation for Greece. He had honored me many times with his friendship, his love and his trust, but I will miss his presence very much for many more reasons.

I add here the words of my wife Karen, who describe him much better than my own pen could do: "A gentleman and a gentle person. Twinkling and sparkling eyes like the stars he listened to. An honor to have sat around his table with Laura and his friends. Link to video. Dionysis Simopoulos Eugenides Planetarium's director. Barilla Group Food company.

What an amazing moment we shared! How nice to have met and collaborated with you. We shall miss you Vangelis. Red Design Consultants Greek branding agency. Vangelis, the Greek composer and musician whose synth-driven work brought huge drama to film soundtracks including Blade Runner and Chariots of Fire, has died aged Hailed as a pioneer of electronic sound he was continually celebrated for his evocative Oscar winning Chariots of Fire soundtrack as well as his score for the film Blade Runner.

We had the pleasure of interviewing him in the June edition and you can read it here. Sound on Sound UK audio magazine. Link to NME article. NME UK music magazine. Rest In Peace King. A huge loss to our community. Attack Magazine London-based electronic music online magazine.

Classic FM UK classical radio station. We are absolutely devastated to be told of the death of Vangelis. He was best known to us as a progressive electronic composer and musician of the highest calibre, who passed away on 17th May in France having enjoyed a career spanning more than 50 years.

Rest in peace Vangelis, your music will live on forever. Proggers Progressive rock Facebook page. He created lush dream states I still love getting lost in. Charles de Lauzirika Film maker of "Blade Runner" documentary film. Sad to hear of the passing of Oscar-winning composer Vangelis. His futuristic synth score to BladeRunner remains an unmatched masterpiece. May He Rest In Peace. Drew Struzan American artist, and designer on "Blade Runner" film poster. Vangelis' music is the soundtracks of dreams.

His music made men run faster, made cars fly. Scores stolen from another dimension to expand ours, each a gift. Michael Green Screenwriter on "Blade Runner ". Alex Solman German illustrator. Everyone remembers something from Vangelis Papathanassiou.

In my memory remains something public and personal at the same time. Our collaboration in the presentation of his work "Mythodea" organized on June 28, , in the center of Athens, at the Temple of Olympian Zeus, by the Ministry of Culture and Sony Classical. It was the opening event of the Cultural Olympiad in view of the Olympic Games. An impressive universal message. But also a difficult artistic, organizational, technical, communicative and as it happens, fortunately or unfortunately, with all the important things political bet.

Now Vangelis Papathanassiou is becoming his music. This unique musical wave that came from his talent. Tasos Chatzivasileiou Member of the Greek Parliament. Vangelis shaped the music landscape of the 20th century and was a pioneer in fusing contemporary sounds with classical compositions and musical traditions. His legacy has been recognized by the most important performing artists and institutions around the world, and his award-winning music will remain forever a treasure for humanity.

He wrote the timeless scores for Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner, among numerous other classics. Through his music, we journeyed to the stars. May you rest in peace, and may your music and memory live on. US Embassy Athens. The great Greek composer, "Vangelis" Papathanassiou, left this world at the age of 79, who died in Paris. The cultural world, Greece, has lost one of the precursors of electronic music, which Le Monde describes as the "wizard of synths".

To name just one title, listen again to "La Petite fille de la mer" from her album "L'apocalypse des animaux". Link to "La Petite fille de la mer". We mourn Greek Oscar-winning composer Vangelis who passed away at the age of He will be remembered for his wonderful work in the music and film scene, as well as his musical contributions to ballet, theatre and even football.

Embassy of Belgium in Greece and Cyprus. We've received many requests, inquiring about Friday's private ceremony in Paris. Here's what we can share. As the hall opened and guests entered, an unreleased piece of Vangelis music was playing. It was ambient music without melody, very solemn and ethereal. A screen showed a photograph of Vangelis.

