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Subscribe to our Newsletter. Recent Popular. Global experts call for action to leverage the potential of non-wood forest products for Europe's green economy. Businesses gather in Barcelona to discuss boost for rural economy. Holger Levsen has announced the availability of a maintenance release of Skolelinux 3. It includes more than 40 bug fixes and security updates that came to our attention after the 3. The most notable change is the much improved documentation, especially the Getting Started and Maintenance chapters are much more complete and cover everything which needs to be done to get started.

The translations into German, Norwegian Bokmal and Italian new have been updated. A load-balancing feature is included in the thin client system. Download MD5 : debian-edu If you would like to download an ISO image to install from they are available here. For users of FreeBSD Update due to some last-minute bumps in system libraries, installed third-party applications must be recompiled as per normal for a 'major' upgrade, even if upgrading from an earlier 7.

Download the installation CD images from here: 7. The mepis-config is updated to include a fix for the predefined group memberships for new users, a new KDM theme, and a change to the default package pools to include Debian 'volatile' updates. By user request, ATI driver 8. Please read the complete release announcement for further details.

Astaro has announced the release of Astaro Security Gateway 7. On top of that we now support interface-based packet filter rules, offer a detailed network accounting report and much more. Furthermore you will experience convenience changes and performance improvements. Download : asg Next, there are a few bug fixes. The biggest bug fix is the fact that on many computers 'mountallfs' just hung. Apparently it was the kernel built-in NTFS driver that froze. On certain volumes it refused to read the volume label because it stated the volume was dirty.

I added a parameter to ignore the dirty state so TRK can continue. The third minor bug fix is in VirusScan. Download MD5 : trinity-rescue-kit. A short and incomplete list of changes since 0. New features: added FUN Frugalware Update Notifier , which resides in the user's system tray and notifies if an update is available; added WPA support to the installer.

EnGarde Secure Linux 3. This release includes many updated packages and bug fixes, some feature enhancements to Guardian Digital WebTool and the SELinux policy, and a few new features. What's New? Download MD5 : engarde-community Robert Lange has announced the availability of the third release candidate of VectorLinux 5.

We are almost ready for final. We have updated Firefox, SeaMonkey and the Xfce to their latest. There is new artwork and several new tools to further streamline the user experience. The new tools include an all new control panel and a very easy-to-use WiFi configuration utility. Several bugs have been squashed including the Terminal crash and the shutdown problem.

We also included TuxOnIce to help with laptop stand-by and hibernation problems. We decided with the upgrade to Xfce that we better do a RC3 instead of going straight to final, just in case. SystemRescueCd , a Gentoo-based live CD with hard disk partitioning and data rescue utilities, has been updated to version 0. Download : systemrescuecd-x MoLinux 3. The new version is based on Ubuntu 7. Some of the new features include improved hardware support, data and settings migration assistant, system restore feature, NTFS read and write support, database converter from Microsoft Access to OpenOffice.

For more information please read the full release announcement on the distribution's home page in Spanish. Update : The release has been withdrawn. Denis "Jaromil" Rojo has announced the availability of dyne:bolic 2. This is a major bug-fix release for USB detection, encrypted nesting, international keyboard input, firewire video capture and playback. New software includes DarkIce, Snow, OggFwd and dvgrab for minimalistic command-line streaming receipts.

Updated software includes Blender, Cinelerra and FreeJ. The image. The User's Manual has been completed with more information. New dyne:II core features: it is a multi-user system, private data can be encrypted; can boot from CD, network and USB stick, perfect for thin clients; it's modular, so you can easily add and combine.

Download : dyne From the changelog : " Updated pciutils to 2. Karanbir Singh has announced the release of CentOS 5. All upstream repositories have been combined into one, to make it easier for end users to work with. And the option to further enable external repositories at install time is now available in the installer. This is the first release where we are also publishing a special 'netinstall' ISO image that can be used to start a remote install.

Download : CentOS Some changes have been introduced since rc2 related to NTP fix ntp user with ntpdate , Squid upgraded to 2. Update is split into two parts to accommodate free space limitation related to the numerous new packages added since the recent releases. A way to recover some free spaces has been created, allowing to select one of the two 'kernel type' installed. Most of the work has been made on bug fixes and update interface changes.

