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Shay Torrent - Flying Fiddles, Buy This CD, Ultra Lounge Vol (Organs In Orbit), Shirley Scott - Tippin' In, Buy This CD, Roll 'em, Joe Bonamassa will release his brand new studio album 'Time Clocks' on Friday Juanita Tippins, and Prinnie Stevens on backing vocals.

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'Keep Me Singing' is Van Morrison's 36th studio album to date and consists including Mahalia Barnes, Jade MacRae, and Juanita Tippins. Aaron Tippin. Kiss This (You Drive Me) Crazy (album version). Criminal. My Prerogative Juanita. Nick Straker Band. A Walk In The Park. Nickel Creek. Album: The Sapphires (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Label: Columbia Records Juanita Tippins – People Make The World A Better Place. CHECK YES JULIET LYRICS TORRENT Note : We into this collected all the tables malicious or may. Manipulate the properties of the "big the disk space Cisco wireless LAN recommended for children in the Properties. An error like macro-micro steering transition-threshold drive and use table tool on the vertical tools calibrated profile is will only let.

But what a shame that Brandy is just a generic voice over a track. We look forward to future singles where we can actually hear her as the star. Seals and E. They continue to demonstrate their hit-making skills on this lovely, understated record. Alabama has always had a knack for recording love songs that the average country music fans readily relate to and embrace as their own story. In a sea of soundalike newcomers on country radio, this man's distinctive, smooth.

Southern voice feels as inviting as a warm, handmade quilt on a chilly winter's evening. Joe Stampley was a staple on country radio in the '70s and '80s, and he has continued to be a strong live act on the road. He resurfaced on record last year with a wonderful album. Somewhere Under the Rainbow.

This new single is culled from that collection and features his up-and-coming son, Tony, newly signed to DreamWorks. Timing out at , the single is quick and potent. Bonamassa and R. In fact, he started playing guitar at age 4. King in upstate New York at the age of Four ver- sions complement the CD promo, adding varying degrees of his guitar virtuosity — stations would do well to go with the full-length rock remix, which smokes like a cannon. Bona- massa is a bold talent, who rises above narrow radio formatics.

Lyrically, the song brings to life an oft-used cliche in the title that sums up everyday frus- trations. Listeners will find it relat- able, and programmers would do well to give it support. After all, how often do they have a chance to let their audience hear a well-loved, familiar voice and introduce them to his talented offspring at the same time?

But the real star on this cut is McNally's rich, soulful voice, as it slides over the notes with just a hint of twang; hearing that voice, in fact, makes it hard to believe that McNally is actually from Long Island. The song moves along courtesy of a funky bass line from all-star bassist Bob Glaub. This is solid fare for triple-A, especially for any blues specialty shows. Andersson and B. But Branigan gives it the gusto on a track that does- n't try to be self-consciously trendy. It starts off slowly and quietly, and then explodes into a satisfying high-energy thumper, with that instantly recogniz- able soprano taking no prisoners.

Those who long for the days when vocalists led the way on the dancefloor will feel like they're breathing in spring air with this welcome return. New York, N. Ste- vie Wonder. Paul Peterson from the Prince camp and currently touring with Oleta Adams. The Sacramento, Calif. Upcoming stops include Switzerland, Denmark, and South Africa. Hopefully, I can open up on some dates with him this year.

But I want to give it a run on the solo end and try to see if 1 can make it on my own. Over- seeing daily activities of the mar- keting, promotion, and publicity staffs, he'll continue to be based in New York City. Before assuming the newly created post, Johnson had been senior VP of urban promotion since joining the label in First on the agenda is the Feb. ArtistDirect signs Orlando, Fla. Snoop Dogg. Xzibit, Tha Liks. Coming this summer is the first project from B.

A first single is slated for April. Contact: At the time, I started writing a few songs, and I wanted her to be the lead vocalist in the band. The rest is history. We've done a lot of singles and remixes in the past. We wanted other people, other than those in the U. We re also looking to heavily go after pricing and posi- tioning at retail chains, as well as build the buzz at independents. Featuring Dave Hollister. Hi wuL'Cti. WU Business Media.

Iix and SoundScan Inc. Words And Sounds Vol. CSC Ufe And Times Of S. Al nghts reserved. Numeral following Platinum or Oiamond symbol mdicaM urulstpra. A Certification ol , umts IPIatinol. Pacesetter indicates biggest percentige growth. Heetseeker Impact sh 30 www.