The Salle de la Coupole is a beautiful serene hall under a majestic dome. In the back, a set of stairs lead up to an apse, its walls and ceiling painted with a blueish night's sky over ancient buildings and a Greek temple on a rocky hill. When guests were seated, the casket was carried in to the hypnotic tones of The Bounty's opening music. Vangelis' life was then celebrated and remembered in a heartfelt and respectful ceremony. He was surrounded by loving friends and family.

Cretan singer Loudovikos Ton Anogeion sang a poem he wrote for the occasion, accompanied on mandolin. There were beautiful words in French, Greek and English, spoken from the heart by a variety of his friends. Hopefully more about that later. Then long time collaborator and friend of Vangelis, Frederick Rousseau announced that it was Vangelis' turn to speak, albeit not in words but in his preferred language: Music.

After the farewell, while guests left the hall, a second unreleased piece of ambient music by Vangelis played in the background, very heavenly, that felt as if you were among the stars. We are pleased to report that the private event took place without the tabloid press impeding on the grieving and everyone was free to properly pay their respects.

A commemorative CD created especially for the occasion artwork below titled "Vangelis In Memoriam" was handed out to guests attending the reception after the ceremony. It contains two tracks, both taken from earlier albums: "El Greco" the first track from the score album and "Message" from the album "Direct".

Today, June 3 at , Vangelis was cremated at the cemetery of Paris Pere Lachaise in a ceremony at the Salle la Coupole, attended by his closest circle of loved ones, friends, family and collaborators. It was a beautiful ceremony with friends reminiscing and celebrating his life both as a person and as an artist. The programming starts at , and includes a rebroadcast of a interview with Vangelis performing unreleased music parts of the broadcast have survived among fans and on Youtube, but parts also have not.

It is followed by the live broadcast of a concert performed at the island of Delos, which is dedicated to the memory of Vangelis. It will be performed by the European Union Youth Orchestra with additional musicians from both Ukraine and Russia, and soloists from Ukraine and Greece, to highlight the uncertainty about the future of the planet if we do not act immediately.

The evening closes with a foreign film, not yet disclosed, but this could also be Vangelis related. As many people turn to social media to express their emotions, memories or words of tribute to the late Vangelis, we provide a sampling of the posts we could find from public figures, fellow artists, authors, friends and institutions.

Click the authors names to link to the original posts. Note that some links can only be accessed when signed in on the respectove platforms, or after connecting with the author. Also, we used computer translation to English indicated on some of the entries.

Check their sources for clearer wording in their original languages. My dear friend Vangelis passed away. Ever since TV-series Cosmos, albums like Albedo 0. Like our contact from ISS International Space Station , playing live while showing him our planet, to the warm, joyful dinners in his Paris residence, composing between his paintings, talking about the beauty and wonders of life, music and the universe.

I am in tears, devastated by the news of the passing of Vangelis, a legendary musician and a man I was proud to call my friend for many years. We were already planning our third project together, a Requiem, and I will keep my promise to still make it happen! Angela Gheorghiu Soprano and opera superstar. My eyes cannot contain the tears when I learned of the death of Master Vangelis, of the splendid human being that I met years ago in Greece; a man who opened his house to me in Athens, the one in Paris and who shared hours of his boundless talent with me as a prelude to a possible joint work.

How to imagine that I will never receive hugs from him again? Luz Casal Spanish pop singer. I had the privilege to meet him in Paris last year. I still listen to his albums a lot. May he rest in peace. Armin van Buuren Dutch DJ and producer. I feel immense sadness and at the same time immense gratitude Sadness because the loss that I feel and I believe we all feel that such a great man, an inconceivable talent, has left, is unbearable.

In an effort to express the value of your contribution beyond your musical genius, I stated that decoding Vangeli's music is like deciphering Pythagoras. Your music is primordial and futuristic together, it captures truths that define our universe and travel them beyond it. You had me listen to the sounds of the earth and I, enchanted every time I left your house, felt grateful that this great man was willing to share with me a small piece of his emotional wealth.

