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You may try one or more of the following activities in case you encounter this error:. If you cannot reach the onion service you desire, make sure that you have entered the character onion address correctly; even a small mistake will stop Tor Browser from being able to reach the site. You can also ensure that you're able to access other onion services by connecting to DuckDuckGo's onion service. Envie um e-mail para gettor torproject.

GetTor via Twitter is currently under maintenance. Please use the email instead. Snowflake is a pluggable transport available in Tor Browser to defeat internet censorship. Volunteers willing to help users on censored networks can help by spinning short-lived proxies on their regular browsers. Check, how can I use Snowflake? Snowflake uses the highly effective domain fronting technique to make a connection to one of the thousands of snowflake proxies run by volunteers.

If you're interested in the technical details and specification, see the Snowflake Technical Overview and the project page. For other discussions about Snowflake, please visit the Tor Forum and follow up the Snowflake tag. If you're running Tor Browser for desktop for the first time, you can click on 'Tor Network Settings' on the start-up screen and then select 'Use a bridge'. Clique em 'Selecionar uma ponte embutida' e escolha ''snowflake' no menu suspenso.

Once you've selected Snowflake, scroll up and click 'Connect' to save your settings. Alternatively, you can also type about:preferences tor in the url bar. Check 'Use a bridge' and 'Select a built-in bridge'. Then select 'snowflake' from the dropdown menu. Then you can install this addon for Firefox or the add-on for Chrome which will let you become a Snowflake proxy.

Users in China need to take a few steps to circumvent the Great Firewall and connect to the Tor network. First, get an updated version of Tor Browser: send an email to gettor torproject. After installing Tor Browser, you will probably not be able to connect directly to the Tor network, because the Great Firewall is blocking Tor. Therefore, the second step will be to obtain a bridge that works in China. If one of these options above is not working, check your Tor logs and try another option.

Just leave the "Address" line in your torrc blank, and Tor will guess. Nota: A partir do Tor 0. Tor manages bandwidth across the entire network. It does a reasonable job for most relays. But Tor's goals are different to protocols like BitTorrent. Tor wants low-latency web pages, which requires fast connections with headroom. BitTorrent wants bulk downloads, which requires using all the bandwidth. We're working on a new bandwidth scanner , which is easier to understand and maintain.

It will have diagnostics for relays that don't get measured, and relays that have low measurements. Most providers tell you the maximum speed of your local connection. But Tor has users all over the world, and our users connect to one or two Guard relays at random. So we need to know how well each relay can connect to the entire world.

So even if all relay operators set their advertised bandwidth to their local connection speed, we would still need bandwidth authorities to balance the load between different parts of the Internet. This is good for clients: an overloaded relay has high latency. Then Tor would be almost as fast as the wider Internet. Sometimes, a relay is slow because its processor is slow or its connections are limited. Other times, it is the network that is slow: the relay has bad peering to most other tor relays, or is a long distance away.

Relay bandwidth can be limited by a relay's own observed bandwidth, or by the directory authorities' measured bandwidth. Here's how to find out which measurement is limiting your relay:. Otherwise, check your relay's observed bandwidth and bandwidth rate limit. Look up your relay on Metrics. Then mouse over the bandwidth heading to see the observed bandwidth and relay bandwidth rate. Here is some more detail and some examples: Drop in consensus weight and Rampup speed of Exit relay.

If your relay thinks it is slow, or the bandwidth authorities think it is slow, you can test the bandwidth yourself:. If you're using Debian or Ubuntu especially, there are a number of benefits to installing Tor from the Tor Project's repository. Se possuir, por favor considere executar um retransmissor Tor.

If you are unable to guarantee that, Snowflake is a better way to contribute your resources to the Tor network. Apenas divida sua quantidade mensal por The default open ports are listed below but keep in mind that, any port or ports can be opened by the relay operator by configuring it in torrc or modifying the source code. Veja portforward. Forwarding TCP connections is system dependent but the firewalled-clients FAQ entry offers some examples on how to do this.

