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bozzio levin stevens spiral guitar pro torrent

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Pure relaxation and finesse. Levin, Bozzio, and Stevens play off of one another precisely as one mind. It stretches nicely into an up beat jam of hot acoustic guitar work that finally sails away. I find my headbanging ways slippin' up on me from behind. I heard that "E7 breakdown" from Hendrix's "Midnight" on War Heroes and then a very jazzy boogie in classic Frank Marino style is laid down. Stevens is a guitarist with a wide range of dynamics and "feels" in one song but he always brings you solidly back home to that original foundational rock.

I can't say I've ever come across an album like this with such diversity and it clearly "nails it" for me. I have to confess I am one nit-picky reviewer yet I hope to hear more from this power trio. I'm glad to have "discovered" Steve Stevens. Bozzio and Levin have been well recognized and praised for years. This collaboration was excellent!! Great job guys. Review by Mellotron Storm Prog Reviewer. I'll give a brief blurb on each track. It's so enjoyable and laid back. Flamenco guitar too.

Bass and drums only before 3 minutes. Some voice samples as it changes. It's heavy again after 4 minutes. The tempo picks up before 6 minutes as they let it rip. It's reserved but powerful. Just a pleasure to listen to this. It settles with chunky bass. More killer guitar later.

Easily 4 stars for this instrumental album. It settles after 2 minutes with what sounds like guitar synth. Sounds like bowed bass to follow then the guitar takes over. Bass starts to lead as intricate guitar and drums also join in. It picks up before 7 minutes and some nice heavy guitar follows. Okay that was lame. Gorgeous stuff. Some Chapman Stick here too. Very powerful and so uplifting at the same time. It kicks in after 2 minutes as Bozzio puts on a show.

The bass and drums lead after 4 minutes then the guitar joins in. It settles back after 6 minutes. This song is a tribute to Spanish fly. Okay I made that up but it is Spanish. Ripping guitar follows. Incredible tune. A solid 4 stars. I really enjoy this album. Review by snobb Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator.

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bozzio levin stevens spiral guitar pro torrent


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The bass and drums lead after 4 minutes then the guitar joins in. It settles back after 6 minutes. This song is a tribute to Spanish fly. Okay I made that up but it is Spanish. Ripping guitar follows. Incredible tune. A solid 4 stars. I really enjoy this album. Review by snobb Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator. Possibly there is no reason to discuss, is it fusion or not. At least it is instrumental rock with jazz fusion, heavy rock and some progressive sound elements for sure.

And the problem is not heaviness itself, but that heaviness is almost main ingredient. Plenty of metallic guitar ok, there are some slow guitar pieces and even flamenco as well , energetic drumming in hard rock tradition, some stereotype heavy rock sounds. All these components destroy some positive elements, presented on this recordings. Interesting, that during listening it looks every next moment or next song will be something not such straightforward heavy rock, but it never happens.

The main alternative to that bombing on your head is numerous pop-rock instrumental pieces. Happily musicians all are competent, so common sound as minimum is professional. I can hardly imagine jazz fusion lover enjoying with this album, but instrumental heavy pop-rock lovers for sure will find many pleasant moments there. Around 2,5. You know what? Situation Dangerous definitely didn't disappoint in that department! The energy rush that I've got while listening to the intro track Dangerous for the first time just can't be described in words.

Still to this day I consider this track to be a true masterpiece of progressive rock music. There is just so much great material jammed into that one composition. Starting with the energetic intro which transforms into delicate interplay between the participants and finishing it all off with one great outro. The rest of the album contains a great deal of amazing jamming and soloing but the compositions aren't always as memorable as the mesmerizing album opener.

Most of the time I don't mind that and just zoom in my attention on the great interaction between the artists involved here. I find that Tony Levin and Terry Bozzio are the ones who keep this album interesting for me from start to finish because the guitar jamming does get a bit tiresome halfway through. Tziganne is a Spanish influenced tune that I, in most cases, could have done without but the members, once again, manage to outshine the source material with their intricate and skillful playing.

This almost makes me believe that they could turn any type of music into a spectacular extravaganza! Overall it's a great instrumental jam-album to chill out to especially if you are fond of the members of this supergroup power trio. So what if the compositions aren't that memorable, just enjoy the layers upon layers of this skillful performance.

Following that is "Dark Corners", a sond that could have been on Crimson's "Red". Stevens shines on acoustic guitar on the Spanish-flavored "Duende". Although the music is mostly improvised, there are quite a few twists and turns, mostly done flawlessly.

I highly recommend this to any hard rock fusion fan. The music is obviously created while jamming in the studio but unlike other jam session albums this one really seems to work for me. The album is fully instrumental. Both Tony Levin and Terry Bozzio create some great rythms and Levin provides the powerful and colourful notes for Steve Stevens to play over.

I would never have thought that someone like him could play so many challenging and beautiful notes. The songs that remind me most of King Crimson are Dark Corners and Falling In Circles while the latin and mostly acoustic Duende is a nice melodic break. The opener The Sun Road is a great minute long jam with lots of great sections. The most jazzy track here is the title track which has a jazzy beginning and a beautiful and fast played guitar climax.

The musicianship is excellent and if these songs are invented while in the studio they are pretty impressive. Stevens then took the tapes for five days to overdub some effects and a few extra guitar, guitar-synth and electric sitar lines. For the most part, though, Black Light Syndrome is a live in the studio jam session with three excellent musicians. The songs were composed in one of two ways: the trio worked out some guideposts and improvised their way from one to the next, or simply let the creative juices flow as they may.

Two songs fall into the latter category and, interestingly, they feature Stevens on Flamenco guitar on "Duente" and a jazzy acoustic guitar on "Book of Hours. The remaining songs are generally oriented to the electric guitar. I do not know if the songs are presented in the order they were recorded, but certainly the chemistry among the three musicians seems to improve as the disc proceeds.

The high point, for me, was "Falling in Circles. Stevens' killer chops run the range from bluesy riffs to swirling "the UFOs are landing" metal licks. Bozzio is an outstanding drummer and I particularly liked his cymbal work. Levin simply demonstrates why he is one of the most respected and in-demand session bassists in the business today. Regardless of whether you classify Black Light Syndrome as instrumental rock or progressive rock, I think you'll find it hard to deny that something wonderful happened when these three musicians entered the studio together.

The Sun Road 2. Dark Corners 3. Duende 4. Black Light Syndrome 5.

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