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Added an attribute, data-ad-cust-params , which supports a JSON string of custom parameters that will be appended to the end of an ad tag on ad request. Added an attribute, data-config-skin-url , which accepts a url to an externally-hosted CSS file that will be loaded inside of the iframe, and can be used to target JW Player elements. You can also load this file as skin. See our documentation on how to create your own CSS file. Added an attribute, data-config-plugin-url , which accepts a url to an externally-hosted Javascript file that will be loaded inside of the iframe, and can be used to apply custom Javascript to the player.

The following macros are supported: An attribute used to override the default value of macros in ad tags. See our ad tag macro documentation for more information. Added a new attribute, data-block-on-consent , which if set blocks the player from loading until the consent state is resolved. The consent data will then be passed to the player's iframe as query parameters for use with advertising implementations.

See the amp-consent blocking behaviors documentation for possible values that this attribute accepts. Fixed an issue in amp-jwplayer where play events erroneously fired when an ad played. Remove existing logic which was manually sending additional pause events during ads with AMP, which are no longer needed.

General Improvements Added the aria-expanded attribute to the settings menu button to improve accessibility. When hovering over the timeline where there are chapter markers, the chapter's name and the current time will always be shown. Fixes Reintroduced a fix from 8. Removed a demo key value from customTargetingKey in the Freewheel ad client. Fixed an accessibility issue where upon exiting the settings menu the focus did not return to the settings menu icon in the control bar.

Updates Updated our Shaka dependency to 3. In the VAST client, we now define the creative type as video when making ad requests with OMID-enabled players, which should improve measurement accuracy. Improved settings menu ARIA labeling for accessibility by removing the ariahaspopup attribute and changing the role attribute on many elements to better suit the screen reader experience. Improved accessibility of the seek slider by adding the aria-valuenow attribute and ensuring the current time is read aloud by screen readers for both VOD and live streams.

Fixes Fixed a bug in picture in picture mode where videos would pause when the player's original container was backgrounded if the player was configured to autoPause. Autopause behavior should not apply to picture in picture mode because the PiP player is always in view even if the page where the player is embedded no longer is.

Removed the picture in picture icon from the control bar on Tizen, where it is not supported. Fixed a bug with the playlist shelf widget where if the items in the playlist do not have thumbnail images, paginating with the left and right arrow buttons breaks the component. Reverted an earlier fix from 8.

This will be reintroduced in an upcoming release. New Features Updated the "About This Video" modal accessible via the right click menu to include stats for nerds, including information about the stream including media ID, buffer health, resolution, and more. Configuration: Added a new configuration option, allowFullscreen , which defaults to true. When set to false, fullscreen functionality is completely disabled in the player including tapping, clicking, keyboard shortcuts, and API access.

Javascript events: Added a new method, setAllowFullscreen , which through updating the boolean, disables or re-enables the above fullscreen behavior. Improved player and page security by whitelisting allowed HTML markup elements that may render in media title and description fields; links, scripts, and Javascript functions are no longer rendered.

Fixes Fixed a bug preventing the on 'adblock' and getAdblock methods from working as expected in all browsers. Fixed a bug preventing remove from having its namesake effect on the player when it is in picture in picture mode. Fixed an issue where clicking and holding the seek bar fires a pause event with "unknown" pauseReason, rather than "interaction.

Reintroduced an earlier fix from 8. This will be reverted again in the next release. Updates This release was briefly available but was removed due to fatal setup errors occurring in our AMP component. This will be fixed in 8. We apologize for the inconvenience. Changes Reverted an earlier fix from 8. Fixes Fixed an issue preventing video thumbnails from playing when the playlist item is loaded with jwplayer.

Fixed a bug preventing the picture in picture icon released in 8. Fixed an issue where the value for playReason after a playlist item automatically advances to the next video was erroneously interaction. New Features Added support for playback in Picture in Picture mode across all supported browsers, including ads, captions, and playlists. Firefox and Internet Explorer do not support this feature. Configuration: Added a new configuration option, pipIcon , which defaults to enabled and adds a Picture in Picture icon and right click menu options to supported desktop browsers only.

Setting this option to disabled will remove this icon, which you can also hide with CSS. On mobile devices, we have elected not to add an icon to our controls, but rather, PiP can be enabled through the operating system's native gestures and user interface on both iOS and Android. Added automatic localization support for the Picture in Picture icon tooltip and right click menu option across all supported languages , which can also be customized via the intl block with pipIcon.