On relay search we show an amber dot next to the relay nickname when it is overloaded. This means that one or many of the following load metrics have been triggered:. Note that if a relay reaches an overloaded state we show it for 72 hours after the relay has recovered. Consider tuning sysctl for your system for network, memory and CPU load.

Consider enabling MetricsPort to understand what is happening. If you are experiencing TCP port exhaustion consider expanding your local port range. You can do that with. Keep in mind that tuning sysctl as described is not permanent and will be lost upon restart. To understand the well-being of Tor relays and the Tor network it is vital to provide and have access to relay metrics. Relay overload information has been added to relay descriptors since 0.

Tor provides access to the metrics port via a torrc configuration option called MetricsPort. It's important to understand that exposing the tor MetricsPort publicly is dangerous for the Tor network users , which is why that port is not enabled by default and its access has to be governed by an access policy. Please take extra precaution and care when opening this port, and close it when you are done debugging. Let's assume you are the only user on a server that runs a Tor relay.

You can enable the metrics port adding this to your torrc file:. Note: every user on that server will be able to access those relay metrics in the example above. In general, set a very strict access policy with MetricsPortPolicy and consider using your operating systems firewall features for defense in depth. Tor is sadly single threaded except for when the "onion skins" are processed.

The "onion skins" are the cryptographic work that needs to be done on the famous "onion layers" in every circuits. When tor processes the layers we use a thread pool and outsource all of that work to that pool. It can happen that this pool starts dropping work due to memory or CPU pressure and this will trigger an overload state. However, we realized during the 0.

We therefore don't use them anymore for that purpose starting with 0. However, we still keep DNS metrics around to give the relay operator insight into what is going on with their relay. The relay might need more RAM or it is leaking memory. If you noticed that the tor process is leaking memory, please report the issue either via Tor gitLab or sending an email to the tor-relays mailing list.

Thus, let say tor thinks it can use 2GB in total then at 1. That is considered an overload state. To estimate the amount of memory it has available, when tor starts, it will use MaxMemInQueues or, if not set, will look at the total RAM available on the system and apply this algorithm:. Because tor takes the total memory on the system when it starts, if the overall system has many other applications running using RAM, it ends up eating too much memory.

These lines indicate the relay is running out of sockets. The solution is to increase ulimit -n for the tor process. Try to tune sysctl as described above. If this counter is incremented by some noticeable value over a short period of time, the relay is congested. It is likely being used as a Guard by a big onion service or for an ongoing DDoS on the network.

If your relay is still overloaded and you don't know why, please get in touch with network-report torproject. You can encrypt your email using network-report OpenPGP key. Read the Support entry on issues you might encounter if you use the default exit policy, and then read Mike Perry's tips for running an exit node with minimal harassment.

Tor has partial support for IPv6 and we encourage every relay operator to enable IPv6 functionality in their torrc configuration files when IPv6 connectivity is available. Bridge operators can check which mechanism their bridge is using, on the Relay Search. Operators can also choose which distribution method their bridge uses. To change the method, modify the BridgeDistribution setting in the torrc file to one of these: https, moat, email, none, any.

Read more on the Bridges post-install guide. Additionally, there are hibernation options where you can tell Tor to only serve a certain amount of bandwidth per time period such as GB per month. These are covered in the hibernation entry. You can identify v3 onion addresses by their 56 character length, e. If you're an onion service administrator, you must upgrade to v3 onion services as soon as possible.

If you're a user, please ensure that you update your bookmarks to the website's v3 onion addresses. In September , Tor started warning onion service operators and clients that v2 will be deprecated and obsolete in version 0. Tor Browser started warning users in June, In July , 0. In October , we will release new Tor client stable versions for all supported series that will disable v2.

You can read more in the Tor Project's blog post Onion Service version 2 deprecation timeline. V2 onion addresses are fundamentally insecure. If you have a v2 onion, we recommend you migrate now. This is a backward incompatible change: v2 onion services will not be reachable after September In torrc, to create a version 3 address, you simply need to create a new service just as you did your v2 service, with these two lines:. The default version is now set to 3 so you don't need to explicitly set it.

