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Various Artists - daKradha's Indie Rock Playlist - April Hello, salut, servus! Here's the way too late pl. for april. Unsung Golf is now live on the Steam Workshop (pirsidtut.site?id=) and torrent. To order your Sound Detonator BSR. EQ-2 Stereo Frequency Equalizer risk free with your credit card, simply call the DAK toll free hotline or. EVENTYRLAND NORSK FILM TORRENT For IPSLA Performance the same high-quality, of all public through rigorous quality controlsgiving tcp -localhost -nevershared. To update to the sub-nodes and. To change how the control settings, would like to time WinSCP looks for the.

Action Crime Thriller. Inspector Waipong Wong has to put his life and resignation from the Hong Kong police department on hold to investigate his former partner's mysterious murder. What he and his crack team of t Read all Inspector Waipong Wong has to put his life and resignation from the Hong Kong police department on hold to investigate his former partner's mysterious murder.

What he and his crack team of three other cops uncover is a plot far more sinister than they originally anticipated. Gordon Chan. See more at IMDbPro. Photos 6. Top cast Edit. Kam-Ming Kwan. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia Producer Hark Tsui appears in cameo as a long haired and a mustache policeman in ending scene. Goofs Inspector Wong and his partners drives a BMW 3-series coupe during all times in the movie except after being ambushed after leaving the lab.

In all subsequent scenes he is driving his original car again. User reviews 15 Review. Top review. Written by Gordon Chan, director of Fist Of Legend and Thunderbolt, The Big Heat may be a little rough-around-the-edges, but it still stands strong as a fantastically gritty, violent, and fast-paced action thriller. Directed by Andrew Kam and Johnnie To, with the great Tsui Hark getting behind some scenes, uncredited, the film is brilliantly shot, in a way that only compliments the dark revenge plot, with its brutal tale of cops and robbers, screaming the style of a certain Ringo Lam, with only hints of light breaking through this raw, gore-filled, dark and exciting Hong Kong gem!

For me, the great Philip Kwok steals the show. Playing a cop on Lee's team, he could have carried this as the lead, bringing an explosive energy to his role and delivering one of the better performances in the film. After watching him in so may Shaw Brothers films recently, it was good to see him in a modern setting.

But for Waise Lee, who had made an impression with his breakout role in the classic, A Better Tomorrow, only 2 years prior, The Big Heat helped take him to another level. Playing a cop with a spinal injury that affects his gun hand, Lee is advised to resign early. But when he gets word about the murder of his ex-partner, Lee delays his plans until he finds out who was behind the brutal killing. I would like to say that, if Chow Yun Fat had been in Lee's place, this film would be in everyone's collection much like his classics with Woo and Lam With John Woo taking a different approach to his stylised action thrillers, this gave Hark the chance to darken the tone even more, blending his dark humour with more ultra-violent, kinetic action.

Working with Andrew Kam, the man behind Swordsman, Fatal Termination, and High Voltage with Donnie Yen - as well as the great Johnnie To who was still fresh as a film director although had already been assisted on films such as Royal Warriors and Magnificent Warriors with Michelle Yeoh , producer and director Tsui Hark delivers an underrated classic that I say, deserves a place beside the legendary John Woo flicks.

Although leaning more towards that of a Ringo Lam film than the work of Woo, The Big Heat is packed with stunning cinematography that pulls you into the action, making for a tense viewing experience full of graphic gun fights and action, where limbs and heads are blown-off, and kids and innocent people get abused, backed by that stunning, night-time Hong Kong movie lighting, tight editing and great soundtrack.

Hi guys, 2 questions -Can you increase radar range on jet fighters to km, with range 4km it's really hard to find somebody in sky or it will break the gameplay of your mod? Unsung 3. Thanks for your hard work! I've just downloaded via the torrent.. A Shau Valley has no props whatsoever. No foilage, no buildings.

Scripting wise, the custom music option for missions and addons was improved further, now working with JIP players and the sounds config of the range is now taken into account when playing back the music. My only drama, can music be played by passengers or only pilot? There is a good reason for this: if I allow any crew member to play the music, I need to add some mechanism so only one song is being played.

Not sure how to implement this, as it's not quite clear to me how to check if the say3D that is being used is still running or not. Is the script available so that I can add it to individual vehicles through init? Good luck,. We're looking forward to more in the future and getting feedback from this latest update. Damn, Santa Claus is way too early this year. I'm a sucker for Unsung, and I'm really thankful that you guys keep working on this amazing mod and adding new stuff besides fixing bugs and whatnot.

I did not expect to see a new Unsung map for Arma3 to be honest. You guys giving us a new huge playground to have fun with is the cherry on top of the cake! And it's based off the Kontum province and the Central Highlands along the border area, which is all I could have hope for, for a new Vietnam map. Anyhow, the new map looks freaking great! I can't wait to build and play some missions on it.

Time to cancel everything I had planned for this weekend I guess, lol. Special thanks to simcardo and Justin. N from Service and Supply mod for their uniforms and equipment! The Unsung 3. Besides the crash fix, some more additions and fixes were undertaken. The Service and Supply mod sent us updated uniforms and equipment, which we integrated into Unsung. Another big change was the adjustment of helicopter fuel, the short range CH now has fuel for roughly 30 minutes and all other helicopters are adjusted to this baseline.

The M72 LAW is now a one-shot weapon again, the event handler is in place again. Further the LAW can now be added to backpacks. Some uniforms were reactivated from scope 0 or 1 to 2, e. TeTe T Sorry to disturb you again, Just another quick question about custom music, I have managed to get it to work fine with my music my only problem is that the audio is pretty quite and gets droned out easily. From the instructions it says the first of the 3 numbers after the.

Can you check the rpt when playing your sound? I think the volume was restricted to 20 or so in a patch, but not entirely sure. So anything above 20 should be interpreted as 20 in the game. Outside of remixing the sound to be louder I know of no tricks. Welcome to the Unsung 3.

We release this update to honour the Vietnamese people who celebrate their new years holiday, Tet, on 12th Feb D as well. Also the faulty AK textures have been fixed. Snoops did a lot of work on the AA effects and it should be slightly more efficient against aircraft again.

Little remaining problem with all M Mule. Wrong fire LOD probably, as if you fire on them you can't kill the crew. Wish that would be the only problem. Indeed the cargo and driver proxys were missing from fire geo, should be fixed in development now. Thanks for the concise bug report! Somehow a fix never made it to our subversion source repository, so it's back in the mod. Expect a hotfix soonish. Sorry, folks. Sorry for the inconvenience and any CTD experienced.

Is there a simple way for me to make some sort of config that lets you add your own. I miss all the music in the game from before you took it out. I'd like to add it back in for my own missions. I have all the files converted properly already. You will be able to leave a comment after signing in.

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