The response contains the same object properties as other ad events, such as adBreakId, adPlayId, adPosition, client, tag, etc, as well as an XML parameter that exposes the XML downloaded from the tag. Improved recovery of live DASH streams that buffer infinitely by implementing segment timeouts. Fixed an accessibility issue where the focus did not return to the settings menu icon after closing the settings menu.

Fixed typos in German and Swedish player automatic localization translation files. We thank you for your feedback and encourage submissions via the form on our support page. Fixed a bug causing seek events to copy their play reason from the preceding play event. Fixed an issue in the IMA ad client with VMAP ad schedules where ad events incorrectly report the ad position as pre on mid-roll and post-roll ads.

Updates Following the resolution of the Chrome 91 bug by Google IMA, we reverted the workaround released yesterday in 8. Version 8. Stay tuned for 8. Error rates rise when advertising. While the errors are not specific to JW Player, we are doing everything possible to mitigate the issue and have reached out to the third parties involved to do the same. While we wait for the issue to be resolved, we are temporarily releasing a player update that forces the vpaidmode setting to be set to enabled for all players that set up only on Chrome 91 environments on both desktop and mobile unless vpaidmode was already set to disabled , which will help restore fill rates.

No other browsers or Chrome versions will be affected, and this change is only for the Google IMA ad client. We are not applying this setting across the board since secure mode is known to decrease fill rates because VPAID ads that utilize Friendly iFrames will stop working. As soon as we have confirmation that the issue is resolved, we will revert this change. As such, we do not recommend customers set vpaidmode to enabled in their own ad schedules or modify client side configurations, as this setting would be applied across browsers, whereas our workaround is specific to the affected browser and version only.

Thank you for your patience and collaboration. Fixes Fixed an issue with the Google IMA ad client where post-rolls ads would not play if the playlist item also had a pre-roll that resulted in an empty ad response. Fixed an issue causing the audio to go out of sync on some HLS streams after a while. Fixed a bug causing audio in backgrounded apps to pause when a muted video is played. Fixed a bug causing the buffer icon to show on top of some ads when OMID is enabled.

Fixed an issue causing unexpected increase use of memory and browser crashing on Windows operating systems with some live streams. Fixed a bug causing unintended seeking on iOS Safari when the viewer scrolls the page after intentionally seeking in the video. Fixed a bug causing the player to mute while adjusting the volume.

Fixes Fixed bugs preventing Apple Voiceover control option space commands from working with the player. Fixed a bug causing accidental interaction with links and buttons beneath the player when it is floating. Fixed an issue preventing the email link from working in the sharing menu. Fixes Fixed a bug preventing a floating player with auto pause configured from pausing when the tab is backgrounded while an ad is loading. Fixed an issue in DAI where seeking past a mid-roll doesn't play the ad if the stream did not have a pre-roll.

Fixed an issue causing audio-only HLS streams to infinitely buffer when the player tries to autostart muted. Fixed a bug preventing the buffer wheel from displaying on Tizen. Updates Added an optional configuration option, advertising. Updated the default behavior of OMID script loading from "enabled" to "auto. Fixed issues where the player API and internal objects were not being released from memory after a player is removed.

Fixed a bug causing the getEnvironment. Browser method in Microsoft Edge to return as Chrome. The default is "disabled", but can be used when set to "enabled". Improved the user experience by not automatically fullscreening the video in a floating player when an Android device is rotated. Updated JW Player to hls. Fixes Fixed an issue in Android Chrome causing the player to override the stream's aspect ratio and fill the entire screen with the video rather than incur a small amount of letterboxing.

Fixed a bug with some ad preloading configurations causing infinite buffering. Fixed unintended animated behavior when seeking in a muted player with Safari. Fixed an error causing some HLS streams to stall. Fixed an issue on mobile devices where floating players didn't display IMA ads properly.

Fixed an issue causing IMA mid-roll ads to infinitely buffer. Updates Improved stalling when there is significant drift from the edge of live streams. Fixes Fixed issues causing layout shift CLS when transitioning to and from the floating player. Fixed a bug causing buffering when seeking after any ad in iOS Safari. No configuration is required; the player automatically handles verification when the XML is returned. To the VAST client, added the adVerifications node to the adImpression event response, which returns the parsed content of that element in an object.

Added a new configuration option to the advertising object, allowedOmidVendors , which accepts an array and is supported in the VAST client. If not set or set as an empty array, all vendors can run. If set, only the resources from the listed vendors can run. All failures to run verification will be noted accordingly to the ad server. Fixes Made CSS changes to reduce layout shifts across the player, most notably one caused by the transition between Google IMA ads and media, but also including the control bar and icons, floating player, and tooltips.