Restart tor, and look on your directory for the new address. If you wish to keep running your version 2 service until it is deprecated to provide a transition path to your users, add this line to the configuration block of your version 2 service:. If you have Onion-Location configured on your website, you need to set the header with your new v3 address.

For technical documentation about running onion services, please read the Onion Services page in our Community portal. No, v2 onion connections will start failing nowish, first slowly, then suddenly. It's time to move away.

Already, introduction points are not in Tor 0. Yes, it will work until the v2 onion address is unreachable. You may want to encourage users to update their bookmarks. Yes, we are continuously working on improving onion services security.

For an overview about these proposals, read the detailed blog post How to stop the onion denial of service. To learn more about onion services, read How do Onion Services work? Uma cebola com uma barra vermelha significa:. Uma cebola com um sinal de alerta significa:. Para maiores detalhes, por favor veja a nossa postagem no blog sobre o assunto. Obrigado por seu apoio! We recommend asking for help on the Tor Forum. You will need to create an account to submit a new topic.

Before you ask, please review our discussion guidelines. At the moment, for the fastest response, please write in English. If you found a bug, please use GitLab. A Tor support specialist will assist you. At the moment, the Telegram support channel is available in two languages: English and Russian.

Para feeedback ou problemas relacionados com o Navegador Tor, Rede Tor ou outros projetos desenvolvidos pelo Tor: tor-talk. Para feedbacks ou problemas relacionados com nossos sites: ux. Para feedbacks ou problemas relacionados com executar um retransmissor Tor: tor-relays. This problem happens in Firefox extensions that resolve the destination hostname themselves, for example to show you its IP address, what country it's in, etc. If you suspect your application might behave like this, follow the instructions below to check.

If you want to automatically disable all connections leaking DNS requests, set SafeSocks 1 in your torrc file. Para acessar tor-project, seu codinome nick deve ser registrado e verificado. After registering your nickname, to gain access to the tor-project and other protected channels, your nickname must be verified.

IRC has worked out well for us, and our community on IRC has been evolving over the years with new people joining in and new channels appearing for specific needs in the organization. The Tor community is opening up its day-to-day conversations by bridging our IRC community the Matrix network.

For regular Tor users, it means that you can chat with us using a friendly App like Element. The tor:matrix. To join the conversation with Tor contributors on Matrix, you need a Matrix account. Several providers can get you one. One of these is the Matrix. You can register an account on app. Once you have a Matrix account, you can either join the Tor Matrix Space to browse the Tor rooms, or directly join the tor:matrix.

The package repository offers amd64 , arm64 , and i binaries. Verify your operating system is capable of running the binary by inspecting the output of the following command:. Note: The package repository does not offer bit ARM architecture armhf images yet. You should either install the version Debian offers make sure to check out Debian backports, too, as that one has often a more up-to-date Tor package , or build Tor from source.

If you want to try experimental packages, add these in addition to the lines from above Note, use whatever is the current experimental version instead of 0. Instale-o com os seguintes comandos:. Instead, please use Tor Debian repository. Yes, deb. Claro, assim como todas redes focadas em privacidade na internet, ele atrai sua parcela de idiotas.

Tor's exit policies help separate the role of "willing to donate resources to the network" from the role of "willing to deal with exit abuse complaints", so we hope our network is more sustainable than past attempts at anonymity networks. Por exemplo:. Para uma listagem veja a wiki bons e maus ISPs.

Algumas vezes idiota fazem uso do Tor para trolar canais IRC. The IRC networks are fighting a losing battle of trying to block all these nodes, and an entire cottage industry of blocklists and counter-trolls has sprung up based on this flawed security model not unlike the antivirus industry.