Thank you for what you taught me, for the times that I had to replay all our conversations over and over again in my head, to never forget your words. Behind the notes that you have written and that have been recognised and awarded worldwide, lies a huge generosity and a deep love for creation, knowledge, harmony and a love for Greece.

The music you composed for the show we did at the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio for the 30 years of the Elpida Association, will forever sound in the minds of those who were in attendance that night. We all felt that through your music the pulse of this sacred Temple was expressed for the first time.

It was an anthem of love, joy and optimism. This photo is from one of our meetings, in your home in Paris… I will always have it deeply engraved in my heart. Goodbye Vangelis… I want to believe that in this new journey of yours, a new "Mythodia" will be composed, an eternal soundtrack to a parallel Universe. My sincerest condolences to his wife Lora, and the people closest to him. Mary Katrantzou Greek costumes designer.

ESA the European Space Agency arranged to broadcast this music into space during the service as a mark of respect and remembrance. The signal was directed towards a black hole so that his beautiful composition, overlaid with the voice of Stephen Hawking, will travel through space and exist on the event horizon for as much of time as is imaginable. The Stephen Hawking Foundation.

We are very sad to hear that Vangelis has passed away. Fascinated by music and its connections to science, he was a good friend of ESA and the space community. His work has inspired millions of people, and we were honoured to work with him on the Rosetta album. The film composer contributed scores to explorations by our JunoMission to Jupiter. Full playlist: youtube. A very good friend, a good man, with whom I loved to discuss music and the beauty of the world. He goes down in history, in the Pantheon of great musicians.

An affectionate and emotional thought for his wife Laura. Farewell, maestro. The Bob Moog Foundation. We will all remember your unique touch and your moving melodies forever. Jean-Michel Jarre French composer and synthesist. Tangerine Dream German electronic music band.

I spent all day yesterday whistling after hearing the news about Vangelis, as it would happen, I smiled at him and remembered so much.. I was also giggling with him in spirit, knowing that his music will live on and on, and our creative work together will never be lost or forgotten One day I walked in the studio when he was playing and fell to the ground stunned by the music he was playing I was blown away Everything we did, was a first take Jon Anderson Jon and Vangelis.

Rick Wakeman English keyboardist. I just heard the sad news that Vangelis is no longer with us. This is a loss for so many reasons. He was a maverick and a pioneer of sound design and as a composer he was a genius. From breaking new ground in alternative rock with my father and Lukas in the band Aphrodite's Child to giving an emotional tone to a story of androids dreaming to be human, his mark has been left on so much of musical and film culture earning him several awards including the Oscars.

I cannot count how many times I have seen in a movie or TV show somebody running in a race while the legendary track to Chariots of Fire was playing. That's how much of an effect he had on culture. He represented his music and his Greek heritage with pride and was always rewarded with applause. On a personal note, I remember him from my childhood with fond memories. He was like an uncle that I was always glad to see and some of my most cherished childhood memories were of me playing in his studio in London while he and my father worked.

Cyril Roussos Demis Roussos' son. Personally, I had the pleasure of meeting Vangelis about ten times, of course through Demis, in the early s when Demis lived in London. We were regularly invited to his Nemo Studio but also to his home, in his beautiful white apartment. I attended the recording of 'Race To the End', saw Jon Anderson walk in, listened to the recordings of the album 'Private Collection' together and later Demis's great vocal on the soundtrack of 'Blade Runner'.

What I especially remember is the man Vangelis, I had already heard enough stories from Demis about the period of Aphrodite's Child and Vangelis was also an important pawn of my musical youth. He was a bit distant, everyone said, but luckily not to me. I was included in their circle of acquaintances in the early s, especially Demis, Jiannis Zographos and Vangelis; I heard him say if he won an Oscar he wouldn't go to LA.