The pair — which got its start as backup singers for Soulchild — cred- it past experiences for the new deal. Now, with our project, we get to be in the forefront and can rely on that prior experience. We all used to perform at places like Wilhemena's and the Five Spot long before there were any deals on the table. Whether you sang, rhymed, or did poetry, you performed at those places.

Sketches of Mg Culture Artemis. Released last Sept. Now, the Grammy Award-winning producer hopes to expand his reach to Hollywood, with the upcoming film Drumline. I knew people had to see this. In Atlanta, 50, or 60, people show up for a high-school battle-of-the- bands competition.

Girls 24 Got Ur Self A. Hit 'Em Up Style Oops! M 1 D H 00 stores. Diddy «? Destiny's Child s' » '. Only last year, he debuted a new imprint. Click TYacks, which special- izes in minimal electronica. The theme [of the collaboration! He was Alayon was the kind of tireless record promoter they just don't make anymore. Depending on the time of day, the day of week, or the record he was promoting, Alayon could be kind, bitchy, flamboyant, caring, vibrant, or purely diva-like.

One constant was his passion for dance music. In a word, he was, and remains, legendary. Upon arriving in the Big Ap- ple, Alayon accepted an offer to helm the promotion department of Jellybean Recordings. There, he championed numerous No. A viewing was held Jan. On Jan. At press time, a burial was scheduled for Jan.

In this way, Our Time Is Coming is a fine contin- uation of the collective atmosphere and cultural fusing that formed the sturdy foundation of Nuyorican Soul. Vega says he and his musical partner had dreams of collaborating with Kuti. On the lifestyle front, Lee says that 40, CD samplers are being given away at boutiques and clubs, and key album tracks were spotlighted on a recent Urb magazine CD sampler that was mailed to all subscribers.

Blige and Jill Scott should find a lot to like here. Maybe this is our version of the American dream. In its origi- nal state, the track is chilled to per- fection. Culled from the U. Danee 01 Ultra album. Beat- mixed by Johnny Vicious, the two- disc Ultra. VNU Busman Medn. VNU Business Media. A' Certification of is. All rights reserved 34 www. When people take me serious! Fender is upbeat about the ordeal ahead of him.

The rest of them are love songs. They even put strings and horns, and then the mariachi back- ground. They did one hell of a job. There are also plans to create awareness via broadcast e-mail blasts and featuring Fender in a direct-mail catalog the label sends to , consumers. At retail, Denhart says price and positioning will be a key part of their strategy.

But with those pitfalls, there are also opportu- nities to take advantage of. He has spent the past four years as creative man- ager at Acuff-Rose and previously was director of writer relations at BMI. Director of marketing Greg Gos- selin has exited Atlantic Records in Nashville after nine years with the company.

Gosselin was the only re- maining staffer when Atlantic closed its Nashville division last year. Connie Linsler has been named executive director of the Nashville Chamber Orchestra. She previously held a similar position with the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra. Jeffrey Green exits the Country Music Assn. Smith will also host vari- ous CMT specials. Lee Greenwood has signed with Curb and is working on an album that is due this year.

He was most recently signed to the FreeFalls En- tertainment label. She previously was managed by Fitzgerald Hartley. BlackHawk has signed with Mon- terey Peninsula Artists for booking. Booking agency A. Nashville has signed Ricochet and Jett Williams. Milene Music has signed song- writer Brenda Parrish. Moe Bandy and Joe Stampley. Roy Clark. The series will contin- ue with new releases on a quarterly basis, including upcoming projects from Johnny Lee, Janie Fricke, T.

Sheppard, Cooder Graw, and a hol- iday album from Anderson. Sand, Sea. The event takes place in more than 15 venues along the Gulf Coast in Alabama and Florida. Among this year's participants was Larry Cordle, whose collaboration with Larry Shell.

The Best. M ft ex. MIUS J. ME LS. Airpower awarded to songs appearing in the top 20 on both the 80S Airplay and Audience charts lot the first time with the chart alter 20 weeks. V Videoclip availability.

Dreamworks earn. It was inevitable that the Pop- stars phenomenon would go Lat- in. The series that blends the real- ity-TV format with a talent search for a young pop band originated in Australia almost two years ago. There, Bardot, a five-woman group, debuted at No.

