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Hope you live an amazing life cause of the decisions you made. Quit my job and went for a carpenter position. I was to comfortable and being lazy not learning a skill. Now I can frame an entire house 9 years later. We really do live in a society. This song has restored my inner drive, I am deeply and sincerely appreciative of you Hopsin. I'm not just saying this, I'm not an average Joe, and I'm not going to ever be able to repay you for what this did for me.

It really says a lot and the lyrics are so powerful and true. I will truly forever be in your debt Hopsin for you creating this song. Thank you Hopsin's parents for creating this amazing human being and God bless us everyone.

Twinkle Dobson 7 days ago is this a copypasta. Tesla Bollig 21 day ago I second this. Remember inspiration and motivation are unreliable. Discipline is the only consistent way to get something done. Be disciplined in your struggle, in your work ethic, and in your goals. Jacob Palmer 20 hours ago And it did.

Nick Zumberge Day ago I concur. Referencias culturales europeas realmente interesantes. No puedo dejar de decir "oh, esto es hermoso" a lo largo del video. Luz, en serio One Decade later and still this is some of the most realistic word play I've ever had the honor of hearing. Sad the music industry didn't continue to go down this path.

Vlogs By Alejandro 3 months ago buscape It's nowhere near racist. Ya Boi Avery 4 months ago Illmatic isn't close to the greatest hip hop album. Ya Boi Avery 4 months ago Second to last comment here. Ya Boi Avery 4 months ago Because the people he's talking about get offended when he hears the truth. Mokopane Ledwaba 4 months ago Probably the reason Clip-Share got rid of dislikes. Years later and this is still one of the best songs there is! I found a perfect balance between partying and working hard on myself and my future.

Thank you hopsin for helping me make my life better. And to everyone else, everything in life comes to an end, the best of times, the worst of times. Just stay strong and keep pushing forward when you can. Never stay in one place like an average plant. I wish my parents were still alive to hear this. They hated that I listened to rap when I was growing up, and I know if they could hear this, they would finally understand what I mean when I say that I listen to lyricists, not rappers.

Son unos Xxlike. ShinDrakken Year ago Man, the last verse is so accurate for these times Andy Brah Year ago brooooooooooooooo. Dnash Tha Rapper Month ago Ong. Jesse Emana 2 months ago exactly. Ruben 3 months ago I feel this Im turning 29 this month. This hits very different after all these years after cutting some ties with my old lifestyle, it's harsh to realise reflecting back that i was a near perfect description of what he raps about with no future.

Been hard at times but really glad to have gotten out an aimless existence it was fun but i honestly wasn't going anywhere. Nathan Cook 19 days ago Perfectly worded. Corey Johnston 2 years ago Enough with that damn dark knight line. I remember my homeboy playing the 3rd verse to me while I was in the hospital healing This song motivated me to change some of things that i was doing in my life.!!!

Stay strong homie. Riswald27 2 months ago Dont come to , its even worse. Chris Plescow 2 months ago Really true Cameron Frost 3 months ago Try Hopsin, my man. Love the funky fresh out of you. Haven't heard this jam in years but still knew every single word. You're pure genius and I hope you got free from all that bogus you went through.

I'm 28, and have loved you for awhile, actually inspired me. I write and do a little jigg every once in awhile. Straight up. Sort of a hero. Keep it going brother. Rap is even more overcrowded with bums. We need more rappers like Hopsin and Kendrick. Son unos Likeex. Link to everything Month ago and relatable x. Jeffrey D. Uno de mejor 2 elecciones 7. I keep coming back to this video even ten years later it's an iconic song with a lesson no one seems to learn.

Music would be much better if all artist had a message like Hopsin. This song is phenomenal!! Marrquis 4 years ago Robert Bennett all rappers have atleast one deep song that been in the game long enough. They just aren't mainstream. Hopsin is one of the most talented rappers that gets the least amount of pub for his talent.

Then again, well thought out verses havent been popular to the masses since 02 so i can kinda see why. Either way, hop is a generational lyrical assassin. Props to the guy, I believe he gets madd respect from his peers. This song is when I found Hopsin. Always come back to this to remind me of the truth about people and how great of a rapper Hopsin is. Hopsin isn't in the mainstream media because he says the shit no one wants to hear. So much respect for him, both as a person and an artist.

Since I discovered this song I listen to it in the morgning before work everyday. Keeps the motivation up. It's sad how people hate Hopsin because he's spitting the truth about the society, but our society won't accept the real world that we live in. G Rosebud Year ago Biden just won: that explains how asleep society is. This is NWO vs the rest of us. Wake the fuck up.

Dive deep. Nayru Year ago yea, thats the only reason. This came out when I was in high school. This was a fucking vision that I had created with your brother. But you too infatuated with the money. You killed it and ran it straight into the gutter. You keep pissing a whole lot of people off. Our whole label came out with a weak result. You on that same bullshit Tomica brought.

Nigga I don't know what you thought. You think I can't see on the blood on the walls? Blood on the walls, that ain't going down nigga. I don't know what you thought. I can clearly see the blood on the wall. Ain't got time for your bullshit, everybody knows you be on it.

Ain't got time for your bullshit. Hold up, hold up. I got some more shit to say, yo. It's supposed to be Funk Volume isn't it? Thought it was music, above all the business. But you just said fuck all you niggas. You tarnished the brand. And you started a Funk Volume Fitness? Come on now really think. Got us portraying something we really ain't.

How we supposed to be ill. When you on our website with a Shakeweight. Tryna be Billy Blanks, nigga thanks. Fool ain't nobody tryna lift weights. We just wanna hit up the studio and just rap and do shows. But you don't understand the culture of hip-hop. You a lame ass nigga Dame, half the crew knows. New age Jerry Heller, a scary fella. I hate your fucking name, every letter.

I'm very fed up, you acting like an ordinary heffa. I'ma take you to the mortuary dress-up. We gave you our trust then you had us cornered. You got us a shitty label deal with Warner. And if I confront you about it. You tell me I need counselling and I got a disorder. You sent me on tour and it's horror. Shitty hotels, no sleep with no food to order. Meet and greets every single day, it's torture. How you expecting an A1 performer? Every time something's wrong it's the same thing.

Blah-blah-blah-blah, you just blame me. Then you tell Brooklyn and Jammie. Now they both thinking I'm crazy. I deal with this on the daily. My career mentally rapes me. I won't let this nigga break me. He praying Dizzy Wright is gon' replace me, shady. What are your fucking motives Dame? Let's talk about it. You're our manager, our label-owner, our accountant. That's kinda tricky, something is fishy, that's risky.

We just don't even know. We go with the flow while you rowin' the boat. You keeping us simple minded. Cause you knowin' our only concern is just hopin' we blow. So when all the money come in from our album and tours. You sit there and soak in the dough.

When did we ever ask about the gross? When did we ever ask about the net? You would just hand us money from our shows. Cause you knew we wasn't questioning the checks. Nigga I trusted you with my life. You upped your percentage so I'm making less?

Fuck you bitch, you get no respect. This is why Hop is coming for your neck Bless.

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