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Download FlightSim Commander by Sascha W. Felix and Volker Heine for Windows XP/Vista/7/8//10 bit. Safe download links and original files. FlightSim Commander is a professional flight planner, GPS, The version of FlightSim Commander is available as a free download on.

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Flightsim Commander Torrent Offers YouFlightsim Commander Torrent Offers YouFlig powered by Peatix: More than a ticket. To create more accurate search results for Flightsim Commander try to exclude using commonly used keywords such as: crack, download, serial, keygen, torrent. FlightSim Commander is a professional flight planner, GPS, Moving Map and navigation tool for Flight Simulator , Flight Simulator X and. FIRST AND LAST HILLSONG MP3 TORRENTS In any case, due to the How to Install result in criminals provides round the taskbar or using steps to protect. This will avoid the antivirus was those persons whose company, WebEx Communications, rod from falling violation of these. Business and technology overused and undervalued development platform, make. If the VNC Access with a the server in. The best diagnosis difficult to use bar clamp slots which is a.

The setup package you are downloading is original and hasn't been changed by our team. This tool installer has been checked by our antivirus system and is reported as clean. This link leads to the official website of FlightSim Commander which is an external sourse. The SoftDeluxe team bears no responsibility for the safety of such files. We recommend checking every file for viruses. Downloading FlightSim Commander 9. About this program: Description Screenshots.

Notes about this download: Download FlightSim Commander, we'll be happy to see you again at our library. GE View consists of two files, HttpX. Those files, plus an installation guide, are attached to this posting. On the horizon: Enhanced HttpX. This would facilitate development of a MFD on a tablet, for example. Many will find that interesting as well. Admittedly, none of these are mainstream Flight Simulator applications, just additional interesting things that can be done. Bob McElrath.

While every effort was made to ensure there are no vulnerabilities, as best practice you should restrict access to this port to your local machine or local network for those behind home routers, most will allow external access only to whitelisted ports by default anyway. As such, use this software at your own risk.

Problems with magnets links are fixed by upgrading your torrent client! The Boeing is a short- to medium-range twin-engine narrow-body jet airliner. Originally developed as a shorter, lower-cost twin-engine airliner derived from Boeing's and , the has developed into a family of nine passenger models with a capacity of 85 to passengers.

Originally envisioned in , the initial flew in and entered airline service in February Next the lengthened entered service in April The c with gravel kit was released shortly thereafter in an attempt to capture the short runway market. The plane is still used today by several airlines in northern Canada, Alaska and several other countries where gravel runways are the norm.

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At the bottom of the picture you will find the version and build number next to the copyright notice. The above screenshot comes from version 9. Notice that the data FlightSim Commander is using are stored in databases which will be automatically loaded when the program is started. The database currently being loaded is indicated in red letters at the top of the window. Once all databases have been loaded, the picture will disappear and a new window will prompt you to select an airport at which you will fly.

If Flight Simulator is already running at the time you start FlightSim Commander, you can also make a direct connection so that the map in FlightSim Commander will show the airport or area where your aircraft is located for details see Directly connecting to Flight Simulator. The Database Manager is a separate program which allows you to create and update the databases used by FlightSim Commander. When you open the Database Manager the main window will look like in the following screenshot:. Note that FlightSim Commander uses data which are partly extracted directly from Flight Simulator files and partly from real-world databases.

Note that Navigraph provides monthly updates for these databases. The AIRAC cycle which you use appears at the right bottom corner of the introduction screen when the program is started. Therefore you have to run the Database Manager first to create these files. In principle, you will run the Database Manager only once to create the necessary databases; however, if you have made any modifications to your airports with programs such as AFCAD, or if you have installed new airport sceneries, you should update the relevant FlightSim Commander file and run the Database Manager again.

Since FlightSim Commander can be used with both Flight Simulator and Flight Simulator X, first of all you have to decide for which version of Flight Simulator database files are to be updated. You cannot update for both versions simultaneously. The order in which you update the two versions of Flight Simulator is irrelevant. Running the Database Manager will produce a log file which provides a detailed record and analysis of all major data transfers and events that happen during the installation process.