Fixed an issue causing the play event to fire after the firstFrame in live streams. Service related fixes to improve low latency streaming and HLS streaming in general. Known Issues We are tracking a known Chromium bug where touch events erroneously increases a page's CLS score, such as dragging the floating player.

Fixes Fixed an issue causing buffering after DAI ads. Fixed a bug where for some streams, the audio-only rendition was shown before upswitching instead of the lowest quality video rendition. Updates Removed support for Flash, which was deprecated by Adobe on December 31, Added out of the box support for low latency HLS streams, including partials, automatic playback rate adjustment, hold back, and part hold back.

The player automatically detects low latency streams and goes into that mode with no additional configuration required. Added support for low latency in JW Live Channels streams. Added markup to discourage Google from displaying player error messages in search result snippets. Removed a default value for liveSyncDuration. The player will no longer add a default of 25 to item sources.

This can still be overridden in browsers other than Safari by configuring liveSyncDuration, which used to default to 25 seconds. Added duration , currentTime , seekRange , and metadata. Added targetLatency to time events. When playing live streams, the player will adjust playbackRate to meet the latency target. Improved stream type detection for Yospace streams, which often contain query string parameters after the file extension.

Reduced fatal player errors caused by user agents represented as Safari that are really Chrome. Fixes Fixed an issue causing the player to buffer indefinitely instead of erroring when all levels in an HLS manifest Known Issues Due to a bug in 8. Instead, we will update it off schedule, on or before 8. We apologize for any inconvenience. Changed release cadence of the Biannual channel from updating to the latest version every six months to updating to a six month old version every six months.

This allows Biannual channel to run a much older version for longer, and offers greater rollback options, as the other channels often are running similar versions. Updates Added a new configuration option, horizontalVolumeSlider , that when optionally set to true, makes the volume slider appear horizontally, below the scroll bar, instead of above it.

Fixes Fixed an accessibility issue where pressing the escape key while in the captions styling menu did not close the settings menu as expected. Fixed an issue in Chrome where audio tracks were not appearing in the settings menu as expected. Fixed an issue where after a mid-roll ad is played, duplicate captions tracks appeared to be available in the captions menu.

Fixed an issue in Safari where captions on HLS streams did not function properly after ad breaks. Fixed a bug preventing the player from automatically advancing to the next item in a playlist when controls: false is defined in the setup configuration. New Features Added a new configuration option to the advertising block, adTagParameters , an object, which supports custom parameter key value pairs with the DAI ad client.

Added fallback support for Norwegian automated player translation. In addition to no , which is already supported, the player will now recognize html tag lang attributes of nn or nb as Norwegian as well. To customize text, please use the no object inside of the internationalization block regardless of which code is used in the page's lang attribute.

Fixes Fixed a bug causing previous videos' captions tracks to accumulate in the menu rather than clear between videos. Fixed an issue occurring on mobile browsers preventing the player from floating until scrolling stops. Fixed a bug preventing Y-tag ID3 metadata from firing. Fixed a bug preventing all players on the page besides the first one from casting. Fixed a bug where the focus was lost after pressing enter on the settings menu in Safari. Fixed an issue preventing some Akamai live HLS streams from properly failing over.

The issue is not exclusive to JW Player. We have confirmed the bug on multiple devices including a Pixel 3 running Chrome 87 on Android See you in ! Fixes Fixed a bug causing the first frame of the video to appear before the preroll on iOS Safari. Fixed a bug causing different ad text messages to overlap in right to left languages at smaller breakpoints.

Fixed an issue on Tizen devices where controls did not hide when the settings menu is open. Added a new method, jwplayer. Added a new method, getPercentViewable , which takes no arguments and returns the visibility attribute from the player's model.

Added support for DRM robustness. Fixed an issue where ads may fail on the JW recommendations playlists when ad preloading is configured. The player will no longer recognize or render videos as expected, though the videos will still play. On Tizen devices, HLS streams intermittently result in a black screen. You can return to the previous page, but the stream doesn't play and just emit a buffer warning. On Tizen devices, controls do not hide when the settings menu is open will be fixed in 8.

Fixed a bug causing too many ID3 metadata events to fire. Fixed a bug where captions caused the browser tab to freeze. Worked around a bug in Chrome 85 preventing videos from being cast. Fixed an issue causing inaccurate video completion data be sent to Google Ads Manager.

