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The courses are enrolling now! You can also check out 5 free lessons from the courses by signing up for our mailing list. Check out some of these alternative revenue streams. Check out the full article here. Critics of social media may complain of young people wasting their lives behind computer screens, but the truth is, music fans still love attending live shows.

These could include special meet-and-greets before or after shows, or even private performances for your most dedicated fans. Many will gladly pay two, three, even four times the going rate for your concert if it means getting up close and personal.

Music fans love showing off their favorites, be it through social media or old-fashioned band tees. The great thing about old school merchandise sales is that they can be incredibly profitable, particularly if you take on a multi-faceted approach including both online and in-person sales. Selling band merch is easier than ever, thanks to useful services such as Intuit QuickBooks , and the various on-the-fly payment systems that are available in the form of an app.

Be sure to offer a wide array of products, so as to entice as many fans as possible to invest in the cause. These could include posters, clothing or vinyl records, which still retain a surprising level of popularity among music aficionados. A Music Think Tank post from last year suggests asking fans on Twitter and Facebook for merchandise suggestions, and then holding a poll to determine which options would garner the most interest.

The greater your social media following, the better chance you stand of benefiting from merch sales and VIP packages. Examples of musicians building dedicated fan bases through social media include Justin Bieber and Lily Allen serving as two of the most successful MySpace musicians.

But you know what? The career of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis has been a long, hard road — one that a lot of people would have turned away from a long time ago. So how did they get here? Here are some key lessons to learn that helped Macklemore and Ryan Lewis find their success.

By pushing this issue and standing behind a controversial topic, the duo probably got a lot of haters. But you know what, they also got a lot of people behind them. They stood out. They were different. Know who you are, know what you believe in, and say something meaningful with your art. Of course, timing is important too. Shortly after Obama came out in support of gay marriage. Then Frank Ocean came out. It seemed like time was of the essence. The fact that there [was] an election coming up in Washington [was] huge.

I know that a large portion of my fan base is , many of whom have never voted. If the song can get people out to the polls to pass same-sex marriage in Washington, that is a very beautiful and exciting thing. The duo has stayed true to their own ideas and because of that, have stood out. So what do you have to say? It was a long road. Do you think you would have continued to press onward?

Aside from albums, Macklemore and Lewis took years to build a local audience before expanding into a nationwide movement. The first national headlining tour was in The duo continued to grow, playing the Seattle Mariners opening day in , and then moving on to festivals like Outside Lands, Sasquatch, and Lollapalooza later that year. This train is still going. The duo is still operating independently with a relatively small team and being strategic about their plans.

After some local success with the EP The Language of my World Macklemore hit a low point, struggling with addiction. The key is to keep moving. Take a small step forward, or even a few steps back. Keep yourself moving instead of lingering in that low point.

Everything we perceive or appreciate in the world is based on motion. Stay in motion. Having a team behind you is one of the best things you can do for your music. You want people who believe in you and your music, not someone looking to make big bucks fast. Ben Haggerty met Ryan Lewis, then 17 and a dedicated producer, guitarist, and photographer, in He was another passionate creative out there with the same cause.

I needed that in a producer… I trust Ryan. I trust his ear and his eye. His creative aesthetic. I spend more time with Ryan than anyone else in my life. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis drew on local talent. You just have to take a quick trip over to their Twitter and Facebook pages to see just what I mean.

If you want to find your own success in music you need to get people behind you — this means both fans and a team. Create a relationship — and that means two-ways. Give and receive. Being a musician is a tough gig.

You have to be incredibly gifted and ridiculously dedicated all at once. But that dedication can pay off! The music business was built on that ethos. Today, social media is the cornerstone of your music career. If you want more ideas and ways to promote your music on social media, check out this free ebook.

Socializing is, by nature, a two-way exchange. Try holding a conversation with someone with your ears plugged. Social media is talking with your audience! There are other tools out there for talking at an audience. Make it a habit to read comments and messages. By listening to your fans you could also get valuable information like what new song they are digging the most or what they liked about your show last night.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. While some artists, like Alex Day have managed to build their career on one channel, most of us need to find a balance of online and offline. Maybe you leverage Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and some local shows in your area. The key is to think about how you can send fans from online to offline and visa versa. You need to create a flow. Fans can tell the difference.

Keep it real and learn. On Twitter, make your tweets two-way. Think about how you would approach starting a conversation in real life. What songs do you guys want us to play? Talk about your life and what you believe in, as well as your music and career. Open yourself up, so that people can get to know you.