The Popstars format was li- censed in Argentina by RBG, a new entertainment group that has dis- played a remarkable Midas touch. The TV show began Sept. During the next two months, ratings soared to 19 points 2 million viewers , and the group Bandana was born. Last December. The first single. By Christmas, sales had reached ,, and the album was certified triple-platinum. Hugo Piombi, director of the music division at RGB, says Ar- gentine record history has never seen such meteoric success.

She says, "Noth- ing like this has ever occurred in Argentina. Bandana will now try to reach other countries. In Uruguay, the group already has a gold album. In his petition, filed Jan. Police reports indicate that Diaz had previously been warned for trespassing on Este- fan's property. Both sides will be heard at a Jan. But as colorful as these tidbits may be, lost in the legal rigmarole was a far more interesting motion for a temporary injunction filed by Este- fan last month, in which he asked that any songs written by Kike San- tander be placed on hold until their contractual lawsuit is finalized.

San- tander filed suit against Estefan last year, seeking a termination of his exclusive songwriting and produc- tion deals and alleging breach of con- tract. Estefan countersued, also alleg- ing breach of contract. The L. El Sonido late last year in Los Angeles, which specializes in tropical Mexican music. Beyond that. Plans are under way to release the album in Mexico with Discos Azteca. Plaintiff Daniel Agren sued Anthony and Rooney last year, alleging the song lifted words and lyrics from a song of the same name.

M lAllOH. Songs ranked by Audience Impression] over the previous week, regardless ol chart movement A record nhich has been on the chart lor more than 20 weeks isters an increase in audience. Con- ceived originally to complement its international and folk contests, the non-competitive portion of the show has evolved to become the mainstay of the festival.

Old acquaintances of this audience will be back in the Quinta Vergara, a traditional estate in downtown Vina del Mar, where the festival is held every summer. But the eight months between the recording and the album release were filled with doubt and dispute. Also from Mexico, Cristian Castro will perform Feb. From Puerto Rico, Chayanne playing Feb. Chilean groups that have been in- vited include La Ley and pop-folk group Illapu, both of which feature several Vina appearances on their resumes.

Both will appear onstage Feb. The festival will be a first for Javiera y Los Imposibles, a rock-pop band that was one of Chile's most successful acts last year thanks to its elusive rights to the broadcasting of the TV special. Without radical changes in Carlos' profile, Acustico MTV — which fea- tures his biggest hits 'unplugged' — gives his musical recipe a fresh air. Indeed, Carlos is happy enough play- ing unplugged that he has incorpo- rated the format in sections of his current Amor Sem Limite tour.

Another noteworthy appearance will be by progressive folk-rock act Las Jaivas Feb. These shows are scheduled for Feb. Possibly the best-known music festival in Latin America, Vina del Mar has also become a driving sales force both in the Southern Hemi- sphere and in the U. You can re-record the voic- es and the instruments, which makes the editing process easier. But editing a live recording is a lot more complicated, because it is impossi- ble to reproduce the same emotion.

Rather than taking the usual route of putting out a few releases each year in an effort to slowly build up a catalog, the Burlington, Vt. The bottom line is that I wanted to establish the label fairly quickly, and the best way to do that was to de- velop a catalog, create word-of- mouth excitement, and secure good distribution. The album was to set a precedent for the stream-of-consciousness music that defines the label.

Recorded live at the Vision Festival in New York City, the sprawling minute piece — which features Silva approximating an entire orchestra on his synthesiz- er — can be likened to a well-struc- tured melee, as Silva creates dense orchestrations behind Jordan's dis- sonant lines, and Parker alternately holds down the bottom and jumps into the fray to trade solos. I want to see this music recorded and documented, so that it can be preserved.

The two-hour show included guest appearances by Cheo Feliciano and Cultura Profetica. It will be part of the Latin Ameri- can tour from which he'll record a live album featuring his materi- al as well as that of Luis Alberto Spinetta, Charly Garcia, and Caetano Veloso. Radio station Power The new station is called Zeta The sta- tion, which is still in transition, is headed by Ramon Bustamante.

He will also perform at the 30,seat Ferro- carril Oeste stadium on the first stop of what will be a nationwide tour. He evidently found one. Pushing 90 the milestone birthday is in September , the pub- lishing veteran is one of the very few who started out with his own compa- ny and still has it. And he plays tennis every morning to boot. He founded Criterion in with a big assist from former business partner Johnny Mercer.

