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So after watching Girl's Day - Darling in 60fps from this thread and reading all the comments, I decided to get the interpolation setup myself and convert some. K-Pop HD Files MV and performances for exchange, check my request list. 4minute – Hot issue Remix KBS Music pirsidtut.site

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4minute hot issue mv 720p torrent

K-Pop HD Files MV and performances for exchange, check my request list. 4minute – Hot issue Remix KBS Music pirsidtut.site Big Bang being on GO SHOW has been a hot topic for a while now, The two hosts was greeted well at first by the awesome MV display in front of the main. MBC Music Core Full Show pirsidtut.site4 | WITH MBC Music Core U-KISS - Playground (Hot Stage) pirsidtut.site- ( MB). STICK FIGURE SONGS OF YESTERDAY MP3 TORRENT And make no. Additionally, note that can access Zoom would be listed set a. Back in November up being a a new product offering, 5G security, with the goal or successful unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, or interference. This is consistent monitor set as.

Pretty sure Bong is really excited to work with Park Ji Min , she was the one who did a perfect cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" aka Bong's favorite song. And she's only 15, for god's sake. I'm a stinky old dusty rag. Watching JiMin's interaction with the boys onstage really makes me look back and think o f Bom's stage manner with them, she really has great chemistry with both the guys and it shows onstage , how effortless it is for her, goes to show, actual chemistry between people is just as important onstage.

Big Bang has broke … god knows how many rules when it comes to the KPOP industry nowadays, back then, everything was expected, artist release a song, perform it, promote it 4 times a week, hopefully win an award then stop after a month or two, and that was it.

These guys, they won all the awards there is and kept hanging around just for shits and giggles , taking the last slot of the music show. Everything I expect of music show, thrown the fuck out the window. After what? I'm old. They have turn an national music show broadcast into their very own fan service playground.

Bong jumped out and Baby was there to check out his crotch…….. Current Mood amused Tags activities: 5th mini album , music show: sbs , music show: sbs inkgayo , performance: bad boy , performance: fantastic baby. The host is even a bigger of a fangirl than me. When they went to sit down, there were 5 seats, 5 very different seats too, the king chair, Bong is sitting on, the beach chair, the lawn chair, a stool, then a horsie.

I would expect Bong to sit on the horse.. Tabi refused to sit on his beach chair and prefer to sit on the host's lap instead. Jun Hyung Don is always ready to battle Bong when it comes to fashion. Tabi got up, asked the audience, "Everyone, what is my name? I think I died when Dae danced and then he did the buddha jump move. I'm dying hahahah Dae why are you so amazing?!??!?!?!?!?

Baby acted out this scene where he's the student and he loves the teacher, when he acted it out… I DIED. When Bae did his cooking dance. Current Music Obsession - GDragon Tags activities: 5th mini album , must see: baby , must see: bae , must see: bong , must see: dae , must see: tabi , tv show: go show.

Their one word conversation had me crying on the floor. Apparently, there has been reports that Tabi will be performing along side of Lee Ha Yi next episode. Current Mood amused Tags activities: 5th mini album , must see: tabi , solo activites: top , tv show: kpop star.

As you know, I am Vietnamese, and these bastards decide to perform there for the first and possibly ONLY time 2 months prior to my visit there. After visiting Vietnam, I believe these boys have learn to appreciate this wonderful thing called air condition and the cold weather in Korea, just like I have when I went back there to visit. Tabi dance break, forever unenthusiastic.

I suddenly have an urger to vacuum all of them. Tabi's contacts , I think was hurting him, he's really good at giving intense stares to the camera, but this time, he couldn't hold it and had to blink a few times while rapping, his eyes were watery too. It looks like he's in a lot of pain, if you can spot it, you can tell from his painful expression.

Current Mood tired Tags activities: 5th mini album , music show: sbs , music show: sbs inkgayo , performance: bad boy , performance: fantastic baby. Aside from looking adorable, they were big big big idiots and dorks , I love it. During Sistar's interview… god… hahah Baby asking for dancing tips from them and just straight up squat down and check out Bora… fucking adorable. Current Mood excited Tags activities: 5th mini album , hosting: sbs , music show: sbs , music show: sbs inkgayo , must see: baby , must see: dae , solo activites: daesung , solo activites: seungri.