Download MD5 : ipcop Ubuntu Muslim Edition , an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution enhanced with Islamic software, has been updated to version 7. This version has exactly the same features as the 7. Download MD5 : ubuntuME Steve Langasek has announced the first alpha release of Ubuntu 8. The Hardy Heron Tribe 1 is the first alpha release of Ubuntu 8. The feature list for 8. While much is yet to be decided for 8. Download MD5 : hardy-desktop-i The most interesting change is the fact that this release is no longer based on openSUSE, as was the case with the project's all previous releases, but on Mandriva Linux Please read the release announcement in Portuguese for further information and known issues.

The most significant new feature in this version is the "works out-of-the-box" philosophy, with common audio and video codecs, ATI and NVIDIA proprietary video drivers, and files enabling full support for Russian throughout the system, all provided as an integral part of the package. Also included is a graphical system administration utility that allows users of all skill levels to be instantly productive.

Read the press release and visit the product pages both links in Russian for further details. There is one more release candidate planned, which will be followed by the release unless a major show-stopper issue crops up during testing. The ports folks are getting very close to finishing up the release package builds for a couple of the architectures. I'm planning to fiddle a bit with figuring out the disc1 and disc2 package sets that we will be trying to provide as part of the final release.

Turbolinux has announced the final release of Turbolinux 11 Server, a commercial Linux distribution designed for mid-range enterprises, with long-term support. Some of the features include: improved performance and security with the incorporation of the Tomoyo Linux security system; incorporation of the Zend Framework for building PHP-based web applications; inclusion of an enterprise-class load balancing software; long-term maintenance support, including security updates and service packs for the period of 3 or 5 years; advanced diagnosis of hardware compatibility for companies migrating from Windows or Solaris; improved system interoperability with Microsoft products.

Please read the press release and visit the product page both links in Japanese for more details. Download MD5 : truebsd Technalign has announced the final release of Pioneer Linux 3. The workstation uses a live CD that allows the end user to test the workstations before installation.

Pioneer Renegade and Pioneer Explorer are both community editions to test changes before they are made to Basic. X and 4. Users may select KDE 3 or 4, providing the ability to test and use 4. Another notable correction has been the network interface under system tools identifying the release has been corrected.

Download : Basic The Elive development team has announced the release of Elive 1. The big change is the switch to the greatly anticipated new version of Enlightenment Users can now get themes, backgrounds and animated icons from get-e. Here is an excerpt from the changelog: audio - multiple simultaneous sound sources; aMSN - better configuration system; login sound changed; some applications updated; option to install other window managers KDE, GNOME, etc and have them available in the login manager directly; option to install applications and have them show directly on the menus; boot from external devices Robert Shingledecker has announced the third release candidate for Damn Small Linux 4.

Shift Linux 0. Based on Morphix Linux, Shift is Debian-based live CD; therefore it has access to all of the software and applications as other Debian distributions. Several editions of Shift Linux have been developed to produce for computers with lighter or more robust hardware configurations. The sixth update release provides additionally supported and updated drivers, an updated kernel with new features version 2.

There have been many improvements since Alpha 1 was released. The main focus was on bug fixes and updates. There are still some unfinished aspects of 3. There have been around a hundred packages updated to the latest available stable version. One of the new features you will notice in Alpha 2 is the graphical login named Slim. A new version of Myah's xconf program will help auto detect video settings at boot-up. This means Alpha 2 will auto detect your best video settings and bring you into a graphical state of Myah OS.

For those with newer ATI cards, the new 'radeonhd' driver is included and works well. It is based on FreeBSD 6. It has improved start-up scripts, backup and restore scripts, and it also includes a unique feature - the option to activate and de-activate the NVIDIA drivers on the fly. Thanks to the DesktopBSD project, a new graphical installer has been added. The DVD includes wireless support even in live mode and all packages have been upgraded to the latest versions: X.

MoLinux is an Ubuntu-based distribution maintained by the regional government of Castilla la Mancha in Spain. A new beta release, now based on Ubuntu 7. Visit the distribution's home page in Spanish to read the release announcement. A new beta release of m0n0wall 1. However, it also has higher hardware requirements. Some of the most important new features include: improved compatibility with newer hardware thanks to the more up-to-date kernel; new version of OpenOffice.

Please read the release announcement in Spanish for further details. Download MD5 : guadalinex-v4. Download the CD image via BitTorrent: parallelknoppix Technalign has announced the availability of a release candidate for Pioneer Linux 3. The current final release candidates all use KDE, which has a simpler interface for Windows users to transition to Pioneer.