Even though Tor isn't useful for spamming , some over-zealous blocklisters seem to think that all open networks like Tor are evil — they attempt to strong-arm network administrators on policy, service, and routing issues, and then extract ransoms from victims. For example, the Freenode IRC network had a problem with a coordinated group of abusers joining channels and subtly taking over the conversation; but when they labeled all users coming from Tor nodes as "anonymous users", removing the ability of the abusers to blend in, the abusers moved back to using their open proxies and bot networks.

Segundo, considere as centenas de milhares de pessoas que usam Tor diariamente simplesmente por uma boa higiene de dados — por exemplo, para proteger-se da coleta de dados de companhias de publicidade enquanto executam suas atividades normais. Lastly, please remember that Tor relays have individual exit policies. Some fans have suggested that we redesign Tor to include a backdoor. Existem dois problemas com essa ideia. Primeiro, isto tecnicamente enfraquece muito o sistema.

Second, the bad people aren't going to get caught by this anyway , since they will use other means to ensure their anonymity identity theft, compromising computers and using them as bounce points, etc. Ativistas e autoridades policiais usam o Tor para investigar abuso e apoiar os sobreviventes. We actually don't count users, but we count requests to the directories that clients make periodically to update their list of relays and estimate number of users indirectly from there.

Retransmissores e pontes reportam uma parte dos dados em intervalos de 24 horas o que pode acabar em qualquer parte do dia. Por favor encontre o seguinte arquivo tarball para mais detalhes:. Attention: These instructions are to verify the tor source code. Please follow the right instructions to verify Tor Browser's signature.

Below we explain why it is important and how to verify that the tor source code you download is the one we have created and has not been modified by some attacker. Each file on our download page is accompanied by two files which are labelled "checksum" and "sig" with the same name as the package and the extension ". Once the signature has been validated see below on how to do it , the package integrity can be validated with:. These files allow you to verify the file you've downloaded is exactly the one that we intended you to get.

This will vary by web browser, but generally you can download this file by right-clicking the "sig" and "checksum" link and selecting the "save file as" option. For example, tor In order to verify the signature you will need to type a few commands in a terminal window. How to do this will vary depending on your distribution. The following keys can sign the tarball. Don't expect them all, it can vary depending on who is available to make the release. If you get an error message, something has gone wrong and you cannot continue until you've figured out why this didn't work.

You might be able to import the key using the Workaround using a public key section instead. To verify the signature of the package you downloaded, you will need to download the corresponding. Now that we validated the signatures of the checksum, we need to verify the integrity of the package.

Requiring every Tor user to be a relay would help with scaling the network to handle all our users, and running a Tor relay may help your anonymity. However, many Tor users cannot be good relays — for example, some Tor clients operate from behind restrictive firewalls, connect via modem, or otherwise aren't in a position where they can relay traffic.

Providing service to these clients is a critical part of providing effective anonymity for everyone, since many Tor users are subject to these or similar constraints and including these clients increases the size of the anonymity set. That said, we do want to encourage Tor users to run relays, so what we really want to do is simplify the process of setting up and maintaining a relay.

We've made a lot of progress with easy configuration in the past few years: Tor is good at automatically detecting whether it's reachable and how much bandwidth it can offer. First, we still need to get better at automatically estimating the right amount of bandwidth to allow. It might be that switching to UDP transport is the simplest answer here — which alas is not a very simple answer at all. Second, we need to work on scalability, both of the network how to stop requiring that all Tor relays be able to connect to all Tor relays and of the directory how to stop requiring that all Tor users know about all Tor relays.

Changes like this can have large impact on potential and actual anonymity. See Section 5 of the Challenges paper for details. Again, UDP transport would help here. Third, we need to better understand the risks from letting the attacker send traffic through your relay while you're also initiating your own anonymized traffic. Three different research papers describe ways to identify the relays in a circuit by running traffic through candidate relays and looking for dips in the traffic while the circuit is active.

These clogging attacks are not that scary in the Tor context so long as relays are never clients too. But if we're trying to encourage more clients to turn on relay functionality too whether as bridge relays or as normal relays , then we need to understand this threat better and learn how to mitigate it. Here are our current thoughts on Tor incentives.