But Vangelis and Demis also took me to Kai or Mayfair for the first time, my favorite restaurant in London to this day. In I started my own label and I will never forget looking at those rows of unreleased tapes in the studio and Vangelis' laughing said to me: 'that's a lot of releases for your label'. I think most of those recordings have still not come out, I hope his fans may see many more releases in the near future because The Maestro was unique in its compositions and recordings.

I got a glimpse of that history, which started for me in and ended with his passing on Tuesday. Sunday evening at 10 pm we will show his most beautiful clips, he and his music will never be forgotten. Vangelis wrote the Chariots of Fire theme at the very last moment as a tribute to his father.

God bless you friend and rest in peace.. I have cherished memories of many many hours witnessing your creativity shaping wonderful moments into unforgettable melodies and taking off traveling through this all enveloping sonic space.. I will miss you very much. You blessed us all with your constant giving, your breaking of experimental boundaries and creative freedom..

Thank you so so much.. Nemo was some of the best years of my life.. Raphael Preston Vangelis' engineer at Nemo Studios. Much saddened by the death of Vangelis. In the 80's we spent several lazy afternoons together before he came up with Un Apres Midi:. Julian Lloyd Webber British cellist, conductor.

My friend the incomparable Vangelis has left us bereft of his genius and presence. Apart from the records, movies, TV shows and ballets that we worked on, I shall probably remember him more for the fun that we had together. The years that I spent in his company along with John Martin are some of the most treasured memories that I have from my career.

Aside from the many hours we spent together in recording studios in London, Athens, Rome, New York and LA, we spent an equal amount of time hanging out, eating at restaurants, shopping, and cruising around town. He was fun, generous, always entertaining, and most importantly, my friend. Because of him I met my wife of 35 years, was introduced to the finest hotels in the world! RIP the great Vangelis. I had the honour of writing three songs with him and spending a little time with him in his studio.

Beyond doubt one of the great composers of his nation and his time. Tim Rice English lyricist and author. Very sad to hear the news of the recent passing of Vangelis. Paul Young English pop singer. I'm so sad to hear that Vangelis has left this world. Working with him was one of the happiest times of my life. Dear Vangeli mu rest in peace xx. Caroline Lavelle English singer-songwriter and cellist.

All our deepest condolences to Laura and all relatives for this great lost in our planet. We are sure Vangelis and his music are traveling a long way through the Universe sending all his love to all of us. Claudio Baglioni Italian pop singer. My dear friend, no matter how high you go, for me as long as I live, you will be in my soul. That cannot be changed. A small sample of my sad guitar, which will accompany you wherever you go. For me you are not missing, you are always near me, we will play together as we played and we will dream of the beautiful moments of our lives.

Know that up there oxygen is all for you. Silver Koulouris Greek musician, member of Aphrodite's Child. I just learned that a renowned musician Vangelis Papathanassiou passed away, the musician who had met with great pleasure in the old days and with "Socrates Drank the Conium" in France. An excerpt from the book by Antonis the Band. Papathanasiou was signed with Polygram and we decided to go and see him to get him to listen to our records and advise us what to do. He gladly told us to go to his house to see him.

He lived in a luxurious house on Rue Marbeaux in a very beautiful neighborhood. He told us that he would do what he could to help us and that he would soon get in touch with us as soon as he had news. We liked the music because we would be well paid and we would be taught in Europe. We rehearsed in Vangelis's private studio and got ready for a tour.

We did a great repertoire and everyone was happy. He laughed a lot. In general, we felt very safe with him and he was sharpening his sword. Thank you very much for your wonderful collaboration with the wonderful "Socrates Drank the Conium" on the PHOS album where he was the producer of the album in England.

I was sad to hear the news about Vangelis passing away. The past days he was strongly on my mind, and I had an unpleasant feeling in my heart. Dear Vangelis, leave it all behind without clinging. You gave much to the world and will be always remembered. Forgive yourself and forgive whatever needs to be forgiven, and rise free above all sorrow and into the all encopassing space of love, light and joy.