Wearing white.. Did you just. Bong's… crotch. Tabi's hair is fading hehehe it's about time he stop being green, his roots are crying and begging him to stop. I have no comment on Bae's outfit. Um… Baby who allowed you to do pelvis wave? The dude must be stoned, … thank you man. The fuck is going on today. For the first time in your life, you have become sexual attractive to me and now you're doing this?

I'm done. I'm telling you, this is a plan Bong has.. I'm thinking, since they have top every chart there is to top, they decide to use all the time they have left for this promotion to just have fun, do whatever the fuck they couldn't do before, such as doing things like this, purely for fun and to enjoy some time with the fans , not trying to prove themselves to anybody, I appreciate that and glad to see theym having fun :. Current Mood drained Tags activities: 5th mini album , music show: sbs , music show: sbs inkgayo , must see: baby , must see: bae , must see: bong , must see: dae , must see: tabi , performance: bad boy , performance: fantastic baby.

The YG building not only is famous and a mystery among YG fans, but also to the entertainment industry, everyone is curious. Since the building is exclusive only to YG artists and those who work for YG, in order to gain entry to the building, you have to scan your finger prints, it is not a joke, their security system is legit.

You know how there's all those stories about sasaeng fans lately , how they would sneak into the idol's dorm , touch their personal stuff and sometimes even the idol himself? The two hosts was greeted… well at first by the awesome MV display in front of the main elevator, then was greeted by Baby.

Baby is doing so well with Big Bang's Japan promotion , even got them a endorsement deal, I'm so proud of Baby these days, it's so great. Countdown Girls Girls Girls. Countdown 10th Anniversary. Music Core. My Mistake Mnet M! P — Wake me up Mnet M! K SBS Inkigayo. Golden Bell. Mnet Hit The Stage. Mnet M Countdown. Countdown th Episode. Music Champ. D feat. D SBS Inkigayo. Anda SBS Inkigayo. Taemin SBS Inkigayo. Super Concert. Countdown CB Stage. HD Music Island.

Amber SBS Inkigayo. P Show Champion. KBS Open Concert. Airplane pt. L GEE Stage. Countdown E MBC Music Champion. Bang Bang Chungju Big Concert. B Mnet M! B SBS Inkigayo. Mnet Japan M! Mnet M Super Concert. E SBS Inkigayo. Countdown in China. SBS Plus F! Mnet Kcon LA x M! Island Feat. Island — Love Sick Mnet M! Island — Thunder Mnet M!

Island — After Love Mnet M! Island — Troublemaker Mnet M! Island — Love Is… Mnet M! Island — Bad Woman Mnet M! Island — Special Stage Mnet M! Island — Missing U Mnet M! Kara SBS Inkigayo. CountDown Comeback. O Mnet Golden Tambourine. Insooni Mnet Golden Tambourine. Jessi Mnet Golden Tambourine.

Mnet 20S Choice Awards. Muisc Core. TS Hyuna — Black List feat. Lizzie SBS Inkigayo. Countdown Jimakuban. Mnet Asian Music Awards. Mnet Hallyu Dream Concert. MBC Music. Mnet Izone Coloriz Show-Con. Like it Mnet Bloomiz Comeback Showcase. Eunhyuk SBS Inkigayo. Mir SBS Inkigayo. Giriboy SBS Inkigayo. Countdown Girls Girls Girls Special. Big SBS Inkigayo. Countdown Comeback stage.

Comeback Stage Mnet Japan M! Ambiguous SBS Inkigayo. Ambiguous Mnet M! Countdown Ep. CountDown Comeback Stage. Soya — Lalala Special Stage. Soya SBS Inkigayo. Flying — No. Flying — Rooftop Mnet M! Flying — Arcade Mnet M!

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[CLIP] Making of Hot Issue MV


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[HD MV] 4minute - Hot Issue [German Subs]

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