It is expected that Renegade will be released early next week with a GNOME interface to meet the community demand for a different interface. No decisions have been made as of yet to include the GNOME desktop as a basic offering wrapped with support. Besides Pioneer Basic, release candidates for Pioneer Explorer 1. Heiko Zuerker has announced the release of Devil-Linux 1. The changes include lots of program updates, added missing iptables modules, Linux kernel 2.

Read the release announcement and changelog for more information. Download MD5 from here: devil-linux One interesting point of the announcement is the author's frustration over the quality of KDE 4, expressing strong doubts about the suitability of KDE 4. It looks like whatever will be released or presented at the event which was fixed by the sponsor to happen in January will be only used by very early adopters.

Hopefully openSUSE Our fourth release concentrates on X. While the last two months have been pretty turbulent in Debian sid with X. The developers of Bluewhite64 Linux, a Slackware-based distribution for bit processors, have announced the availability of a new "miniLive" edition of their product: " I have the joy of announcing Bluewhite64 Download: bluewhite The Pardus development team has released Pardus Linux Download This update includes the following enhancements: new kernel features including ability to disable out-of-memory killer; driver updates and additions; Samba upgrade to 3.

Pie Box Enterprise Linux 4 is aimed at people who need a stable OS with a long lifespan but don't want an expensive bundled support contract. The second beta release of FreeNAS 0. Changes and bug fixes in this release: set correct sysid when formating disks with FAT32 and ext2; enable user to set volume label when formating disk using ext2; refactor API for better maintenance and feature enhancement; upgrade PHPMailer to 2. Marco Ghirlanda has announced the release of ArtistX 0. ArtistX is based on the Debian Live initiative and includes the 2.

Musix 1. English is now the default boot language and new features were added, for instance: automount of CDs, DVDs and USB storage devices, or the 'install' boot argument. This new version may be obtained from our download page, additionally users who are running version 1. Michael Verret has announced the release of the "Live" edition of Zenwalk Linux 4. New or improved features of Zenwalk Live include automatic wide-screen resolution adjustments, the ability to read and write to the NTFS file system, a LiloFix GUI tool, wireless free drivers and much, much more.

This release also comes complete with enhanced localization and user guides translated into more languages than ever before so that you feel right at home, no matter where you are as you learn all of its features and just what this thing can really do for you. Weighing in at under MB, this baby packs a punch! Download : zenwalk-live This release includes the following enhancements: availability of a full set of updated installable CD ISO with OS package updates and install-time support for new hardware; availability of updated Extras ISO images with third party package updates.

Clement Lefebvre has announced the final release of Linux Mint 4. What makes Daryna ideal for the desktop? Download MD5 : LinuxMint It comes on a single CD, is easily installed, and user friendly. BLAG sugarwater is a new series with a new base F7 and many new applications. Read the complete release announcement for further details. Download : BLAG Download : dsl Additionally the T2 7. StartCom Linux is using the latest in open source technology and with its known stability, reliability and security allows for mission-critical server deployments.

This update release provides improved support for virtualization - the running of multiple instances of operating systems on one physical hardware unit. Ken VanDine has announced the first alpha release of Foresight Linux 2. This alpha is not meant for full-time use, but does offer a preview of Foresight Linux's 2. Foresight Linux 2.

Foresight Linux 1. Download : foresight This release candidate has several bug fixes and other changes since the previous release candidate - RC3. Download : icd. While you may think it's better than rc6, it may have more issues. By the way, it's using KDE 3. Moreover I've fixed many bugs in Linux-Live scripts, but my fixes may introduce other problems. So here you have several ISO files with Slax 6 rc7.

Please test the speed of the system with different block sizes and let me know in case you believe I should not use the preferred block size of kB. Download: slaxkb. Robert Lange has announced the first release candidate of VectorLinux 5. We should not be to far away from a final at this point.

We want to be looking at the overall usability of this release and where we can make improvements in the user experience. This includes squashing remaining bugs and improving the package mix. We improved on the artwork subject to discussion and added a few software selections to balance the usability.

We did some major code clean-ups to the init system and udev for faster boot-up and shut-down speeds. The development team is very pleased with this release we think you will be too. Fedora 8 has been released: " Announcing the release of Fedora 8 Werewolf. This release includes significant new versions of many key components and technologies.