Fixed a bug causing some HLS live streams to infinitely buffer. Improved the message read aloud by a screen reader when the keyboard shortcuts toggle is selected. Added the name of the menu the user will go back to if they leave a captions styling menu when using a screen reader. Fixed an issue causing some HLS streams to buffer infinitely in Chrome 74 and below.

Fixed a bug where a linear ad will not play if loaded while a nonlinear ad is displayed. Fixed an issue in the control bar during Google IMA ads on iOS browsers where the fullscreen icon would appear but be unusable because IMA prevents fullscreening during ad playback. The button is now hidden.

Fixed an issue where calling stop disables sound completely when resuming playback on HLS streams. Fixed a bug where some data was not being exposed in the on 'meta' and on 'metadataCueParsed' events. Fixed an issue causing some streams to show an erroneously long duration.

Updates Added a method , setFloating , which starts and stops the player from floating, and getFloating , which returns the current floating status. Added a new configuration option in the floating object, mode , which defaults to notVisible , which is current behavior for floating when the original container would be out of view.

Made some big improvements to the way we do scheduling in the Google IMA client: We now make ad request for each ad break, rather than creating a VMAP for the entire schedule for each playlist item. Deprecated the ability to use the playlistItem event to update an ad schedule. By the time that event fires, the schedule for the playlist item has already been created, so the change does not have an effect. Please use setPlaylistItemCallback to properly update the ad schedule.

Fixes Remediated a browser issue where stream often starts with just audio and no video on IE11 Windows 10 and older versions of Edge. Fixed a bug preventing preloading on Safari desktop and iOS browsers. Fixed a bug causing the wrong audio track to appear selected after the setCurrentAudioTrack is called. Fixed an issue where scrolling to the bottom of a page intermittently triggers the page to jump back to the player. Fixes Fixed an issue causing incorrect emsg messageData to be emitted.

Fixed an issue causing some mid-roll emsg cues to be missed. Fixed a bug where the url to a side-loaded thumbnails track was displayed instead of subtitles when casting. Fixed an issue where an audio-only HLS stream with alternate tracks never buffers or plays. Fixed overlapping right-to-left text displayed over ads in the Google IMA client. Fixed a bug causing captions to not be cleared when going to an ad break on iOS Safari.

Fixed a bug on IE11 where the volume slider could not be used. Fixed an issue where the player errors or gets stuck in an idle state when loading the last playlist item if it is rejected by the async playlist API callback. Fixed a bug where some captions were displayed incompletely on browsers were HLS streams are not rendered natively.

Updates Added support for triggering the on 'meta' and on 'metadataCueParsed' methods based on in-band emsg timed metadata. Fixed a bug causing captions in some DASH streams to abruptly stop displaying. Fixed an issue in the VAST client where the player would not request additional ads after one ad in a pod timed out. Updates Improved compatibility with the AMP framework and quality assurance capabilities of our amp-jwplayer component. To supplement documentation we maintain on amp. Added a configuration option, playlistIndex , which enables a playlist to be loaded and start playback from any item within it, not just the first.

The default of this option is a 0 index. Fixes Fixed a bug preventing captions from working on some live streams. Fixed a problem with Chromecast where captions were not casting. Fixed an issue where the wrong captions track appeared to be selected if both in-manifest and side-loaded captions tracks are present. Known Issues The video-seconds-played trigger listed for configuration in amp-video-analytics does not work properly in this release. This will be fixed in a future release.

All other triggers listed should operate as expected. Updates Core Player Added a new property, cueType , to the addCues event, which adds a custom CSS class that can be used for additional cue styling in the format of. Added a new CSS class. Fixes Core Player Fixed a bug preventing captions from being cast to Chromecast. Fixing an issue occurring in some environments where resuming a stopped live stream turns captions off. Fixed an issue causing some HLS streams to stall when upshifting quality in Edge.

Fixed a bug where captions no longer displayed after ads in Safari. Reduced human error in setting up player bidding on the client side by making the accepted values in advertising. Added case insensitivity to directional AdChoices logo positioning values top, right, left, bottom coming from ad responses.

Before, incorrect casing would always result in a top-left positioned AdChoices logo. Fixed an accessibility bug where Apple Voiceover does not announce the volume slider when focused in Safari. Fixed an accessibility issue where keyboard shortcuts stop working in fullscreen mode after interacting with the time slider. Advertising Fixed an issue in IMA where the on 'adsManager' event returned a null payload instead of the object.