Goldsen, who had previous- ly spent four years with Leeds Music, became president that year of Capi- tol's publishing arm, Capitol Songs. Consequently, the label opened two new publishing houses — Ardmore and Beechwood —and Goldsen was made VP of Capi- tol Records in charge of copyrights, including the newly acquired Mer- cer hit, "Autumn Leaves. Goldsen Inc. It also retained Atlantic Music. Ardmore and Beechwood were named after two streets in Los Angeles.

Bo — who is married to Derry — eventually "developed his little niche," his father notes, with such country writers as Lovett, Crow- ell, Cash, and more recently Jenny Yates, whose songs have been cut by Garth Brooks. But he lauds the support of organizations like the National Music Publishers Assn, and the Harry Fox Agency, and he is rightfully satisfied with his current position.

It becomes part of your nervous system and your own personal history. So I started to panic and almost canceled twice. Cherry Lane will administer music from existing and future Urbanworld films, and it will also act as a creative partner in mining its catalog for source music and promoting its current com- poser roster to Urbanworld.

A Tasty Gathering. With the addition of a 5. But apart from mixing for movie scores, he explains, Ziggy Stardust is his first 5. Getting that tape out again was incredible. So we had to bounce things down — the drums were bounced from three tracks to two to make room for overdubs. Overdubs, as Visconti notes, con- sisted only of ancillary tracks, parts of which were removed in the 5. Essentially, the recording is of an extremely tight and cooking band at London's Hammersmith Odeon.

That essence, augmented by the natural reverberation of the venue, took the remix sessions to an unex- pected place, Visconti and Tozzoli found. The Pro Tools-based Studio B at Gizmo, well-equipped with plug-in software and multichannel processing hardware, offered a wealth of choices that proved super- fluous.

It was one of the best rock bands that ever toured, and they played very, very well. There are very strange time signatures and key changes, and these guys could do that as well as rock at the same time. So we remixed from scratch. We went back to the beginning and treated it like a rock album, and, for a while, just suspended the fact that it was 5. I get excited every time we play a song. There was so much informa- tion that it would be a blessing to have more than two speakers to mix that stuff on.

One such studio, Stratosphere Sound, has returned to the New York City re- cording community, having lost its initial space to a fire in late But as word of the facility's relocation spreads, outside projects account for a larger percentage of the booking. Designed by Francis Manzella of FM Design, the new Stratosphere has a more professional feel than its former site in the meat-packing dis- trict.

Nonetheless, like most artist- owned facilities, the 3. Our architect was happy, and we were happy with the way it was comfortable. The Neve is the centerpiece of the new Studio A, which also includes a Studer A tape machine, fully- loaded Pro Tools rig, and an array of vintage instruments, amplifiers, microphones, and outboard gear.

In the fall. Additionally, Iha and Schlesinger develop artists signed to their Scratchie Records label. Chicago native Iha, who expects to spend half of in New York, looks forward to taking advantage of the new space.

Dupri, B. Gilmore Warner Bros. Creed NRG N. CA Don Gilmore. John Ewing Jr. I nr Gotti. FL John Kurzweg. Kirk Kelsey. All right! Hoi WO. Telephone Far or Palais Des Festivals, Cannes. Bel Age Hotel. Los Angeles. Universal Citywalk. Martell Foundation, Crested Butte, Colo. Renais- sance Esmeralda Resort. Indian Wells, Calif. Martell Foundation Family Day. Basketball City, New York City. Los Angeles Convention Cen- ter. Adam's Mark Hotel, Jacksonville, Fla.

Staples Center, Los Angeles. New York City. March 6. Monte Carlo Sporting Club. Monte Carlo, Monaco. Martell Foundation. March San Francisco Mar- riott, San Francisco. Best Cellars Wine Dinner, sponsored by the T. Jude Kids seminar Jan.

The 13th annual weekend event will bring together a variety of country music stars and radio stations to plan fund-raising radio- thons for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to take place throughout this year. Participants will also tour the hospital's med- ical facilities. Contact: Cynthia Crimson at Father is a sales represen- tative for Universal Music Canada.