The third release candidate of pfSense a small, FreeBSD-based firewall is out and ready for testing: " 1. Download : pfSense The RHEL 5. The paldo live CD now comes with an easy-to-use graphical installer which will install 2 GB of up-to-date software on your system in a few minutes. The new paldo 1. This version features a new GDM theme and default desktop background. There is also a server and a media center version available via network installation.

Download : paldo-live-cd-xstable. The sidux project has announced the second preview release of sidux , a Debian-based live CD with the KDE desktop: " It is time to continue the preview season with our second preview heading towards our fourth sidux release, concentrating on further X.

Further efforts have been invested into an advanced USB installation, kernel stabilisation and live persistency framework. Various updates, fixes and adaptions have been applied to the complete package list and a lot of translation and localisation related endeavours were started to improve the situation for our non English or German speaking users.

Download MD5 : sidux Clement Lefebvre has announced the first beta release of Linux Mint 4. The packages are safely up to date and the kernel is the Gutsy Gibbon kernel 2. Mint applications: mintInstall, mintUpdate new , mintAssistant new. Minted versions of Firefox, Sunbird. Denis "Jaromil" Rojo has announced the release of an updated version of dyne:bolic , a live CD with a collection of multimedia software: " Dyne.

What's new in 2. Ekiga has been moved out, but the Iaxcomm and Kiax phone applications Asterisk native protocol are pre-configured to work with Blasterisk, the experimental i ndymedia telephone service - just press hash. Upgraded software includes X.

On a related note, the first beta build of FreeBSD 6. That has been fixed and the 6. Both contain the same software as the 1-CD installation editions from the launch time. The live system can be used as a production system or as a rescue system.

Or you can just check out how openSUSE The live CDs are available as bit in English only and for the first time they contain an installation option on the desktop. Just click the icon and installation to your hard drive will start. Daryna is using Gutsy's package base kernel 2. What's new in Daryna? With mintUpdate you can now get automatic updates without compromising the stability of your system.

A new frontend to mintInstall now allows you to search the portal directly from your desktop. Compiz Fusion. Download via BitTorrent: LinuxMint We skipped 0. Majors changes: upgrade fusefs-ntfs to 1. Paul Sherman has announced the first beta release of Absolute Linux The base system, utilities and integration are actually superior to anything in the New X. IceWM recompiled with changes.

Updated several utilities. Download : absolute The first development preview of Indiana , the eagerly anticipated OpenSolaris-based operating system for the desktop, is ready for download and testing: " I'm very pleased to announce that the first milestone of Project Indiana is now available - called OpenSolaris Developer Preview.

This is an xbased live CD install image, containing some new and emerging OpenSolaris technologies. Download the live CD image from here: in-preview. We remain proud of OpenBSD's record of more than ten years with only two remote holes in the default install. As in our previous releases, 4. Install and upgrade process changes: new install method - for the most popular architectures, the FTP sites have a MB install ISO file, which contains the base set, permitting non-network installs; allow the specification of an NTP server during installation.

Improved hardware support, including native Serial ATA support The "Mini" edition of GoblinX 2. StartCom Ltd. Today an updated version of this superb operating systems has been released. The enhanced usability of the desktop applications, in addition to various audio and video players, makes the StartCom MultiMedia Edition an excellent choice for the home desktop computer.

A new design and the advanced 3D OpenGL driven effects offer some real computing fun, while a TV, video and file streaming server and client make sharing of music and video throughout the local network a snap. More outstanding applications like Cinelerra, Rosegarden, Audacity and many, many sound manipulating effect tools, synthesizers, samplers, sequencers round the picture.

Highlights include: improved hardware driver support Linux 2. Upgrades from version 2. Download MD5 from here: community The sidux development team has announced that the first preview release of sidux is now ready for testing: " After quite some delays from our planned schedule, due to X. As usual the previews are shipping only as a small, but fully functional, 'KDE-lite' flavour, to ease up testing and xdelta uploads and will be accompanied by MB 'KDE-full' variants for the final release.

Org probing, finally amd64 compatible; new USB 'fromiso' installer; new artwork Download : antiX-M7. Dave Roberts has announced the release of Vyatta 3. The Vyatta software combines router, firewall, and VPN capabilities into an integrated solution that delivers twice the performance of proprietary network solutions at half the price. As the third major release, Vyatta Community Edition 3 adds a number of changes and enhancements, including: IPSec VPN - Vyatta now supports dedicated site-to-site branch-to-branch or branch-to-HQ virtual private networking and supports the most widely used cryptographic algorithms.