Fixes Core Player Fixed a bug where the player was unable to replay media after it had been completed in some cases. Loading, preloading, ads, and playback of the next playlist item can be blocked until async operation, wrapped in a promise, resolves. Reduced core player library size by 9. Added a new boolean configuration option, loadAndParseHlsMetadata , which can be set to false to disable metadata parsing in Safari, which will lower manifest requests.

Advertising Enabled Prebid. Created a new event, adWarning in the VAST plugin, which fires when a non-fatal ad error occurs that does not prevent fill. Added a new boolean configuration option, withCredentials to the advertising block, which when set to false will make just one ad call, one without credentials. By default, this option is set to true , which explicitly makes ad requests with credentials.

Added support to prioritize ad schedules configured within an individual playlist item over any other ad schedule in Google IMA and Freewheel. Updates Advertising Added support for playlist-level configuration of Freewheel where the freewheel object can now be nested within an individual playlist item object. Added localization support and automated translations for all text in the captions styling menu 26 new fields in all.

Fixes Core Player Fixed a bug in Safari where captions were not displayed after a midroll ad. Fixed an accessibility issue in Firefox where focusing on the player selected the wrong DOM element. Fixed an accessibility issue found in desktop Firefox and Chrome where keyboard shortcuts sometimes stopped working in fullscreen mode after interacting with other elements.

Fixed a bug preventing long lines of captions from wrapping to the next line. Fixed an issue causing style bleeding from the page onto the player version number in the right click menu. Fixed a rare issue where live HLS streams would intermittently freeze when loading on browsers other than Safari.

Fixed a bug in Android Chrome where players with floating configured pins the player to the top of the page and is draggable while in fullscreen mode. Fixed an issue causing the text of the LIVE button to wrap to multiple lines instead of taking up available space in the control bar on large screens when the text is localized to multiple words.

Fixed a typo in a Russian translation. Fixed an issue in Android Chrome where the player received an orange focus ring in fullscreen mode. Fixed an issue where the player remains in playlist mode displaying the next up and more buttons when it is loaded with a single item playlist after being initialized with a playlist of multiple items.

Updates Core Player Added support for viewers to change the way captions are styled from within the settings menu on desktop devices. Automated player translation support for all of the new text introduced in the menus and options will be available in 8. Added a new configuration option, liveSyncDuration , for live HLS streams, which enables players to attempt to start live streams at a specified latency target between seconds instead of the default 25 seconds.

Added an available -list suffix to our playlist item-level macros that will result in the macro replacement not URI encoding commas. Added a new ad rule in the VAST plugin, deferAds , which does not play ads whenever a player is playing in an inactive tab, and resumes on the last unplayed ad when the tab becomes active again. Learn how to configure this rule in our documentation. Improved creative selection in the VAST by using bandwidth estimation to choose a rendition with the most appropriate bitrate when there are multiple options with the same dimensions.

Improved creative selection in the Google IMA plugin by passing bandwidth estimation to the ads manager. Fixes Core Player Fixed an issue where controls did not automatically hide after inactivity on mobile devices. Fixed a bug where the keystrokes expected to enable and disable keyboard shortcuts were not working as expected. Fixed the misalignment of control icons that appear in the middle of the screen on small players. Fixed issues with misaligned vertical and horizontal webVTT captions that use cue positioning.

Fixed an issue in IMA where the player erroneously passed a skip offset value in ad requests, which is supposed to be set by GAM in the ad response. In VAST, skip is set to 1 in the request when skip is defined in the ad schedule, and 0 when it is undefined. Fixes Core Player Fixed a bug where shelf widget UI would change size when the player entered floating state. Advertising Fixed a bug where the player duplicated custom parameters in ad requests when using Google IMA.

Updates Core Player Added the ability to disable keyboard shortcuts via a toggle in the right click menu. This framework introduces major enhancements and efficiency improvements, including mobile CMP support. Fixes Core Player Fixed a bug causing player touch events to register on the element beneath the player in Safari iOS. Fixed a bug that prevented the player from being in focus when playback was initiated via the play button. Fixes Core Player Fixed an issue where a dismissed floating player floats again when scrolling.

Advertising Fixed a bug in VAST that added a skip button to ads that were not configured to be skippable. Added automated translation support for Greek. Added internationalization support for all fields in the keyboard shortcuts menu released in JW8. Improved float on scroll behavior on mobile so that the player sticks to the top when it reaches that position, rather than first scrolling out of view and popping back into place. Also added the ad tag support in Google IMA. Fixes Core Player Fixed a bug causing a black screen during playback of an audio-only mp4, rather than the poster image persisting in the player.