Bride is a former personal manager. Stephanie Bentley to Brian Prout. Groom is the drummer for Diamond Rio. March 12, Heroes Awards, pre- sented by the Washington. Washington, D. Guests will be able to watch the Super Bowl and bid on a number of auction items from the likes of Derek Jeter. Tiger Woods, and Madonna. Contact: Lisa Kasteler at Spears will also be featured on the Feb. The event, hosted by Ahmad Rashad and Summer Sanders, celebrates the value of reading and encourages adults to read with young children.

Contact: Gena Gatewood at He is survived by a sister. Nick Massi, 58, of a heart attack. Massi was a year veteran at WEA Corp. He is sur- vived by a daughter, a son, a sister, and a granddaughter. Juan Garcia Esquivel, 83, follow- ing a stroke, Jan. Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio. Santa Clarita, Calif. March , Winter Music Confer- ence.

Miami Beach Convention Center. Miami Beach. April 30, Fishing for a Cure, sponsored by the T. Martell Foun- dation, Nashville Shores, Nashville. In , he launched the hip-hop pro- gram Yo! MTV Raps, which he also produced. Demme left MTV in the early s to pursue film direct- ing. His first feature film was 's Who's the Man? A powerful tool. Detailed infor- mation on thousands of independent, chainstore and online operations across the USA. Lists over professional services and suppliers.

Detailed information about every major radio station, record label and radio syndicator. Includes Arbitron information on top markets. Business-to business contacts in 19 countries. Please add appropri- ate sales tax in NY. TN, MA. Orders payable in U. All sales are final. BDZZ 44 www. This move mirrors discussions and activities occurring elsewhere in the world, including in the U.

Leading the company is CM Steven Lee, a year veteran of the ware- housing and distribution industry. That followed in the wake of similar ventures between majors in the U. The compa- ny has one warehouse situated in the Taipei suburb of Hsintien. Within the first month of operations, it reached a monthly volume of around 1 million units.

REBS' staff of 50 is drawn from each of the partner companies, which them- selves downsized their operations in 1. Rock Records completely closed its warehouse and distribution arm, laying off 50 staffers, some of whom have since joined REBS.

The move toward integrating dis- tribution in Taiwan comes as the local music industry rounds out its worst year on record. CD and online pira- cy — coupled with an economic down- turn and lackluster music offerings — have combined to force the companies into cutting costs. As yet, no other companies have joined the venture since its inception in June, and Lee says it will likely stick to the founding partners for the next two or three years.

Another challenge for the company has been to integrate platforms and bring outlets on board. REBS has managed to successfully meld the sys- tems of the four partners, ranging from physical logistics to the informa- tion systems database orders, ac- counts, etc. The challenge ahead lies in getting outlets away from paper and fax and on to computers and the Inter- net. Negotiations are also at an advanced stage with lead- ing retail chain Rose Records, which has 30 stores around Taiwan, to upgrade its systems and hook up to the REBS system.

According to Lee, Rose's manage- ment has approached the Taiwan gov- ernment for a grant to help them pay for the cost of the upgrade. Criticizing the government's inaction over piracy, Lee adds that government action in the future will be a big factor in deter- mining the success of REBS. Additional reporting by Steve McClure in Tokyo. Compared with the previous year, Sanctuary's sales rose Eamings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization increased Secondly, [there's been] a territorial expansion and acqui- sitions — particularly in America, but also in Germany and a little bit into the Far East.

And thirdly, the reasonably successful low-risk new-act develop- ment strategy with bands like the Strokes, which are on Rough Trade, our joint venture company with [la- bel founderl Geoff Travis. The reports are based on informa- tion from unnamed sources. And a Sony spokesman insists Suzu- ki is still signed to that label. However, things began to fall apart with the July arrest on tax-eva- sion charges of Eiji Yamada, president of AG Communication, the production company to which Suzuki was signed.

Yamada was eventually convicted in February But by that time, the young star had effectively been blacklisted by the Japanese show biz world for having resorted to legal action against AG, something that is frowned upon in the paternalistic Japanese entertainment community. The group also saw substantial growth in Europe, he adds: "Our total market share in record sales in the U. On total units sold in the U.

American volume has doubled — U. And we've also picked up quite a good range of acts — Megadeth does good volumes in America and Widespread Panic does very respectable volumes, as do the likes of Queensryche and Halford. Taylor assumes his new position fol- lowing the retirement of Sanctuary chairman David Marshall, who remains a non-executive director. Today, less than one in 30 recordings sold is a cas- sette, and labels and retailers have dif- fering views regarding why the config- uration is dying out in Canada.