Keep it social. Keep it fun. Just like the flow between social media and the offline experience, you should also create a flow between your social media channels and your website. Your website is the hub of your career online. Link creatively to your website, so that you give people fun and interesting reasons to visit. You are only one person and can only do so much. Pick a few social media platforms and really focus on creating strong interaction and engagement on those platforms.

If your target fan is a young teenage girl, Twitter and Instagram are your best bets, as these are the platforms where these girls spend the majority of their time. If you are a improvisational jazz band whose target fan is a forty-year-old working man, Facebook and email would probably be your best bet.

Make your channels unique. Give your fans a reason to follow you on all platforms. While you can and should push important information out across all your channels, try to give it a different spin. If your announcing a gig try this approach: Take a picture of yourself in front of the venue and push it out to Instagram and use Facebook to drive engagement, asking fans what songs they want you to play.

Get creative! Want more social media secrets and ways to promote your music? Check out this article next and learn about 6 ways to promote your music. YouTube is one of those platforms that you can make something really great with a limited budget if you take the time to plan and put in the creative effort.

This article was written by Matt Sandler, musician and founder of Chromatik. You can follow him on Twitter mattdsandler. This is just a short excerpt. You can check out the full article on Hypebot. Most people talk the talk, but never actually walk the walk. You want a great YouTube presence? Start making videos…today. Perhaps 15 seconds of a popular chart? Spend 30 minutes recording and uploading it to YouTube…today.

Start viewing YouTube as a sandbox for playing, performing, and sharing. Not everything you upload to YouTube needs to be perfect or professional quality initially. So what do folks do? Pour a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money into producing an incredible video. Assuming that you rocked and it miraculously went to the front page of Reddit, you now have , views and a couple hundred subscribers.

Now what? Can you replicate that? One of my favorites, Gabe Bondoc — now with k subscribers and 48 million views! Twitter can be an extremely valuable tool in your music career. However, it can sometimes feel like no one is listening despite there being hundreds of thousand of people on Twitter everyday. He gives some great tips for upping your Twitter game. To see all four tips head over to Cyber PR. If you do have your own ideas, feel free to let those surpass my recommendations.

For your profile photo, I would recommend choosing a picture of your band. Sometimes an album cover or a piece of art you have can be appropriate too. The photo can be up to 2mb in size. It can be an album cover, a picture of your band, or maybe even just a background from your album slip. Do your best to make it a cohesive image that fits in with the rest of your band image. For your main background, I have a special treat for you. Their background image is a perfect example of professional design, and you can achieve a very similar effect with minimal graphic design skills.

All you need to do is fill in the blanks to get a professional background image. You do need to own a copy of photoshop, or at least know someone who does, but it should save you a lot of legwork when designing your own Twitter background.

Twitter is meant to be a dialogue between you and your fans, so you need to consistently be talking to people. Email marketing and social media are two great tools every musician can use. Email still converts more than social media, and social media is a great way to reach a potentially huge audience.

Use both tools together and take advantage of their unique strengths. Thanks to Media Bistro for this great infographic. There are plenty of articles and guides out there for music marketing. Many of them stress the need for a website, a social media presence, and the live show.

This article from Music Think Tank stresses one marketing effort that is often overlooked — collaboration. Collaboration can be used in all aspects of your career, from the live show to songwriting to recording. Try to pick someone around you level or just above you in terms of fan base size. That songwriter will surely tell their fans about the collaboration.

Since fans tend to trust the opinions of the artists they follow, some of them will probably check your music out. The same goes for recording and touring. When growing your fan base, you need to establish trust if you actually want people to take time out of their day for your music. Collaborating with other musicians can actually be a great way to get out there.

Making songs with a well known act can actually mean you can get in front of their fans. It may also mean that you gain a higher perceived value for working with that act, and it can be a good note on your CV when looking for other music related work and opportunities.

The solution? What you want to do is categorize any talented musicians in your genre into different levels based on how big they are. So what you do is approach those acts which are slightly bigger then you, and do collaborations with a few of them. Not only does this get you in front of their audiences, but it also gets you associated with being at their level. Once this is done, start looking to the next step of musicians who are that bit more popular then the last group you approached and are now in yourself.

Do the same; collaborate with them, get in front of their audience, and become thought of as being on their level. Rinse and repeat, each time working with bigger acts and getting a bigger reputation yourself. OK, this method of promotion is pretty similar to the last one, only with platforms to get yourself out there. As you may have guessed, the above ladder method works here too. Start out by getting on smaller platforms and websites, and build your way up.