Advertising Fixed a bug in DAI where the player buffered infinitely after resuming playback from a mid-roll. Fixed an issue in Google IMA where custom macros added in the custParams block were not being replaced by the correct values. Updates Core Player Added support for updating aspectratio , width , height , and stretching configuration options via the setConfig API. Advertising Added support for Ad Placement Type placement. The options are: article , banner , feed , floating , interstitial , slider , or instream.

By default, the player will set instream players to instream and outstream players to article. These defaults can be overridden to reflect the appropriate placement type. Added support for displaying VAST icons contained in ad tags. Added support for calling jwplayer. Fixed a bug preventing thumbnails from displaying in the playlist overlay on IE Advertising Fixed an issue causing the wrapped ad tag to not be included in all ad events.

Fixes Core Player Fixed an intermittent issue causing captions to no longer render after seeking. Fixed an issue where resuming a stopped live HLS stream did not display enabled captions automatically in browsers other than Safari. Fixed an issue causing the playlist overlay to flicker and the countdown to be removed when resizing the player between breakpoints.

Advertising Exposed additional metadata about ad creatives in the adImpression and adError events In Google IMA, added duration to the adImpression event Fixed an issue where a Javascript exception to be thrown when all ad tags in an ad pod Fixed an issue where a media time event would fire during an ad break. Fixed an issue where an ad error caused by an invalid root domain would result in an uncaught exception.

Fixes Core Player Fixed a bug where the last visible quality level appears highlighted in the list of all available qualities, instead of the currently selected item. Fixed an issue where HLS streams buffered indefinitely instead of erroring when an internet connection is dropped. Fixed misaligned text in the right click menu and the playlist overlay in right-to-left languages. Fixed issues with playback on mobile devices preventing the video from being panned inline or viewed in fullscreen.

Fixed an issue preventing HLS streams from being cast from the player. Updates Core Player Extended all of the playlist user interface configuration options in the related block to work for all playlists not just those of the JW Player Recommendations product. The next video button remains, and the playlist overlay that appears in between videos is configured separately, via related. Added a new option to related.

This is also now the default value and was already the behavior for all manual playlists. Improved responsiveness of player so that it is resized whenever its parent container is resized. Increased the size of the user interface when a player is larger than px wide breakpoint 7. Decreased the number of icons in the user interface when a player is smaller than px wide and added a new breakpoint -1 to support it. Added support for Program-Date-Time metadata in Safari, making this the preferred method for SSAI and live streaming implementations across all browsers.

Added support for ad pods in an ad schedule using our VAST plugin. When an ad schedule is configured with an array of breaks that all contain the same offset , the player will automatically create a pod and play the ads in succession before returning to the content. Each ad in the pod may have a separate ad tag, and events such as errors will fire separately for each ad. Fixes Core Player Fixed an issue with the autoPause feature where a player also configured to autostart with volume muted will not automatically resume playing when brought back into view if the video has already been umuted by the viewer.

Fixed a bug where the horizontal volume knob appeared when dragging the seek slider. Fixed an issue where the next up display did not appear on Recommendations playlist feeds. Fixed a bug that prevented social media sharing in the player. Advertising Improved user experience by fixing an issue where the ads mode UI would appear briefly before content playback when only a mid-roll ad was scheduled. Added support for sending events to Google Analytics custom trackers. Added automatic player localization support for Occitan and Slovenian.

Made the tabbing behavior in and out of the volume slider consistent to improve accessibility. Improved auto pause behavior so that it is consistent across devices. Added the ability to configure nextupoffset to display the next up overlay at a specified percent of the way through the video, rather than at a fixed number of seconds from the beginning or end of the video. Fixes Core Player Fixed an issue on iOS causing playback errors code when reopening Safari after navigating away from the app.

Fixed an issue preventing related. Fixed an issue causing captions to appear too high in fullscreen in Safari on devices running iOS. Fixed a bug where the settings button did not appear in the control bar if audio tracks was the only menu available. Fixed an issue causing manual quality selection to revert to Auto in between changing text tracks on DASH streams.

Advertising Fixed a bug causing ad cues to disappear from the timeline when toggling controls with the setControls method. Fixed ad errors occurring when the MIME type of an ad creative differed from the type of the video content. Fixed an issue preventing fallback ads when fallbackOnNoAd is set to true.