BGP scaling and security enhancements - improved BGP scaling provides faster routing convergence with many peers. Download : vyatta-livecd-vc3. An updated version of SystemRescueCd , a specialist, Gentoo-based mini distribution designed for disk partitioning and data rescue tasks, is out. From the changelog : " Updated ntfs-3g to 1. This system is based on Ubuntu 7. Download: pud A new development release of Endian Firewall is ready for download and testing: " The Endian Team is glad to announce a new release of the Endian Firewall Community version 2.

The result of over a year of development is an enhanced and polished Endian Firewall release, network security has never been so powerful and easy. Patrick Verner has announced the release of Parted Magic 1. Updated packages: Linux kernel 2. I added all i keymaps from kbd. A few people asked for PhotoRec and it was added. Added support to name the location of the Parted Magic Squashfs in the syslinux.

Some other bug fixes and script changes as well. Download : pmagic Clement Lefebvre has announced the availability of the first beta release of Linux Mint 4. And a new frontend to mintInstall now allows you to search the portal directly from your desktop. An updated release, version 1. Its principal features include: Linux kernel 2. For more information please read the complete release announcement in Spanish.

Download: trisguel Jeremiah Cheatham has announced the first alpha release of Myah OS 3. This first alpha release has been very carefully put together. The only thing really missing so far is the graphical installer, which is under construction. This release is a live CD that includes package utilities and all development tools. Myah OS uses its package management suite designed to be simple and fast. Myah is designed to be a full-featured distro, with at least 1 or 2 applications for every need.

Xfce 4. Myah will also handle all of your multimedia needs. Change log: upgraded kernel from 2. Ryan Finnie has announced the release of Finnix Finnix is a small, self-contained, bootable Linux CD distribution for system administrators, based on Debian testing. Finnix After much delay, Finnix Download MD5 : finnix Fabio Erculiani has announced the release of Sabayon Linux 1.

Download : Sabayon-x Robert Lange has announced the second beta release of VectorLinux 5. This addresses most of the issues and bugs found in the beta1 release. We have also updated to the Slackware Current tree so many applications and libraries were updated, including X.

We have added some new artwork and applications to improve on the user experience. Everything in this release has been rebuilt from the ground up, resulting in greater speed and stability. Because the people who support the ports for FreeBSD also need to go through a freeze cycle as part of releases we had decided to combine the two releases to try and minimize the impact on the ports maintainers. Jani Monoses has announced the final release of Kiwi Linux 7.

Modifications to Ubuntu 7. Download : kiwi Ubuntu Studio 7. With this release Ubuntu Studio offers a pre-made selection of packages, targeted at audio, video and graphics users. Ubuntu Studio greatly simplifies the creation of Linux-based multimedia workstations. Quite possibly the most requested feature for Ubuntu Studio 7. In addition, the Ubuntu Studio team has endeavored to include all of our packages in the standard Ubuntu repositories.

With Ubuntu Studio 7. Download MD5 : ubuntustudio Ken VanDine has announced the release of Foresight Linux 1. Foresight Linux is a Linux distribution that features a rolling release schedule, a revolutionary package manager, the latest GNOME desktop environment and an innovative set of excellent, up to date packages.

PackageKit is a system designed to make installing and updating software on your computer easier. The primary design goal is to unify all the software graphical tools used in different distributions, and use some of the latest technology like PolicyKit to make the process suck less. This release candidate has several bug fixes and other changes since the previous release candidate - RC2. Installation CD images for a large number of architectures are available from the NetBSD mirrors ; quick links to the i and amd64 images: icd.

Fred Emmott has announced the release of Slamd64 Linux Here's a short list of highlights: Linux 2. Slamd64 12 will be supported with security updates for at least the next two releases. Download : slamd Completing the big Ubuntu release day is Xubuntu 7. A new theme, MurrinaStormCloud, using the Murrine Engine so it is faster than the themes in previous releases. The most important software updates in Gutsy are the new Pidgin 2.

Download MD5 : xubuntu Edubuntu 7. This release includes both installation CDs and installable live CDs for several architectures. Highlights of this release: Edubuntu KDE desktop - new meta package for easy setup; improved session management applications; easier installation of educational applications; collaborative editing by default; thin client - LTSP.