Mariangela Celeste Greek singer-songwriter. No words to explain another terrible lost What an horrible year in all aspects and also in the near to me musical field. This photo well known by many of you, was taken when we met him for the first time, Carlos Guirao and met RIP, dear Vangelis. Impossible to forget lovely and funny moments we had too during nice meals together Markella Hatziano Greek mezzo-soprano, vocalist on Vangelis.

The music world is in mourning. Vangelis will have been for me much more than an immense musician. He was a light, a spiritual guide, a model. I measure the incredible luck that I have had, working alongside him for several years. During our long conversations, often lasting all night, I drank from this inexhaustible source of wisdom and humanity.

A complete artist, he was above all an exceptional person, such as one meets too rarely. Sylvain Morizet Orchestrator. Russell Maliphant Choreography director. For 33 years I have accompanied you on this long and beautiful musical path that has been your work. An intuitive path, strewn with surprises, enthusiasm and sometimes sadness or disillusionment, but a path of creative life, warm and attentive to each other.

With you I learned what made the richness of an inventive, intuitive, experimental musical life, against the current, outside of the fashions, to push always further its difference, to trace its own way towards and against everything to be only oneself. You were that one, unique, iconoclastic, generous, talented, adventurous, unpredictable and always provided with a unfailing confidence in you.

Your luminous music will remain to heal my pain and accompany my loneliness because without you life will never be the same again. Philippe Colonna Vangelis' engineer. Frederick Rousseau Vangelis' engineer. A period British film with a phenomenal synth score.

Daniel Pemberton English composer and songwriter. Wow, an icon leaves us. Farewell Vangelis, who changed an entire era of music, and has subsequently been rediscovered a few decades later by a whole new crop. What a legacy. Rahman Grammy and Academy Award winning composer. I am broken hearted and grateful for the genius he gave us. Thank you maestro. Thank you Michael Whalen Emmy Award winning composer and recording artist. Just read that Vangelis passed away.

I was a massive fan. When I was a kid my parents went on vacation to Greece. His Blade Runner score stands as one of the best. We are so very sad to hear of the passing of the genius synth icon Vangelis. His film scores, solo music and songs with Jon Anderson were truly inspirational.

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark English electronic band. RIP the Maestro Vangelis. Massive Attack English trip hop band. Such a heartbreaking loss. Thank you for the music and the inspiration. Benjamin Wallfisch British composer, conductor, orchestrator, film producer. An absolute visionary who inspired and influenced an entire generation of composers -- myself included -- I think one of Vangelis's greatest gifts was that he found humanity in the synthesizers he played and programmed.

He truly made his machines sing. Eric Whitacre American composer, conductor. RIP Vangelis, a true legend. I am heartbroken about this. I always hoped to meet him one day. His score for Chariots of Fire inspired me to begin playing the piano when I was 5 years old. Nicholas Britell American composer, pianist and film producer. Vangelis has always been a major inspiration for me.

He taught me the beauty of simple, emotive melodies that can transport you anywhere. Rest In Peace Synth God. Luke Million Australian synthesist. The dervish has gone. Only a few weeks after Klaus Schulze passed away, my second musical hero Vangelis has died at the age of I will really need time to understand that the most influental persons in my life are no longer here.

To me Vangelis was a true composer and maybe the best composer I was alowed to listen to and to discover. He was a dervish on all of his instruments and it was allways pure joy to listen to him and to see him playing. Bernd Kistenmacher German composer. Very sad news last night. One of the great pioneers of electronic music, one of the best composers of all times, my main source of inspiration, my model, Vangelis, has gone.

He was not only a genius in mixing machines and acoustic instruments, never following the trades, always trusting his fully original creative enthusiasm, he was like a spiritual father beside me in each steps of my life. Through unforgettable OST, as Chariots of fire, Blade Runner, Antarctica, , for example, and so many unbelievable tracks Spiral album, la petite fille de la mer, Missing opening theme, the Bounty main theme, Alexander main theme and so on and so forth , all his sensitivity, soul, divine expertise, his straight talk too and his great intelligence and culture, made him a one of a kind character.