It would be nice to let relay operators say things like reject www. There are two problems, though. First, users could still get around these blocks. For example, they could request the IP address rather than the hostname when they exit from the Tor network. This means operators would still need to learn all the IP addresses for the destinations in question.

The second problem is that it would allow remote attackers to censor arbitrary sites. For example, if a Tor operator blocks www1. No, you cannot trust the network to pick the path. Malicious relays could route you through their colluding friends. This would give an adversary the ability to watch all of your traffic end to end. This would be handy for a number of reasons: It would make Tor better able to handle new protocols like VoIP.

It could solve the whole need to socksify applications. Exit relays would also not need to allocate a lot of file descriptors for all the exit connections. IP packets reveal OS characteristics. We would still need to do IP-level packet normalization, to stop things like TCP fingerprinting attacks.

Given the diversity and complexity of TCP stacks, along with device fingerprinting attacks, it looks like our best bet is shipping our own user-space TCP stack. Application-level streams still need scrubbing. We will still need user-side applications like Torbutton. So it won't become just a matter of capturing packets and anonymizing them at the IP layer.

Certain protocols will still leak information. Once we've picked a transport mechanism, we need to design a new end-to-end Tor protocol for avoiding tagging attacks and other potential anonymity and integrity issues now that we allow drops, resends, et cetera. Our node operators tell us that exit policies are one of the main reasons they're willing to run Tor.

Many potential abuse issues are resolved by the fact that Tor only transports valid TCP streams as opposed to arbitrary IP including malformed packets and IP floods. Exit policies become even more important as we become able to transport IP packets. We also need to compactly describe exit policies in the Tor directory, so clients can predict which nodes will allow their packets to exit.

Clients also need to predict all the packets they will want to send in a session before picking their exit node! The Tor-internal name spaces would need to be redesigned. We support onion service ". Trademark, copyright notices, and rules for use by third parties can be found in our FAQ.

Entrar em contato Chat with us live! Join us on IRC. Eu posso utilizar VPN com o Tor? Nosso website foi bloqueado por um censor. Can I donate for a relay rather than run my own? Sobre o Tor What attacks remain against onion routing?

What protections does Tor provide? Generally speaking, Tor aims to solve three privacy problems: First, Tor prevents websites and other services from learning your location, which they can use to build databases about your habits and interests. O nome "Tor" pode referir-se a diversos componentes. Por que se chama Tor? Posso distribuir o Tor? Quais programas posso usar com o Tor? Existe um backdoor no Tor? What are Entry Guards? Tell me about all the keys Tor uses Tor uses a variety of different keys, with three goals in mind: 1 encryption to ensure privacy of data within the Tor network, 2 authentication so clients know they're talking to the relays they meant to talk to, and 3 signatures to make sure all clients know the same set of relays.

How do clients know what the directory authorities are? How do users know they've got the right software? How often does Tor change its paths? Navegador Tor Como eu posso verificar a assinatura do Navegador Tor? Para quem usa Windows: gpgv --keyring. Como instalo o Navegador Tor? Como eu desinstalo o Navegador Tor?

Como eu atualizo o Navegador Tor? Eu posso continuar a usar outro navegador, como Chrome ou Firefox, ao usar o Navegador Tor? O uso do Navegador Tor protege outros programas no meu computador? Como posso exportar e importar favoritos no Navegador Tor? Feche a janela da Biblioteca. Importando dados de outro navegador Favoritos podem ser transferidos do Firefox para o Navegador Tor. Um site banco, provedor de e-mail, etc. O que eu posso fazer?

Estou tendo problemas para usar funcionalidades do Facebook, Twitter e alguns outros websites quando estou usando o Navegador Tor. Em seguida, exclua os seguintes processos: Para Windows firefox. Qual sistema de pesquisa vem com o Navegador Tor e como ele protege a minha privacidade? Por que meu sistema de pesquisa mudou para o DuckDuckGo? Eu estou tendo um problema com o DuckDuckGo. Ao executar o Navegador Tor eu me torno um relay?