Updates Core Player Improved float-on-scroll responsiveness with more precise player visibility detection. Updates Core Player Added a next up notification to small players. Advertising In the VAST plugin, filtered out 3gpp creatives due to lack of codec support in some environments. Fixed an issue in the IMA plugin where programmatically calling skipAd before an ad becomes skippable would not skip the ad, but cause the media to start playing in the background.

Updated the following Ad Error codes to better reflect the root causes of the error: is now Creative timeout is now No ads response is now VPAID general error is now Request for MP4 creative returns a is now Request for HLS creative returns a Fixes Core Player Fixed an issue causing the player to infinitely buffer when resuming after a stopping a live stream with separate audio tracks. Fixed a bug where the captions menu was removed when casting with Chrome unless captions were enabled prior to casting for manifests with sideloaded VTT captions.

Fixed an issue making captions unavailable when casting if chapter tracks are also present in the feed. Fixed a Javascript exception when a Chromecast session errors. Fixed style bleeding on some menus that may appear on sites with global ul styles.

Updates Core Player Made security improvements to input handling. Added a tooltip over the play and pause icons to improve accessibility. Fixes Core Player Fixed an issue where stalled live HLS streams were not entering the buffer state or emitting buffer events. Fixed an issue where players in iframes configured to float would minimize in the iframe instead of the containing page.

Floating is not supported in players set up in iframes. Fixed an issue causing a floating player to not always be the topmost item on the page. Fixed incorrect styling of the Chromecast button. Fixed a bug causing the right click menu to be too large. Fixes Core Player Fixed an issue causing the floating player to go back to its original location on complete of each playlist item. Skipping to the next video by clicking a thumbnail or the next up button was unaffected.

Updates Core Player Added a new object, floating , which keeps the player visible when the original player location is scrolled out of view by minimizing it to the bottom right corner of the screen and the top of the page in portrait mode on small screens. Viewers cannot hide the floating player and send it back to its original location when floating. Learn more about floating in our documentation.

Removed a previously undocumented configuration option, floatOnScroll , which was available for a beta version of the floating player. Please use the new floating block above. Added the ability for the viewer to drag and reposition the floating player anywhere on the screen. Dragging is disabled during ad playback. Learn more about autopause in our documentation. Added support for CMAF format streams across all browsers.

URLs for other domains or for ad tags must be fully resolved in the setup configuration. Improved the user experience by retaining the paused state after a viewer seeks while paused. Developers who have worked around this in the past by calling pause on seek no longer need to use the API, but anyone who wishes to resume playback automatically after a seek event now must call play. Improved clarity by hiding the settings menu gear icon in the control bar if the only submenu option is also a shortcut icon in the control bar, which applies to sharing and captions.

Added a volume slider to control bar only players, which is used to play audio. Added support for all playlists to use our recommendations user interfaces by setting related. Read more about this option in the configuration reference. The default interface for playlists that are not generated through our recommendations product remains as overlay. Removed the localization option, playlist , which localized the tooltip text, overlay heading, and aria-label HTML attribute of a playlist overlay.

To customize this text, please use related. Added a shortcut to sharing in the right click menu. Added automatic localization support for six new languages: Russian, Indonesian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Finnish. Check our support article for a full list of the 21 supported languages and to submit a request for additional languages. Fixes Core Player Fixed a typo in the French translation of the word share. Fixed a bug where chapter markers are not displayed if there is a mid-roll ad break using the Google IMA client.

Updates Core Player Improved the casting experience by starting a casted DVR stream at the live edge instead of at the beginning of the stream. Fixes Core Player Fixed an issue where custom right click text was not appearing when the player was automatically localized. Fixed a bug that caused a javascript exception when exiting fullscreen by pressing the escape key. Fixed an issue causing the play icon on small click-to-play players to spin when clicked. Fixed an issue in Safari where clicking on the rewind button during a live stream with DVR would seek back inconsistently, instead of ten seconds.

Fixes Core Player Fixed an issue where screen readers did not read the mute button correctly. Fixed an issue in Safari when using the left and right arrow hotkeys to seek where screen readers did not announce the seek if there were multiple players on the page. Improved ads accessibility by not fading controls when using the keyboard to navigate and ensuring the skip button is in the correct tab order from left to right.

Note that due to third-party limitations, ads rendered in iframes and through the Google IMA plugin may not be accessible. Fixed a bug where the settings menu would be displayed in the idle state if it was opened via a load API call. Fixed an issue where timeline thumbnails and chapter cue points did not display on touch devices when dragging to seek. Fixed an issue where sharing.