Include their logos on your website. Make it clear people are talking about you. Gradually build things up, networking with new people along the way. So keep climbing that ladder. The thing is, anyone can gig. Practicing your lyrics is one thing, but mastering your show is something else altogether.

Remember, as a musician you are an entertainer! Yes, that might just be in the form of your voice in rare cases, but in the majority of cases your whole stage presence also factors into things. When people leave your show, are they going to remember you as that person with good lyrics and a good voice?

Or will they remember you as that person who stood out and outshone all the other performing acts that night? I hope you aim to achieve the second one. So what can you do to achieve that? Well first of all, find out what works in terms of stage presence. Load up YouTube and search for the best live acts in your genre.

See how they command the stage, see how they move, and see how they interact with the audience. Does it work? Is it something you can do and build on? Most of the time it will be, so be sure to build yourself as a overall great performer, rather then just someone who has good vocal ability. To see the full article and see the other 3 music marketing tips, visit Music Think Tank. Building a brand as a musician is a very abstract concept, and many get frustrated in the process.

Its important to remember that the process of finding your brand takes a long time, and everyone else is struggling with it too. Unfortunately, there is no formula to a strong brand and the brand idea you start out with may not be the same as the one you end up with. You will need to look in yourself and also listen to what your fans and followers are saying and how they are reacting to fine-tune your brand.

This article was originally posted on the Cyber PR blog. The key to establishing yourself online and within your niche, is building a strong brand. Unfortunately this is far easier said than done. The process of designing, building and nurturing a new brand means you have established:. The problem for most comes down to the simple fact that there is no single path to achieving any one of these things.

And yet, you need to achieve them all in order for your brand to blossom. In fact, it can be down-right frustrating. This voice may not come to you right away. In fact, it is normal for this to take a VERY long time to fully realize. Once you do fully realize this voice, your focus and ability to create compelling content will be likely to become prolific. I knew I wanted my mission to be helping musicians to advance their careers through digital marketing.

What once took me several days of sketching, researching, drafting, re-drafting, editing and formatting, now took me only a few quick hours at MOST. Doubt HAS to be the number one killer of brands. I can say from personal experience that this was the hardest obstacle to overcome. And yet, I had to work to over come my own doubt about my brand on a weekly basis if not more often. Because of this, it is important to find any successes, even if they are small, that you can not only rejoice in on a regular basis, but can use to keep you motivated:.

These are all successes. To read the full article, visit the Cyber PR blog. The elements of social media should be taken as they appear in the phrase itself. Social comes before media and is therefore the most important element. Social media is not a tool to simply talk or shout at your your fans, it is a complex feedback look based on communication and, most importantly, listening.

You need to be talking with your fans. Social media provides instant feedback. You will know exactly what your fans are digging and what they are not within a few hours if you know what kinds of metrics to look for. Unfortunately there is a large population of musicians who miss out on the social elements of social media.

You might have been raised in a world of billboards and commercials, but using social media as a one way street is killing your promo game. You need to engage with fans and listeners instead of blasting them with links, videos, and nonsense about buying your album. This list goes on but the takeaway here is engage in a way that results in feedback and interaction. Stop putting all your energy into increasing numbers on social sites and focus on converting the followers you have into loyal fans.

Use social media to funnel music listeners to your website where you attempt to convert them into a mailing list signup, song download, or merchandise sale. To see the full article, and the other 2 social media problems, visit the Cyber PR Music blog. Are you guilty of any of these common social media problems? How have you over come these problems to better connect with your fan base? Twitter is a very powerful resource for fan engagement, but it is often misunderstood, and therefore underutilized by musicians and bands.

Is it really worth it? It is, however, in your best interest to really get a good understanding of a few different social media platforms like Twitter. Remember that different platforms offer different ways to connect with fans and your content of Facebook will be different from your content on Twitter. Be consistent. Tell your fans about some other great bands. Hype their shows and releases. There are tools you can use to post a single update to multiple social profiles — Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

But people who follow you on every platform want to get a unique experience in each place. Pretend the whole world is watching. You have to be more interesting than a simple advertisement for your music. Write longer tweets. Internet marketers like to tell you to keep things short. Also, some data shows that longer tweets get more clicks.