The Edubuntu classroom server install builds on the functionality from the previous release, simplifying common Linux classroom server deployment processes. It includes the very latest thin client software, LTSP Desktop, server and server add-on CD images are available for download from these mirrors MD5 : edubuntu The Kubuntu project has announced the final release of Kubuntu 7.

Kubuntu 7. Improved desktop, updated applications and increased usability features are just a few of the surprises with this latest release. The goal for Kubuntu 7. The development team has once again succeeded in reaching their goals, and we are very happy to bring you this new release. We hope you enjoy your Kubuntu 7. Download MD5 : kubuntu Ubuntu 7. Ubuntu has consistently ranked 1 in reviews of security update responsiveness and effectiveness.

The Ubuntu platform is fully certified and supported, making it a secure choice for users looking to explore, deploy and enjoy Linux. Download MD5 : ubuntu Michael K. Johnson has announced the availability of a new alpha release of rPath Linux 2: " The fourth alpha snapshot toward rPath Linux 2 has been released. It is very different from all previous snapshots.

It has been trimmed down into a smaller, more focused, better base for appliances: smaller kernel, smaller group of core software for an installed system. It is available in our new 'appliance installer' format, in which package selection is not enabled and installation is much faster and requires much less memory.

It has a new compiler and toolchain, and has been completely rebuilt from source using the rMake build tool. In addition, it includes newer versions of many included software components. Download SHA1 : rpl-develxdvd1. After the first release candidate of ML This time we published ML Some disturbing file conflicts when installing in languages other than English are fixed with this release.

A few other improvements and some polishing were also done and the StartCom MultiMedia Edition 5 looks better than ever. New scientific applications were also included. These solutions result form using the Debian official packages 'debian-live' and 'debian-cd', making the development of PAIPIX more sustainable in the medium range. Download : paipix-i The project's newest release, version 1. Robert Lange has announced the first beta release of VectorLinux 5.

The 5. This release is based on Slackware 12, which introduces X. Also new is the addition of CruxPorts4Slack and our very own vpackager for easy installation of source packages. This is a beta release but the release candidate is soon to follow after initial peer testing. Barry Kauler has released Puppy Linux 3.

Puppy 3. If you are currently using 3. The purpose of 3. This Puppy 3. I decided to aim for close binary compatibility with Slackware 12, with the objective of being able to install Slackware packages and have all or most of the required dependencies already in place. To that end, I used all the building block packages from Slackware 12, such as glibc 2.

Most of the libraries in Puppy are now from Slackware. Download : puppy No new features have been added since 0. It is based on Scientific Linux 4. Johnson has announced the release of rPath Linux 1. The new images incorporate updates to the installation process and all package updates released as of September 26, In particular, the installation images and installed system now include a 2.

Linux kernels for Xen support are 2. If you have already installed rPath Linux 1, you should update your current system using Conary rather than reinstall using the new images. Download SHA1 : rpath Paul Sherman has released an updated version of Absolute Linux, a light-weight, Slackware-based distribution featuring the IceWM window manager: " Absolute Fairly extensive changes in terms of bug removal and added features.

Major fixes include mounted external volumes writable by users as well as root. The clearFstab script was tamed, GUI login no longer leads to any missing resources problems, GIMP scripts were patched to ensure that they work with new 2. Ubuntu Muslim Edition is an Ubuntu-based distribution whose main feature is the presence of Islamic software - prayer times, a Quran study tool and a web content filtering utility. A new stable version, 7. Highlights: WCC parental control tool enabled by default so browsing the Internet is safe ; Zekr Quran study tool installed and configured to play Quran recitations; Islamic calendar and Minbar prayer times tool ; UbuntuME artworks.

Steve Langasek has announced the availability of the release candidate for Ubuntu 7. The Release Candidate includes installable live Desktop CDs, server images, alternate text-mode installation CDs, and an upgrade wizard for users of the current stable release. Highlights: Compiz Fusion - this innovative compositing window manager enables 3D desktop effects that let users work with, and see, their desktops in completely new ways; printer installation - In GNOME, printers are automatically configured for use as soon as they are connected; free Flash support with Gnash; automated Firefox plugin installation Also released: Kubuntu 7.