But Canadian Recording Industry Assn. CRIA sta- tistics released Jan. SoundScan figures for confirm that, at retail, cassette sales in Canada plunged from 3. At their peak in , cassette- album shipments in Canada reached This, along with shipments of 2. How many cassette titles are being released today?

However, we receive re-orders on CDs within hours and continual re- orders afterwards; with cassette, there's rarely a re-order. Then, saleswise, it falls off a cliff. Despite those wholesale pricing differences, though, retail prices for both is generally iden- tical, or the cassette may even be slight- ly higher. Neither are we. Budget- priced CDs and mid-price CDs turn over quicker than cassettes.

So there is a substantial price difference. HMV took the honors by register- ing a double-figure global sales rise in the five weeks ending Jan. Some 24 hours previously, Virgin Entertainment Group VEG had also announced that DVD sales were a major factor in pushing its Virgin Megastores holiday busi- ness to better-than-ex- pected levels in the six weeks ending Jan.

On a global business level, Vir- gin says comparable-store sales were up 8. In the U. The retail- er does not break out the figures separately for the two brands. A Virgin state- ment says U. Agents investigating the activation of an alarm at a telephone store discovered the gang burning CDs. He was presi- dent of Sony Music Spain. Jens Quindt is promoted to the new post of managing director for Ham- burg-based Edel Classics.

He was GM. He was director of interna- tional marketing. He was managing director of reissue label Connoisseur. Jenkins, who con- tinues to head the company's Lon- don office, was VP. Previously, he played drums in the group Ultra Bra, which disbanded last year. Martin Westermann is named exec- utive of the Audio Standard depart- ment of Copenhagen-based mechani- cal rights society Nordisk Copyright Bureau. He was European represen- tative for digital fingerprinting firm Cantametrix, based in Bellevue, Wash.

But if the initial reaction of some observers was that we had been here before this time last year, there were also some mavericks among the mainstream. At the launch for the U. Parlophone labelmate Kylie Min- ogue capped a spectacular year with four international nomina- tions, while Dido tops an equally impressive 12 months with a sim- ilar tally of nominations.

Join- ing the latter three acts on the short- list for best international group are Limp Bizkit Interscope and R. Warner Bros. Sponsored by MasterCard, the awards show will be broadcast Feb. Versions of the Brits show will also be screened in approximately 40 countries around the world, in- cluding the U. We receive requests from festivals and venues all over the world. She was invited to perform fado profes- sionally in the Netherlands, where she recorded several CDs.

Intrigued, Universal Classics France president Yann Ollivier caught her in performance, which led to a five-year contract with the label. The album, which will be issued in Brazil and the U. All incurred expenses would be charged back to members on a transactional basis. The entire project was planned over a five-year stretch, employing some staffers by July , when it was due to be open for business. So the kind of flexi- bility that we had to invest in major projects is tightening up for all of us; the partners started looking at how carefully that might affect IMJV.

An overhaul of its technology strategy became an important issue that proved insurmountable. The networks plan, apparently, did not fit the strategy. If you want fado, you must have the Portuguese guitar. Few other artists dominate a national style as completely as Rodrigues She has been the principal influence on generations of fado singers, and virtually all — not to mention the critical Portuguese public — measure their art by hers.

Misia, Duke Pontes, and Branco are all signed to labels outside Portugal and largely had to find success else- where before finding it at home. More than three decades ago, he and his then-band Gasolin took a bold step and began to sing in Danish in- stead of copying English-language artists from the U. S and the U. It was a move that saw Larsen score the biggest-selling domestic album in Danish history — in the s with Midi Om Natten — and all Danish popular music since owes him a debt.

This year finds Larsen and his current group, Kjukken, at the top of the album charts once again, with Sange Fra Glemmebogen Forgotten Songs. The EMI set swiftly went double- platinum , units and, although it was only released at the end of November, it was the biggest domestic album of He adds that Sange Fra Glemmebogen will be released in other Scandinavian ter- ritories at the end of January.

The event took place Jan. The event featured 80 acts and was broadcast live on Belgian, Dutch, and Danish radio. Featured artists were selected by 16 differ- ent radio stations across Europe backed by the European Broad- casting Union. Kitt is already working on the follow-up to The Big Romance. Produced by the Birming- ham, U. The group members started out as four classically trained cellists per- forming unusual covers of Metal- lica songs.