To see the other 6 tips, check out the article on Hypebot or download the full Twitter for Musicians guide from CD Baby for free. Facebook can be an extremely valuable tool for fan engagement when used correctly. It can serve as a platform to talk to fans, and a platform for fans to talk to each other. Of course, creating fan engagement on Facebook can be easier said then done. But it is possible! The key is to focus on talking with your fans, not at them.

Social media is all about creating an authentic connections with your audience. If you want some ideas for what to post to Facebook and other social media platforms, download this free ebook: How to Promote Your Music: With 3 Social Media Checklists. This article features some great tips to create fan engagement on Facebook.

Ads : Using a Page gives you access to using Facebook Ads. You can use ads to promote your page and increase likes, promote shows, a new music release, etc. You can even target specific geographic regions, demographics, and interests.

But again, just like with promoted posts, ads can get expensive quickly, so set a budget and stick to it. Check it out here. To learn what you should include on your Facebook page, how to make the most of your posts, and how to drive Facebook traffic to your website, read the full article on Hypebot. One man who successfully balances both elements is entrepreneur, investor and author Guy Kawasaki. I could skim through his tweets and probably find a few things every day that I could pass on to my followers.

To find out the four other tips, see the full article at Entrepreneur. It is very satisfying to see the ideas expressed in our Future of Music book becoming mainstream concepts in the industry. Record companies believe that music is about selling bits of stuff to people in a retail environment. The record companies should be working out what services they can provide.

They should also be talking to ISPs instead of fighting them. The key thing is people are going to want music as part of what they get on their digital connections. The ISPs are going to have to invest more and more to develop better services, and in that context they will have to start charging for content, whether they charge for content directly with a meter or whether they bundle it or use advertising or sponsorship. Another way to go would be to look at statutory licensing for different types of usage.

It would be incredibly bureaucratic but it would be one way. So let people access whatever music they like and pay a set rate. The same with commercial businesses. Yes absolutely, particularly for investment and promotion and marketing. And they could become very good at licensing, at helping artists to develop their website. But they have to get away from this idea of control and instead become partners of the artists.

There is huge inertia in the way the industry licenses and administers content. We have to fight this. Until the CD came along I think artists overall got a better deal and more control and a better bite of the money. Yes, but it has huge potential to do more. But what it can do is alter the value chain. With less money available in the music business we have to instead look at what we do have. And what we have is lots of data on music fans. Marketing has always traditionally been more expensive than recording but we can cut these costs by using social sites and viral links.

And maybe we can cut out advertising costs because acts can just directly email their fans. I manage Billy Bragg and there are a hundred versions of his tracks online. I can get a recorded version but a lot of the times on these services there are no live versions. And globally there are billions of tracks so the problem remains of how people find a particular piece of music or if they like something how they find similar bands. Yes, but its role in the industry will become less.

Probably physical music, like CDs, will become very expensive and luxurious and they will be like hardback coffee table books and people will only buy maybe one or two a year. Probably very similar. But what we might look on as broadcasting income will hugely increase. Most revenues will come from users paying to access the content. I think the artists ought to be much more powerful, whether they will get it together is another matter.

They might be more like the Performing Rights Society and less like Universal. Read the whole interview here from Sara Vizard at Strategy Eye. Props to Dave Allen founder of Gang of Four for these suggestions below. Well considered and annotated. I recommend that you do what he says. How music was delivered used to be in the hands of the few — bands, concert promoters, record companies and their retail distribution companies, radio, and video shows such as MTV.

Control has moved from the few to the millions of many. Dull labels and dull bands offering dull, flat, non-experiential product — e. Or Burning Man compared to your average music festival. Music fans are no longer patiently waiting for their favorite bands to deliver new music according to the old customary cycle — album, press release, video, radio, tour. No, the fan base has to be regularly and consistently engaged. Some Ideas for artists, managers and labels :.

Read more from Dave Allen here at his Pampelmoose Blog. From Eliot Van Buskirk and Wired:. To hear some tell it, file sharing gutted the music industry by encouraging people to gorge themselves on free, illegal content. Nonetheless, sites like The Pirate Bay taught — and continue to teach — valuable lessons to the content industry.

Even as music labels and movie studios try to sue peer-to-peer networks out of existence, these same networks have been preparing music labels and movie studios for the emerging social-media world, in which sales form only a small slice of the revenue pie, and what really matters is who likes what, and who pays attention to them. Facebook, MySpace, imeem, YouTube and other social media sites — which the labels now recognize as a major part of their revenue streams going forward — incorporate several aspects of Napster and other early, rogue file sharing networks: buddy lists, user uploads, filtering content by user, viral marketing, ad-supported content and the potential of mining valuable data.