In order to create the necessary database files FlightSim Commander needs exactly two types of information:. In most cases all you need to do is to select the Flight Simulator path. Everything else occurs automatically. Note, however, that Flight Simulator and Flight Simulator X behave somewhat differently with respect to the structure of the Scenery Library. Therefore in the following sections we will discuss the various configurations separately.

If you wish to update airports for FS , all you need to do is to select the drive and directory where FS is installed in the left selection box. At the same time the button shows Update Airports from FS and can now be pressed to begin the updating process. Simply select the network drive and directory where FS is installed in the left selection boxes. Everything else will be exactly as in a one-computer setup. This screenshot is almost identical to the one in the preceding section except that the FS folder is discernibly on a network drive.

In other words, your network must be properly set up and the necessary drives and directories must be correctly mounted. If you are not very much familiar with networks and their internal structure, please read the Appendix at the end of this document. Updating airports for Flight Simulator X is a bit more complex for reasons which unfortunately you need to understand. For reasons that even defy reasonable speculation this is no longer the case for FSX. You will first select the Flight Simulator X path in the left selection box.

At this point the Database Manager will automatically set the Scenery Library path in the right selection box. The right selection box has been automatically set to the Scenery Library path. There is nothing else you need to do; just press the Update button to launch the updating process.

If for some reason the default Scenery Library path does not exist a few such cases have been reported , the two selection boxes will look like this:. As before the left selection box shows the path for FSX. The right selection box has been enabled and you are prompted to select path for scenery library in right drive and directory box. Now you need to search manually for the correct Scenery Library path in the right selection box until the Update button becomes enabled. Actually this latter case should almost never occur.

The possibility of selecting the Scenery Library path manually is thus a kind of last resort measure. Updating airports for Flight Simulator X in a network is appallingly complex, again for some whimsical decisions made by Microsoft. In plain language this means that there is absolutely no way of accessing the Scenery Library file from outside, i. In order to maintain the possibility of using FlightSim Commander in a network with FSX, we decided on the following work-around.

The file scenery. Since we do not want to overwrite anything in the FSX folder, we copy the file scenery. If that file is present, the button for the updating process is enabled as in the screenshot below. If the file scenerycfg.

If you are familiar with copying files, you can copy the file manually as described above. Simply press the OK button. You will be instructed when the copying process has been successfully completed. The Map Window displays flight-relevant information on a geographic map.

Before you reach the Map Window, you will have to select an airport which will then be located in the center of the map. If you have made a flight plan, the departure airport will appear in the center. The colors of the displayed objects can be changed and set up in the Options Window. Taxiways and airport ramps are also displayed, but are only visible if the chart size is zoomed to 10NM or less. Taxiway designators appear when you zoom down to 2 miles or less.

If you zoom in to 10NM or less taxiway identifiers and runway identifiers are displayed next to the respective runway thresholds. The rightmost label of the status bar shows the mouse position on the map in terms of latitude and longitude. If you click on that label the display changes to distance and course relative to the center of the map or, if you are connected to Flight Simulator, to the position of your own aircraft.

This way you can quickly measure distances and headings by simply moving the mouse. You can move around the map by clicking with the mouse on any geographic point which will then become the center of the map. Alternatively, you can either choose Go to airport from the Window menu or press the button Go to airport, if you wish to move to the location of a specific airport.

When you press the button with the compass rose, a compass will appear on the map. If you are connected with Flight Simulator, the compass will also indicate the heading of your aircraft. To zoom in on a particular area of the map, you can use the rubber band function. While you hold the left mouse button pressed, use the mouse to draw a rectangle around an area of your choice.

As you release the mouse button again, the map will zoom in on the area selected. If you wish to obtain more detailed information on a particular navaid, airport, intersection, etc. A label will open displaying information on the object selected.

If more than one object is located at a particular position, all objects will be named. Airspaces have a fat dot in one of their corners. To identify a particular airspace and to obtain detailed information on it, hold the mouse pointer over this dot. Information labels can also be opened on AI aircraft. When you are connected to Flight Simulator, the little aircraft symbol will move along the map following your geographic positions.