Since then, they have sold more than 1 million units worldwide. Founding member Lilja says his decision has been fully accepted by the rest of the band. We highlight this year's conference line-up, speak- ers, attendees, events and more, including the blending of the Association for Independent Music's convention into the mix.

We'll also explore the state of the retail industry, look at how it's coping with the current economic climate, and review the impact of MAP's disappearance from the business. Make sure your business is a part of the issue everyone will be reading at this year's event. Reserve your ad today! For the year — which SoundScan counts for the period beginning Jan. The market-share rankings were determined by White Plains, N. Market-share tallies for albums and singles include all formats and genres available in the respective configuration.

Singles Market Share By Distributor Album Market Share By Distributor market-share total consistently eroded throughout the s. SONY 1 1 5. Sony is the No. In gathering BMG — which was the No. It also came in first in catalog and the deep catalog subset, as well as placing albums in The Billboard It ranked second in hard rock and in placing albums on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. Collectively, independent distrib- utors came in second in the rank- ings with They were also ranked second in classical, rap, Latin, new age, and catalog.

WEA was the traditional market- share leader before the Universal and in placing albums on The Bill- board , coming in as the No. Looking at total album market share of the majors by corpora- tions, Universal Music remains on top, but Sony Music places second with While EMI stays last, its market-share total is In moving over to current album market share, UMVD copped the top spot with a BMC managed to hold on to the No. Sony Music — the No. In placing fourth, the independ- ent sector collectively garnered WEA may have placed fifth in the rankings, but it gained almost a percentage point in market share, going from WEA scored three of the top five best-selling titles for the year, including the No.

While it finished sixth in the cur- rent album market-share rankings, EMD also posted the biggest gain in the category, going from 8. WMG moves up to fourth, with Sales for the configuration totaled For the year, singles sales were down This year, UMVD finished sec- ond, with a The No.

The independent sector collectively garnered a The independent total for was almost a four-percentage point gain from the Sony Music Distribution finished fifth, with an 1 1. Sony again placed second with BMG's market share increased to In country-album distribution, UMVD improved on its industry-leading total, garnering WEA again placed second but lost three percentage points, slipping to Sony lost five percentage points, finish- ing with The independent sector collectively earned a 7.

Of Independents.. Maria Muldaur. Dave Myers. Nauman Scott was a rara avis of the latter-day music industry — a true character. At a confab, you could usu- ally find him planted at the bar, lean- ing on his gold-headed cane he lost a leg in a motorcycle accident in his youth and holding forth, volubly and with charming distemper, about busi- ness and blues in a honeyed Crescent City drawl.

He loved the music he released, understood it intimately, and made important contributions to it. We hope a good New Orleans brass band marched him off to the place where angels sing. Wolk is based in Minneapolis and also reports to Olsen. On another front, Navarre Corp. Jim Colson. Rick Lawler, previously DNA import product man- ager, has been hired as product devel- opment manager, reporting to prod- uct development director Mike Comette and based in Leonardo, NJ.

Active in the late '70s and early '80s, the Heaters were out of step with the spiky music of their contemporaries. Connell relocated to New York City in and went through a peri- od of rediscovery. It took on an almost theatrical character — I did characters, like a deceased folk singer. It was a process of growing and getting away from being in thick of making it in the music business.

I ended up learning the rhythm of the traffic. The Dallas branch, which previously re- ported to Patrick in Atlanta, remains headed by sales manager Lonnie Pleasants but now reports to Western region VP of sales and marketing Tony Niemczyk. In further fine tuning, the Philadel- phia office becomes a marketing office.

New York City becomes the Eastern regional headquarters, with Milanese, who was previously based in Philadelphia, now claiming New York City as his home office. According to sources, as part of these changes, more staffers will leave WEA. The first department getting that treatment will apparently be credit. Once upon a time. Baker headed up credit for Poly- Gram Group Distribution. In another move, Musicland named Rich Christensen to the newly created posi- tion of business information systems officer, he reports to Musicland pres- ident Kevin Freeland.

Christensen previously was VP of enterprise tech- nology services at parent Best Buy. Kmart had become a factor in singles, so its withdrawal from the configuration will hasten its demise, but some are still fight- ing to keep it alive. Trans World En- tertainment is currently making the rounds to the majors to discuss is- sues.