And even in the early days, the labels were intrigued by the vast pools of user data available on networks like Napster and Kazaa, although they were reticent to take advantage of it. But as the initial furor over P2P died down, labels began monitoring file sharing networks through BigChampagne and other services. The data they find there continues to help them in any number of ways, from choosing which leaked song to use as the single, to where a band should tour based on the IP addresses of its fans, to figuring out which artists should perform on the same bill.

Meanwhile, new ways to share files continue to surface, including private and encrypted networks. And The Pirate Bay developers say mirrors exist in other countries, so no matter what happens in Sweden their site will continue to operate. Besides, The Pirate Bay is only one bit-torrent tracker site.

For some, the offense committed by an enabler like The Pirate Bay — as opposed to the people who actually do upload and share copyright material — may be difficult to grasp. And YouTube hosts pirated copyright material, until and unless it is asked to remove it by the owner, because it is unable to programmatically detect which video clips are pirated.

But the difference is that Google, Yahoo and MSN aspire to catalog everything indiscriminately, while services like The Pirate Bay explicitly cater to practitioners of digital piracy — and are proud of it, to boot. Even as the content industry celebrates another false victory over file sharing, the world is moving on, to cloud-based, on-demand streaming services — some licensed — where you can hear music and watch videos faster and in a more social way than you can with bit torrent.

Garland, who was there, says tools designed to measure user behavior on file sharing networks led directly to tools that now mine licensed networks like Facebook, imeem, MySpace and YouTube. On one hand, this sort of thinking led to The Pirate Bay lawsuit. ESPN and other video networks already do something similar. Love Choruss or hate it, Griffin would never have come up with this efficient way of addressing social-media consumption if file sharing networks had never existed.

Finally, P2P accelerated the development of products that people want to purchase when free alternatives exist. File sharing networks forced an industry notoriously set in its ways to acknowledge the enormous power of the internet to distribute music through social channels — if anything, increasing its odds of thriving during the inevitable social-media era.

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Changes will take effect once you reload the page. Click to get this free guide Once you are through here, make sure you check out this article for a step-by-step guide that walks you through exactly how to grow your fanbase on Instagram. Should You Use Instagram? Choosing Your Instagram Profile Picture Just like your bio, your Instagram profile picture should represent you as a musician or band.

Click to get this free guide to Instagram for musicians. What to Post on Instagram as a Musician? What Makes a Good Instagram Caption? When to Post on Instagram as a Musician? Instagram Stories for Musicians Stories are another way you can post to Instagram. Instagram for Musicians — The Bigger Picture Now that you know what to post to Instagram, head to this article to learn the tips and tricks for growing your following on Instagram.

These marketing and promotion courses will teach you: The modern strategies for music marketing, branding and promotion that will work best for you. Tools to identify and create goals for marketing your music. How to build your brand and leverage the power of sponsorships to drive awareness of your music. See exactly how to develop and enhance your website and create an electronic press kit EPK to attract attention.

See how to master digital marketing including how to build an email list and create effective communications for your audience. How to effectively promote your music on social media and how you can leverage these channels to build your audience on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and via email. Get more engaged fans with these content marketing strategies: What is Content Marketing for Musicians? You see the difference?

The Problem With Push Marketing In the past, marketing was all about pushing out messages with big money to get it in front of as many people as possible and hoping some would bite. Instead, turn it into a conversation, draw them in, and they will be much more interested. Most people would go for the latter. Let your fans know that they could be entered to win free merch too if they pre-order instead of buying tickets at the door.

Share a short video montage on Facebook of your last email-subscriber-only live stream. Give your fans a link to subscribe to get in on the next one. Make a YouTube video teaching your fans how to play your new song on guitar. Include a link where they can buy the song. Bonus points: ALSO give fans the chance to download the tab or sheet music in exchange for an email address. Conclusion: Content Marketing for Musicians Hopefully this article has given you some ideas to promote your music.

First step is to actually create an email list and start growing it. Try some of these ideas and start building up an email list ASAP. Once you have some fans on your email list, you need to start sending them some cool content. Here are 10 email best practices that will help you write emails your fans will LOVE. And finally, you can up your game to the big league and start using landing pages to grow your email list and sell more music. Download this Free Content Marketing Guide. How much of it are you actually sharing with your fans on social media?

