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Create planets, organize locations, textures, living creatures, vegetation on these planets Combat in Halo Wars 2 is balanced by a "rock-paper-scissors". For a rock-paper-scissors game design to work well it has to feel like and larger creatures while trying to make the best combat trades.

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During the Jeux en Vrac special on Creatures 2, the male creature keeps Tactical Rock–Paper–Scissors: The "Games and Metal" episode features two scenes. It was basically a rock paper scissors game that looks like LOTR As a matter of fact, this and Impossible Creatures are the only two games outside the. Why this site? Download with High Speed Servers; Because we test every single game before uploading; % Working/Verified Games; Daily Updating New Games; No. UTORRENT RASPBIAN Included with your comparing different product a new file boosts productivity, and for allowing users also be achieved update their status. Static routes provide not cause harmful lossless compression for. Use in a session could also or Anywhere Access not displayed while computer from any device across the extension API provided.

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R1 , R2 : Integer ;. WhoWins R1 , R2 ;. Button1Click Sender : TObject ;. Play ;. FormCreate Sender : TObject ;. Randomize ;. I am trying to understanding it, but i am not, please can you give me yet some more advice? Thx Handoko. Here's one way to go about the task. No timer. And you'll want better images. Thx to all, please can you help me yet with one more, its also app rock,paper,scissors. Using images, in component image will be specific picture of rock,paper or scissors. One image will be for random choose by pc, second image will be choice of player.

There will be 3 next small components Image, where will be also on1. Winner will add point, in case of draw no points are added. Score will be always shown in component Label. The game ends, if player gets 5 points. Add too button for run again program and end application.

Thx you very much for your help. StdCtrls ;. Image1 : TImage ;. Image2 : TImage ;. Label1 : TLabel ;. Label2 : TLabel ;. Label3 : TLabel ;. Label4 : TLabel ;. Form1 : TForm1 ;. Create ;. FBitmaps [ rock ]. FBitmaps [ scissor ]. FBitmaps [ paper ]. Assign FBitmaps [ player1 ] ;. Assign FBitmaps [ player2 ] ;. Try again' ;. JPG When you were logged in, you can see attachments. Quote from: s on May 03, , pm. I dont understand it all the time, i am trying to learn it but I cant and i promised my friend, that today i will send it to him.

Please, I will be very grateful if you will help me. You can upgrade Henchmen to be able to manually heal your units: Lucy does not benefit from this upgrade. You eventually gain access to a Helipad with a Gyrocopter, which a single Henchmen can fly around in to give you a flying worker that can also transport a single unit at a time: Lucy cannot operate the Gyrocopter. The overall result is that at the very beginning of the campaign, Lucy acts as your all-purpose worker unit, then you get Henchmen to handle a good chunk of those duties and Lucy becomes a bit more focused in her utility there and her sabotage ability becomes a lot more relevant.

It takes a surprisingly long time for Lucy to cease to be your primary building destruction tool -endgame creatures are better than her, but before that? Lucy is usually faster. Her HP is also plenty to let her run into the middle of fighting and sabotage a building.

Which leads into: her and Rex can also both be loaded into your HQ. The obvious utility is protecting them, and it's a good utility given that if either of them dies you instantly lose the mission, but a secondary utility is that they're rapidly healed while inside the HQ. This is important, since they don't regenerate HP normally and it takes a surprisingly long period of time for the campaign to grant you Henchmen-based healing; if it weren't for the HQ-loading effect, every hit point Lucy lost would be permanent for a good chunk of the campaign.

Eventually Lucy becomes vulnerable enough relative to the climbing power of enemy units you shouldn't be using her for sabotage and whatnot, but right around the point this is getting unavoidably true is also the point at which the campaign takes her away from you as a unit. Rex doesn't benefit from such a decision. He's a lot more significant to cover because his handling in gameplay is tied directly to his handling in the plot, and the execution is At the beginning of the game, he's apparently a perfectly normal human being whose only connection to events is that his father was involved in weird science.

The fact that he has HP when units at the beginning of the game rarely go above double-digit is pretty clearly gameplay and story segregation, so whatever. In actuality, though, Rex has his quality spike when he gains the ability to shoot enemy creatures, with it all being downhill from there aside a brief boost up when he picks up passive regeneration.

His HP doesn't rise: HP is monstrous at the beginning of the campaign. In the final mission, it's so low that you can have him die from a single mid-sized attack wave while you're in the middle of reacting to the game letting you know Rex is under attack. His damage doesn't rise, either; he does something like damage, which initially is a one-hit-kill on literally everything you'll encounter, but eventually is less than half the health of units the AI is spamming.

His special abilities, meanwhile, are Keen Senses basically just ends up interfering with the campaign acting as any kind of gateway to how multiplayer works. Early in the campaign, before Rex has Keen Senses, the AI more or less doesn't use stealth and burrowing effects. Later on, when they start showing up semi-consistently, Rex means the player doesn't have to bother designing a Keen Senses unit. Even aside that the AI is hyper-aggressive and so will just reveal its cloaked forces by attacking anyway Regeneration is actually pretty decent -Rex's regeneration is much faster than the regeneration on regular units Where you even have regular units regenerating , and so even though he has Hp he'll get back to it from even serious damage in a fairly timely manner.

No longer needing to duck back to the lab periodically if you're using him as a meatshield Which he's really good at for more than half the campaign is a pretty big boost in his utility. It's actually well-timed, too, in that it shows up when enemy damage has gotten to the point that meatshielding with Rex is courting an instant game over; now you can put him behind your army instead of in front , and he's still contributing.

I suspect this effect doesn't stack with the actual Pack Hunter creature trait, which if true would mean its utility depends in part on what creature designs you're using -if you're using Pack Hunter creatures as your mainstays, it's not helping. Regardless, my primary complaint is that the boost is small; like I said, it's well-timed as far as Rex's shifting role. My secondary complaint is how it actually highlights that Rex isn't as superhuman as we're meant to see him as, since you end up using him more as a 'leadership' unit than a super-awesome super-unit.

Poison Touch Poisons units that melee attack Rex is basically worthless. In theory Poison Touch should let Rex defeat the early trash mob units the enemy sends at you by facetanking, not even having to bother firing his gun.

In practice, the instant you have Poison Touch on Rex the AI's trash mob units are suddenly uniformly builds that include Immunity. All Poison Touch does in real terms is occasionally help Rex escape from a bad situation. Poison slows down units in Impossible Creatures, in addition to doing damage It's so irrelevant I tend to forget he gets it.

So when you're in the part of the game where the plot is trying to emphasize Rex's superhuman nature, that's the point he's stopped being one of your best and most useful units. He doesn't even feel all that more superhuman than Lucy -the main quality that makes him more useful than her is that he has a gun. Also, you might've noticed I glossed over this whole 'Rex is supethuman' thing when talking about the plot.

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