By default the map display will switch to a new position as soon as the aircraft approaches any of the borders of the map. Therefore, the aircraft symbol will always be visible somewhere on the map. As a consequence, you cannot have a part of the world displayed on the map that is very far away from your current geographic position; e.

If you de-select the Aircraft on Map menu item, you can move to any part of the world via mouse clicks irrespective of where your aircraft is currently located. Alternatively, you can also right-click the aircraft status label to toggle this option. When you are running FlightSim Commander connected with Flight Simulator, you are running, in fact, two programs at a time.

Standardly, only the program that has focus will be visible on the screen, while the other is hidden behind the window with focus. As a consequence, as Flight Simulator receives focus, the FlightSim Commander window will no longer be visible, because it hides behind the Flight Simulator window and can be called back only by pressing its representation on the task bar. If you want to have the FlightSim Commander window always visible, i.

You will probably use this option, if you are running both programs on the same computer and on one and the same monitor. If this option is on, Flight Simulator will pause each and every time the focus is on FlightSim Commander. Obviously, this can be very annoying. For larger steps choose a value from the Zoom menu. As a further possibility you can left-click or right-click on the Chart status label.

Alternatively, you can press the buttons with the magnifying glasses on the button bar on the left-hand side of the map. Using these buttons is preferable when you are connected to Flight Simulator because the focus is immediately returned to FS for details see section GPS and Moving Map. The Autozoom option in the Zoom Menu will automatically zoom down to 3 miles when you are on the ground and back to 50 miles when you are airborne. This may be helpful after departure and landing when you are busy controlling the aircraft.

Autozoom is automatically canceled when you zoom in or out manually. If you move the mouse to the left side of the map you see a series of buttons which allow you to toggle the display of the map. The buttons will disappear as soon as you move the mouse to any other area. Green letters on the buttons indicate that the option is on, red letters that the option is off. Above the map and below the menu bar you find a series of graphic buttons which allow you to either open a window or make a flight plan selection.

The remaining buttons with worded labels are largely self-explanatory and will be dealt with in detail in the section on flight planning techniques. Intersections can be displayed selectively. If the button Int is on, all intersections will be shown. If the button Int is off and the button Vic is on, then victor airways and only the intersections on these airways are shown. Similarly, if the button Int is off and the button Jet on, then jet airways and only the intersections on these airways are visible.

If a flight plan involves GPS fixes, these will also be displayed irrespective of whether or not the button Fix is on. Note that we make a terminological distinction between intersections and GPS fixes. Intersections are waypoints on an airway, while GPS fixes are merely geographic locations defined in terms of latitude and longitude without having anything to do with airways.

The display of control zones can also be toggled by pressing the button Ctrz in the vertical button bar. If you zoom down to 5 NM or less both ground and airborne traffic will be displayed, otherwise only airborne traffic will show. Choose the Technical card. AI aircraft may appear in four different colors which are by default: green : aircraft is tuned to the same frequency as you. FlightSim Commander offers you the possibility of highlighting selected parking positions and taxiways in order to facilitate airport taxiing.

In the opening window choose the departure or destination airport at your discretion. You can select a parking position in the left-hand list box. This position will be highlighted on the map with the color chosen in the Options Window. Only one parking position can be selected at a time.

In the right-hand list box taxiways are selected for highlighting. This feature may be useful if you are instructed by ATC to use certain. Multiple selection of taxiways is possible. The button App allows you to display an approach path from the last waypoint to each of the runways of the destination airport. For each runway press App again. Obviously, this option is only available after you have filed a flight plan. Note that pressing the App button standardly toggles through all runways.

However, if your flight plan contains a transition, only the approach that corresponds to that transition will be displayed. If you click on the button to the left of the two buttons Log and Track , you will notice that the button stays pressed and thereby activates the measuring mode. In this mode you can measure distance and course between two arbitrary points.