Resulinux is a Debian-based, Brazilian live CD featuring the TexasFlood boot system, which dramatically shortens the operating system's boot time, and a software update utility called LiveUpdate. Version 2. Some of the new features include the following: aMSN upgraded to version 0. Please visit the project's download page in Portuguese to read the detailed changelog.

The live CD image is available for download from here: resulinux2. Linspire 6. Building on the best of open source software using Ubuntu as its base line, Linspire 6. The first commercial release from Linspire, Inc. RAYS version 2. Compared to the second release candidate, the most important changes include several package upgrades GIMP 2. On the software front, Baihong is based on Debian's testing and unstable branches with kernel 2. RAYS 2. For more information please read the release announcement and release notes both links in Chinese.

Download: RAYS We have included a very alpha version of Samba 4 for our users to evaluate; support for tcb, an alternative password shadowing scheme, was added; balance, a very simple and effective load balancing application, is now available for installation. Simple to set up, balance can provide round-robin TCP load balancing for just about any daemon; powernowd, a daemon to control the CPU speed and voltage of your server, is also now available; the latest stable versions of Apache 2.

The first release candidate of GoblinX 2. The main changes are: added gtkHDInstall, gtkImods, Liveremaster, File-roller, Nautilus-actions, P7zip; added Font-bh-ttf and a default cursor icon theme; added AbiWord dictionaries for default languages; changed some themes and backgrounds; corrected some bugs and errors; upgraded a few packages; upgraded Magic Center and other interfaces; changed module names; included LZM scripts for Nautilus and Thunar; removed Vim and ttf-indic-fonts packages.

Mandriva Linux has been released: " We are proud to announce that Mandriva Linux is now available for download. The result of six months of heavy development and testing, includes all the latest software and many enhancements over previous Mandriva Linux releases. You will find KDE 3.

We have integrated a reworked hardware detection sub-system, with support for a lot of new devices. Mandriva Linux is available download page , torrents in the form of a combined live and installation CD, as well as the traditional installation DVD; here is a quick link to the i live CD: mandriva-linuxone-KDE-cdrom-i Robert Shingledecker has announced the fifth release candidate of Damn Small Linux 4.

From the changelog : " Updated murgaLua to version 0. Also released: a new stable version - Damn Small Linux 3. Fred Emmott has announced that the first release candidate of Slamd64 Linux This is the first update of the ML-5 series which introduces a few changes and additions compared to the previous release.

We invite anybody interested to install this test release and help us find eventual problems in this distribution prior to its official release. Included are the newest packages of OpenOffice. Download : Kessem-iDVD-rc1. Some of the major features include: four desktop environments - KDE 3.

Download MD5 Granular Linux from here: granular0. Tobias Powalowski has announced the release of Arch Linux This is the first release to use our new repository layout. Changelog: kernel 2. Download : Archlinux-i Jean-Philippe Guillemin has announced the release of Zenwalk Linux 4.

After several release-candidates, it seems that we are ready for a very stable release. Kernel is now at 2. Talking about applications, the very visible change in 4. Video and X. Org auto-configuration has been improved to handle wide-screen monitors as well as to provide full features for Synaptics touchpads. The fine-tuning of the user interface continues with new desktop artwork, new bootsplash. Download : zenwalk Turbolinux has announced the availability of a public beta release of Turbolinux 11 Server, a mid-range commercial distributions for servers with long-term support.

It is primarily designed for organisations that need a fully-supported operating system for web, mail, proxy, DNS and file servers. The beta testing is expected to last for 30 days while the final release of Turbolinux 11 Server is scheduled for the end of November.

Please read the full release announcement in Japanese for further details. Interested beta testers can download the product from this page in Japanese, download links will be emailed to any tester who fills in the simple registration form. Barry r2 merges all published updates from Parsix and Debian testing repositories as of Oct 3, Several bugs have been solved, including installer crash problem in languages other than English.

Users who regularly update their systems using apt, do not need to download this version. The release candidate should be mostly bug free. We always find a few outstanding issues as we approach the deadline, but no show-stoppers. There are still a number of known issues, the most important are: Flexshare FTP access may not work for all network interfaces; reported issues with Realtek network cards; content filter upgrade for phrase lists and black lists is not well tested; deleting a group still in use by the system may cause ugly warnings; firewall may require a restart 'Unable to commit' error.