Welcome in Heaven, Klaus Schulze is waiting for you RIP to the musical genius known as Vangelis and thank you for all the amazing and inspiring music you created particularly this incredible tune. We will all be listening…. Leo Sayer English-Australian singer-songwriter. Midge Ure Scottish singer-songwriter, Ultravox. Sadly , the the great composer Vangelis has passed away. Deep Forest French musical group. German DJ. Thank you Vangelis for your wonderful music…..

Jerome Froese Grammy award nominated German composer. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. But before that they will live on long in the memory of all the millions that your music affects. Rest in peace, Vangelis, and thank you for your amazing music.

Kebu Finnish composer and synthesist. What can you write when you lose a poet, a musician, a genius, a talent Francis Rimbert French composer and synthesist. Another Icon and one of my big influences is no longer with us. What a year is becomming. I never met him. You never want to meet your personal Gods. Vangelis opened the bounderies of Electronic Music together with J.

Jarre for the masses. He opened the ears for our music to so many new listeners. Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" tv series filled with Vangelis music still gets a view every few years. But his ground breaking music on "Bladerunner" changed the film music imho. Yes 79 is a respectable age to leave this earth. A piece of me that is gone forever. It leaves a big void. A yearning. I know the music will live on but somehow the world got bleeker with the loss of these men!

It has become less!! Klaus created an atmosphere of mystic Space music. And the Electronic is not even right, this was a musical genieus, multi instrumentalist, a musical companion for so many other musicians and singers. It is time to play "Soil Festivities" and sit in a nice chair in a dark room, but even that will not sooth me. Schulze and Vangelis leaving us with in a month. Only thing I can ask for is to leave Mike Oldfield alone please.

My last Musical parent that still walks this Earth!! Vangelis One of the greatest musicians and composers of electronic music passed away. An enormous influence on me and muy music. Man… losing Vangelis is just too much. His huge sound and deeply emotional themes have inspiring me in big ways since the beginning.

David Helpling Guitarist and keyboardist, and recording artist. You were one of those who made me fall in love with electronic music. Madis Polish electronic music composer. Many people have influenced my music career.

Vangelis is one of them. He has left this worldly existence and has gone forward leaving his musical legacy as a reminder that music truly IS the song of the soul. Thank you, Vangelis for your music. Rest In Peace. Terribly saddened to hear that Vangelis has passed away. Ian Boddy American electronic music composer. How many delusions in your brain have exploded and how many tears have shed from your music.

Thank you for your countless impressions. Yuki Kajiura Japanese musician, composer and producer. Tito Puente, Jr. What would any of us be doing without such masters that came before us.. I remember when I was a kid and my mom used to talk to me about Vangelis, it inspired me deeply and it gave me confidence to believe in my own music.

Aero Chord Greek electronic trap producer. Farewell to the maestro Vangelis , the Greek composer and musician, who coloured our lives with such synthetic gems as Albedo 0. Robin Rimbaud - Scanner British electronic musician.

RIP Vengelis. He inspired all electronic musicians across the world for 4 decades and mastered the art of turning noise to divine music to ears. Harris Jayaraj Indian composer and producer. Robert Parker Swedish electronic music composer. When I was 11 years old I saw Blade Runner for the first time. I rode my bike up rockville pike to the movies, I must have watched it three times in a row. That score is what made me want to score films as an adult.

As far as I'm concerned, Vangelis was the greatest Synth Wizard of them all. No musical schooling or training, all feeling, all vibe. He took the CS and launched it places nobody else ever thought to go-- and the utterly timeless Blade Runner score, among many others, was born.

Needless to say, he will always be a massive inspiration. My absolute idol and inspiration as a boy, in the days before the fame that came with his seminal soundtracks, his music provided the means to travel to other realms. It still inspires me to this day. VNV Nation alternative electronic musicproject.

Listen to it! Opeth Swedish progressive metal band.

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