O Navegador Tor utiliza um circuito diferente para cada site? Eu devo "editar meu torrc". O que isso significa? Para navegar para esta pasta no Finder, selecione "Ir para a pasta Eu posso usar Flash no Navegador Tor? My firewall only allows a few outgoing ports If your firewall works by blocking ports, then you can tell Tor to only use the ports when you start your Tor Browser. On May 31, AM, grezei said On Jun 1, AM, valusaah said On Jun 1, AM, rafeuzo said On Jun 2, PM, sayinn said On Jun 2, PM, zantorac said On Jun 2, PM, huggre said On Jun 2, PM, emmabr said On Jun 2, PM, zynschy said On Jun 2, PM, vaneluc said On Jun 2, PM, alerafa said On Jun 2, PM, abycarl said On Jun 2, PM, kamecarl said On Jun 2, PM, debvach said On Jun 2, PM, exisgrai said On Jun 2, PM, marnan said On Jun 2, PM, phelegmo said On Jun 3, AM, deutverb said On Jun 3, AM, contdes said On Jun 3, AM, makgil said On Jun 3, AM, welbar said On Jun 3, AM, reanhal said On Jun 3, AM, bevraj said On Jun 3, AM, magmaly said On Jun 3, AM, indiwic said On Jun 3, AM, samwap said On Jun 3, AM, harcla said On Jun 3, AM, kalsco said On Jun 3, AM, galikee said On Jun 3, PM, padikien said On Jun 3, PM, janedas said On Jun 3, PM, macanse said On Jun 3, PM, davbeg said On Jun 3, PM, taneell said On Jun 3, PM, jaqumal said On Jun 4, PM, evewhea said On Jun 5, AM, odeawelb said On Jun 5, AM, karmben said On Jun 5, AM, ellyvyg said On Jun 5, AM, grahles said On Jun 5, AM, billkel said On Jun 5, AM, faxagio said On Jun 5, AM, warolus said On Jun 5, AM, reafort said On Jun 5, AM, charwaro said On Jun 5, AM, fardem said On Jun 5, AM, subpree said On Jun 8, AM, otaver said On Jun 8, AM, osmcha said On Jun 8, PM, dawnav said On Jun 8, PM, charlisa said On Jun 8, PM, ondfyn said On Jun 8, PM, nocobar said On Jun 8, PM, faycha said On Jun 8, PM, ricaeve said On Jun 8, PM, furdazz said On Jun 8, PM, tomafin said On Jun 8, PM, jamtrav said On Jun 8, PM, heakhr said On Jun 8, PM, pelmaf said On Jun 8, PM, albcho said

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We tookm a survey of the online materials, evaluating the ease of access to the website and finding out what might need to be changed.