Updates Core Player Added a new property to meta events, metadataType , which indicates the type of metadata available in the event. Possible values are: media , program-date-time , id3 , date-range , scte , and unknown. Added a new event metadataCueParsed which is triggered once the metadata cue point is buffered. Localization Added automated localization support for Hebrew.

Improved readability, punctuation, and string concatenation for all right-to-left languages, including Arabic and Hebrew. Accessibility Added screen reader support to announce the video position changes when using the left and right arrow keyboard shortcuts while not focused on the timeline element. Added screen reader support to announce volume changes when using the up and down arrow keyboard shortcuts while not focused on the volume slider element.

Improved volume keyboard accessibility by separating the mute icon from the volume slider. Now, when a user tabs to the mute icon, hitting enter will mute or unmute the player. Tabbing out of the mute icon, the volume slider will appear and can be controlled. Tabbing out of the volume slider will hide the slider and move focus to the next focusable icon. Resolved an issue in which alternate audio tracks may not be detected for HLS streams when no video codec is specified in the manifest.

Advertising Fixed an issue where the player fell back to the very first standalone ad in an ad tag even if there is a standalone ad directly after a pod item. This occurred in cases where the "fallbackOnNoAd" attribute is set to true and the pod item failed to play. VAST 4. Developers may also declare a two-letter ISO language in advertising. Fixed an issue where the error screen was still present after calling.

Advertising Fixed an issue in Google IMA where content did not background load during a pre-roll on an autostarting player. Fixed broken countdown timers in some ads when vpaidcontrols was set to true. Fixed a bug in Freewheel causing the adPlay event to fire twice on mobile devices. Changed focus behavior so that focus remains on the fullscreen icon when entering and exiting fullscreen. Improved responsive scaling of the shelf widget when using the selector configuration option to decouple the width of the player from the width of the widget.

Fixed an issue where players in iframes autostarted out of the viewport when autostart: 'viewable' was set. Fixed an issue with paused DVR streams in Safari where the player would seek to the live edge when a viewer scrubbed to a specific position. Fixed an issue where pausing and resuming a live stream with captions would cause the captions to no longer be in sync with the video.

Advertising Fixed an issue with ad frequency rules in the VAST and Google IMA plugins causing audio from a playlist item to play over the next playlist item when used with the playlistItem event. Fixed an issue in Google IMA where an exception was thrown when an ad times out in an ad pod. Added specific error codes for cases where an attempt to start playback fails.

Reduced player setup errors by extending the setup timeout from 30 to 60 seconds. Created a new warning event that displays messages in the developer console, alerting developers of non-fatal errors.. Note: Documentation updates about these changes are coming soon. Updated the name of the Chromecast button component from button to google-cast-launcher to reflect changes made by Google to be compatible with React.

Added a new configuration option, displayPlaybackLabel , which adds click-to-play call to action text below the play icon on the idle screen. Added non-fatal, console-logged warning events and error codes. See our Errors Reference for updates. Added a new div , which wraps the player's existing DOM structure, in order to make way for upcoming features. Localization For more information on the release note below, please see the Configuration Reference and the support article on how to translate player text with automated player localization.

Added support for players to automatically translate tooltips, ARIA labels, and headings into 14 different languages, based on the language attribute declared in the HTML tag on the page. For a full list of languages supported and to request support for another language, please see the support article.

Introduced a new object, the intl block, which accepts an array of objects of ISO language codes. Each language object accepts all the localization strings previously used in localization. Going forward, developers are encouraged to use the intl block so that a single player can be used across pages localized in any language.

All hard-coded strings are now mapped to localizable strings. Moved the following fields into the intl block so that they can be localized by language: abouttext , advertising. The commercial build is versioned at 7. This is configured by setting a "preload" value of "metadata", "auto" or "none" in the setup options. If no value is set, the player will default to "meta". For html5 playback this maps to the video tag's preload attribute. The commercial build is available at these locations.

This patch deals specifically with Flash playback issues caused by Chrome's Power Save feature. The player UI now hides when in a throttled state, displaying only the swf object element. Clicking on the throttled "play" button or right clicking and selecting "Run Flash" resumes playback from where it left off. We have not yet dealt with handing Chrome's Power Saving impact on audio only players Two work-arounds are available - self host the jwplayer.

The latter will be the default behavior for audio only players in 7. Skip to content. Star 2. Releases Tags. JW Player 7.

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