What does your schedule look like? Are there any gaps? How can you be more consistent? Post as is or create an image with the quote. You can probably get a lot of quote posts from a single song Open up and share the meaning behind the lyrics.

You could create a post, a blog post, a short video, a live stream, or all of the above. Check out these tools: Hootsuite — this will allow you to schedule posts for multiple different social platforms. You can schedule up to 10 posts at a time per social account SocialOomph — the free version only allows you to schedule and monitor Twitter, but the paid version covers multiple different platforms Be Relevant and Authentic A little word of caution.

Use Facebook Ads as a Part of a Bigger Strategy Keep in mind that Facebook ads should not be the entirety of your strategy to grow your email list. Targeting When targeting Facebook users for any ad campaign, you should aim to reach people who are interested in music similar to yours. Formatting Your Ad Another thing you want to test with your ad is the format.

You probably only need the first name. Rather than blasting your entire tour schedule to your email list, you can personalize it to them by including only the tour dates closest to them within the email with a link to purchase tickets. Address — If you plan to host giveaways for your mailing list subscribers or send them anything physical, ask for their address. If not, stay away from this. Remember, simpler is better. Do you feel like you are trapped in social media HELL? Are you spending all your time promoting your music without seeing tangible results?

Address different kinds of fans Your website is the hub of your online presence. What makes for a good pitch? What are some good ways to get people to sign up for a newsletter? Leave it in the comments below If you want to get a better handle on your marketing and create a strategy for success, check out the New Artist Model online courses.

Offer VIP Packages for Concerts Critics of social media may complain of young people wasting their lives behind computer screens, but the truth is, music fans still love attending live shows. Sell Merchandise at Live Shows Music fans love showing off their favorites, be it through social media or old-fashioned band tees.

Leverage online and offline. Write posts yourself. Be conversational. Be genuine. Drive interest. Pick platforms that are relevant to your image and brand. Do you have a YouTube channel? How does your approach to email marketing differ from your approach to social media? Do you think collaboration is a good way to grow a fan base? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The process of designing, building and nurturing a new brand means you have established: A unique voice Consistent compelling content A trustworthy reputation The problem for most comes down to the simple fact that there is no single path to achieving any one of these things.

What works for some, may not work for others. What seems to be an obvious indicator of success for some, may be hidden for others. This is normal! What challenges have you faced building your brand? How have you overcome those challenges? Me, Me, Me Marketing You might have been raised in a world of billboards and commercials, but using social media as a one way street is killing your promo game.

It seems too many people are missing the social half of the phrase, social media. Sadly, most bands qualify [as what the marketing world refers to] as spammers. Engaging is easier than you think and should come naturally assuming you are not a recluse. Share albums, videos, and news about other music you enjoy or local bands you play with.

Ask others what they think. Share news related to the music industry or issues that reflect the personality of your band and use them to engage in conversation. Instead of posting links to the same videos and songs repeatedly, post clips of the band working in the studio or upload a demo mix and allow fans to share their opinions so you can take the art to another level.

Involve fans in your process es. Network with bands in other areas to create an atmosphere for gig swapping and collaboration as well as cross promotion of content. Build a community. Focusing on the wrong metrics Your follower count means nothing unless you see conversions. More important than a follower, view, or like: How many fans have signed up for your mailing list?

Do you pass around a mailing list signup sheet at your show? How many people have you met at shows? You do hang out with the audience after the show…right? How many people have bought a CD or t-shirt? Show me the money! Be useful to others first. Then you can expect your followers to help promote your music. If you want some ideas for what to post to Facebook and other social media platforms, download this free ebook: How to Promote Your Music: With 3 Social Media Checklists This article features some great tips to create fan engagement on Facebook.

Using social media for professional and business purposes can be hard to get a hang of. More likely than not, followers of your band or business are not going to want to hear about what you had for breakfast or some personal drama going on in your life. That being said, if used correctly social media can help you engage with your fans or followers and create a stronger relationship. Produce quality content If you want to make your mark on social media, first and foremost you should provide quality content.

Some Ideas for artists, managers and labels : — First, communicate openly and ask your fans what they want from you — Listen to what they have to say. Really listen — Provide unique content such as early demos of new songs — Never under estimate the power of a free MP3 — Forget completely the idea of an organizing principle album. Invent a new one — Use social media wisely. From Eliot Van Buskirk and Wired: To hear some tell it, file sharing gutted the music industry by encouraging people to gorge themselves on free, illegal content.

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