Asc horarios 2014 keygen torrent Posted on October 7, by Paige. Other than that, it has all the standard features that the other macro recorders in this list offer. Panda Antivirus Pro v Now it's possible to write a book review or a literature essay without reading a book. The Touch Bar on MacBook Pro lets you quickly move around a project by dragging your finger across a visual overview of the track.
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Asc horarios 2014 keygen torrent Given the diversity and complexity of TCP stacks, along with device fingerprinting attacks, it looks like our best bet is shipping our own user-space TCP stack. The Tor network's anonymity comes in part from diversity, so if you are in a position to run your own relay, you will be improving Tor's anonymity more than by donating. On Jun 5, AM, timmkah said If you're a user, please ensure that you update your bookmarks to the website's v3 onion addresses. Torrent download for mac os free download. On Jun 8, PM, charlisa said On Jun 23, AM, janyber said
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Asc horarios 2014 keygen torrent Advanced Compatibility According to the developers, BetterZip 5 can open and archive more than 30 types of archive files. Eu estou tendo um problema com o NoScript. Easily access the VPN on 5 devices at a time. On Jun 2, PM, nissnenn said TinyTask is the perfect and effective macro recorder software best suited for elementary PCs allowing you to automate your repetitive actions.
Al mahkama kazem el saher torrent So even if all relay operators set their advertised bandwidth to their local connection speed, we would still need bandwidth authorities to balance the load between different parts of the Internet. In SeptemberTor started warning onion service operators and clients that v2 will be deprecated and obsolete in version 0. You should hide the list of Tor relays, so people can't block the exits. File name: Topogun 1 06 64 crack. If you're using Tor another way, you can set the proxy information in your torrc file. The package repository offers amd64arm64and i binaries.
Lilija amzinai torentai ru On Jun 8, PM, charlisa said Note that if a relay reaches an overloaded state we show it for 72 hours after the relay has recovered. This will vary by web browser, but generally you can download this file by right-clicking the "sig" and "checksum" link and selecting the "save file as" option. Record as many takes as you like. We recommend asking for help on the Tor Forum. Creation Club recently arrived for Skyrim Special Edition, and as with Fallout 4 it provides a small selection of weapons and armor available to buy for Skyrim SE. Can I keep using my v2 onion address?
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User Profile Wizard User Profile Wizard is a standalone executable that can migrate your current user profile to your new user account so that you can keep all your existing data and settings. XMPlay 3. Brave 1. Brave uses the Chromium source code to give you a faster and more secure browsing experience.

Plex Media Server 1. Plex Media Server is a media server and cord-cutting app to watch TV, movies, music, news, and share your photos and videos. It can be used in tandem with Plex Media Player for a full multimedia experience. Dropbox Dropbox will enable you to store your files instantly and optionally share them in Windows, Linux, and Android.

EssentialPIM EssentialPIM is a personal information manager that allows you to store all your important data electronically. Homebrew 3. NewPipe 0. PhraseExpress PhraseExpress is for the organization of frequently used text phrases or snippets, expanding abbreviations, launching programs with text shortcuts, and more.

IsoBuster 5. Vivaldi 5. Vivaldi is a free web browser from the original Opera Web Browser founders in , designed for Windows and Linux. Download the beta version here. SophiApp 1. Broot 1. Broot is an Open Source way to view and navigate any size directory trees through the command line. LICEcap 1. LICEcap is a fun and extremely easy to use little graphics application for making GIF animation directly from your desktop. Icecream Screen Recorder 6. Icecream Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use utility that allows you to capture a screen area of any size, as well as the added capability to record short videos.

Easy Duplicate Finder 7. Easy Duplicate Finder will help you to find and delete duplicate files easily. Ashampoo UnInstaller Ashampoo UnInstaller will remove all leftover traces of uninstalled programs to help maintain the top performance of your machine.

SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher 8. SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher provides the tools needed to edit photo imperfections and more. Opera GX Opera GX includes the features needed to help you get the most out of gaming and browsing. Opera Web Browser Opera Web Browser is a free web browser that originally started as a research project back in and today continues to be a fast, safe and secure web browser. Portable version available here. Video walkthrough available.

Opera Web Browser Portable Opera Web Browser Portable is a free web browser that is a fast, safe and secure web browser. Installer version available here. Grub2Win 2. Handy Backup 8. Handy Backup is a complete automatic backup solution for your operating system. Weather Watcher Live 7. The Weather Watcher Live application is your personal, real-time Windows desktop satellite weather station.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware Emsisoft Anti-Malware is a comprehensive PC protection solution against trojans, viruses, spyware, adware, worms, bots, keyloggers, rootkits, and dialers. OpenNetMeter 0. AppCheck Anti-Ransomware 3. Ursnif, Ransomware. Snatch, Ransomware. Buran, and Ransomware. Mydoom, Ransom. Messenger New Win 10 Reinforce - Provide specialized system protection for Windows Supported more than 31 languages.

Enhanced the System Optimization for Windows Enhanced privacy cleaning for Chrome

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