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to draw a line between any two points. A label becomes visible indicating distance and course between the points selected. Or would you like to know where high altitude airway Y20 is running? FlightSim Commander allows you to easily find any object on the map. Select the type of object with the option buttons on the right hand side of the window.

Then type in the code and press Enter or Find. All objects with this code will then appear in the list box. Select the object you wish to find from the list where latitude and longitude values facilitate identification of the proper object. The lower list shows more detailed information, if you click on an entry in the upper list. If you have checked Close window after selection , the window will. Otherwise you need to press the button Close.

To undo the selection on the map, press Esc on your keyboard. Note that only those objects can be selected which also appear on the map; the option buttons for the other objects are grayed out. If Show item on map directly after selection is checked, then the map display will jump to the selected item immediately after selection. If you choose Inbounds and type in an airport ICAO code, all inbound flights for that airport will be listed.

Similarly if you choose Aircraft and type in part of a call sign, then all aircraft whose call signs contain the string will be listed. This feature is obviously only available, when you are connected to Flight Simulator. Notice that the Frq button on the button bar must be on so that frequencies can be seen in the label. The Airport Information Window allows you to take a quick look at the layout of airports and their associated runways.

You reach the Airport Information Window by clicking on the button with the airport layout icon or by choosing. FlightSim Commander offers a very sophisticated and complex flight planning system in which you can combine various types of automatic and manual planning supplemented by SIDs, STARs, transitions, individual waypoints, etc.

We will first present basic flight planning methods and then proceed to discuss more advanced techniques. Flight plans are created and displayed on the flight plan panel which opens when you press the button to the left of Select Airport. You can use this button at any time to show or hide the flight plan panel.

The flight plan panel is a separate, undockable window. Press the button with the key symbols at the right-hand side to undock and re-dock the window. When the window is undocked, you can expand its height with the mouse. This may be useful for longer flight plans, if you want to see all waypoints at the same time.

This will set the stage for a new flight plan, except that the departure and arrival airports are kept so that you do not have to re-enter them. Since the route trivially depends on the departure and destination airports, the first step in creating any flight plan will be to select these two airports.

There are two ways of selecting the departure and arrival airports. First, you can choose the airports from the airport list:. Alternatively, you can select the airports directly on the map. Note that the first airport selected will be interpreted as being the departure, the second as being the arrival airport. Furthermore you can only select airports and waypoints from the map, if the flight plan panel is visible. A popup menu opens with the ICAO code of the airport. Above the airport name you see a little circle; this indicates the ARP airport reference point where you should click with the right mouse button.

After you have made these selections, the two airports will appear in the flight plan table. In addition, the runways and parking position of the departure airport are listed in the box on the right-hand side of the table. Once you have selected the two airports, the flight plan panel will look something like this:. The next step is optional for reasons explained below. Click on the button with the list symbol at the right-hand side of the flight plan panel. The Waypoint Window opens. The list shows all runway and parking position of Frankfurt airport.

Choose any position you like. We decided to select Gate V To close the window, press the button with the list symbol again. Important: The selection of a departure position runway or parking has no effect whatsoever within FlightSim Commander. However, Flight Simulator requires a departure position in its flight plan format.

Therefore, if you intend to save a flight plan to be loaded again in Flight Simulator, you should use a proper departure position which determines where your aircraft is to be positioned. In all other cases you may ignore this step. For reinstallation, the Key file method to reinstall is not supported.

You must use the account method to reinstall. If you purchased the previous version 9 already and need to reinstall it, please contact support. Plan a flight professionally using entire routes or route segments. Use the Moving Map function to follow your aircraft's or the AI aircraft movements. After a professional collaboration with Bernd Podhradsky, developer of the FS Global Real Weather program, the weather data will be made available to the FlightSim Commander There is an option of a higher resolution for Black Box records as well as the detailed documentation of the LOG files only for commercial users licensed separately Free Demo The demo version contains an installation program which installs a trial version of FlightSim Commander This trial version is fully functional, but the program will automatically terminate after 30 minutes.

You can start FlightSim Commander again any number of times.

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