Download: community Jeremy Katz has announced the third test release of Fedora 8: " Fedora 8 Test 3 is here! This is the last test release before the development freeze and a great time to test all those packages that you know and love. Changes from Fedora 8 Test 2: Online Desktop provides a desktop experience designed around online services; package management now features much better performance via yum and friends; the completely free and open source Java environment called Iced Tea is installed by default; CodecBuddy is now included, and promotes free, superior quality, open formats to end users trying to play multimedia content under patent encumbered or proprietary formats; Eclipse 3.

Novell has announced the release of openSUSE Enhancements to openSUSE OpenSUSE In addition, openSUSE There have been many fixes since the previous release candidate, RC1. Please note that in this release candidate, the sparc platform has been accidentally omitted. This will be corrected in the next RC cycle. We plan to release another release candidate next week. Installation CD images for a variety of processor platforms are available for download from these mirrors ; quick links to the i and amd64 images: icd.

Tobias Gerschner has announced the release of Yoper Linux 3. This release ships with Kernel 2. The unstable repository also contains a kernel with the CFS scheduler for those who are keen to compare their performance under different workloads.

Since 3. If you have Yoper 3. There are only minor and mostly visual differences between a default installation of 3. A new major version of SystemRescueCd , a Gentoo-based distribution with focus on disk partitioning and data rescue tasks, has been released. Barry Kauler has announced the release of Puppy Linux 3. This Puppy is a massive upgrade from the previous v2. I decided to aim for close binary compatibility with Slackware Another major thing that I have done is totally rewritten the key scripts that control how Puppy boots up, is configured, and shuts down.

Then there are some major breakthroughs, such as finally getting periodic flushing of RAM to Flash drive working properly. Download from here: puppy Download MD5 : frugalware Jani Monoses has announced the first beta release of Kiwi Linux 7.

Download: kiwi Red Flag Linux 6. As with any past releases, Red Flag Linux 6. New in this release is the inclusion of 3D desktop features with Beryl, updated package management infrastructure with APT for RPM, automatic dual-boot setup, and multi-language support.

The distribution uses the latest 2. On the desktop, the system is built around X. For more details please see the product features page in Chinese. Paul Sherman has announced the availability of an updated release of Absolute Linux, a light-weight modification of Slackware featuring the IceWM window manager. From the changelog: " Midnight Commander, Dillo and Ggradebook added to default packages; XDM updated for nice graphical login, when desired; IceWM update to include menu item to switch between graphical or text-based login, checkers menu item changed for better display; etc package now includes script that switches login type; DevTray - pulled AlsaAudio card handler, this originally had a bug with SB Live cards, takes up memory, and does nothing Absolute does not already do.

Warren Woodford has announced the first release candidate of antiX 7. AntiX 7. Anti also reports that he has fixed the reported bugs that are unique to antiX. Download from here: antiX-M7-rc1. Steve Langasek has announced the availability of a beta release of Ubuntu 7. Code-named 'Gutsy Gibbon', 7. Marcos Guglielmetti has announced the first test release of Musix 1. This testing version was produced on the basis of the stable version 1.

Video editing and graphic design applications have been moved to the live DVD edition that will be out in a few weeks. Many programs have been updated: Ardour 2. Technalign has announced the release of Pioneer Linux 3. All Pioneer products are being maintained by Technalign for a period of 7 years. The 7-year life cycle will provide companies a stable release of the operating system for many years to come. All Pioneer Basic products run off a live CD that allows individuals to load the CD and test the workstations and servers before installation.

As with all current Technalign operating system releases, each operating system includes a KDE desktop. Download : Pioneer-Basic An updated stable release of Freespire 2. Key changes: configuration files updated - sources. Fred Galusik has announced that the release candidate for Zenwalk Linux 4. Thanks to our devoted users, many bugs have been fixed and many improvements have been done since the beta release. As an example, SLIM, the very light desktop manager, has been modified to handle custom commands such as halt, reboot, hibernate, per user keyboard and locale configuration.

Many packages have been updated: Linux kernel 2. At the same time, OpenOffice. Asianux 3.

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Agp 125 pro tools torrent Restart Autocad. If you have any trouble with the installation, please take some time to read the description and installation instructions. Torrent data is link than other types of data on the Internet today, as it follows a different demographic of users and focuses on specific types of media. You have completed this module. Follow Us. The Kubuntu project has announced the final release of Kubuntu 7.
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