Other songs from Out- Kast and Dido are expected to be is- sued as singles at a later date. Total sales for North America were up The U. Megastores— which were hit badly by the economic impact of Sept 11, especially with the concen- tration of stores in New York City and other urban tourist locations — recov- ered strongly to achieve comparable growth of more than 8.

Total sales were up Coral Springs. Big changes are also on the way in everything from how the industry markets and promotes artists, to how music is produced, to how record companies oversee the production process. Case in point: RCA Records, in a preview of things to come, is internally making use of a new peer-to-peer technology from Boston-based DMOD that enables label executives to keep tabs on albums in development.

The software, known as DMOD Work- Space, allows users to establish private secure networks for sharing content and information. Instead of mailing physical copies of works in progress to execu- tives in other cities — or having exec- utives on site at a studio — songs tracked and mixed in one location can be digitally uploaded onto the network and securely downloaded for instant review by executives in other locations.

DMOD, a provider of content distribution tech- nology and services, says it is also licensing Workspace to undisclosed labels from three other majors as well. Other artists partic- ipating in the program include Alanis Morissette and Natalie Imbruglia. Reciprocal shut- tered last year following its failure to raise the necessary funds needed to stay in operation.

Billboard Bulletin, Oct. Availability in specif- ic devices has not been announced. However, Long says the company expects products featuring the tech- nology to be commercially available later this year. Panasonic will also support Windows in a broad range of other devices.

Earlier this month, Listen. Among those who hope to acquire licenses in the near future is Napster. At the Jan. In fact, the company is so confident in its ability to secure major-label con- tent licenses on its own, Hilbers says Napster is abandoning a previously announced agreement to distribute MusicNet. Hilbers says the MusicNet deal does not prohibit Napster from cutting direct deals with the labels — a strategy it is now pursuing.

Digital music executives note that such deals also help the majors deflect congressional and regulatory scrutiny of their own digital music services, and they will ultimately allow MusicNet and Pressplay to enter into cross-li- censing agreements. In fact, some executives predict that antitrust pres- sures coming from Washington. S paneists wfto have home Internet access. Titillating Tales off the Unexpected Perhaps you think they're too wild to be true, but seeing is believing.

Sexy Urban Legends. A collection of titillating stories of lust and deception, passed from person to person, city to city. You'll enter an erotic realm filled with the steamiest, sexiest, most outrageous urban tales! YQLH H. Inc and VdeuScan Inc Al lights reserved 0 fc.

The technology is currently acces- sible at clearplay. Parents can choose from approximately PG or R-rated DVD titles whose violent, profane, or sexual content has been identified by ClearPlay editors. Com- puters can also be hooked up to most TV monitors for viewing purposes. ClearPlay instructs the DVD player to pass over or mute this previously iden- tified content during playback.

Through a deal with the Rogers. The Midnight Special Hey Joe Skip To My Blues Trouble Put It In The Pocket Marillion are a band with nothing to lose. This controversy has, however, seemed only to spur the band on, and much of their latest effort is a progression and extension of the political nature explored in previous songs. It is their first without founding member, lead vocalist and keyboardist Steve Walsh, who retired from the band in , since 's Drastic Measures.

It is their first album with new lead vocalist and keyboardist Ronnie Platt, supporting keyboardist David Manion and additional guitarist Zak Rizvi, who started as a co-producer and outside songwriter before being named a full member of the band. The Prelude Implicit is epic in every sense of the term.

Kansas shows what it truly means to be timeless and quite literally defy aging in their music. The album is a fine balance between classical sounds and newer contemporary sounds. With This Heart Visibility Zero The Unsung Heroes Rhythm In The Spirit Refugee The Voyage Of Eight Eighteen Camouflage Summer Crowded Isolation Section 60 Home On The Range The album is a companion piece to Springsteen's plus page autobiography, Born to Run, which will be released four days later.

The career-spanning album features eighteen songs handpicked by Springsteen, five of which have never been released. The album contains Springsteen's earliest recording from and early '70s songs from his tenure in The Castiles, Steel Mill and The Bruce Springsteen Band along with his first demos for Columbia Records and songs from his studio albums from until As an artist, Springsteen always let his songs do the talking, but in this track, career-spanning compilation, fans will get to hear his musical evolution from a scruffy teen to a major-label recording artist, Grammy Award winner, Oscar winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer.

Baby I He's Guilty The Judge Song The Ballad Of Jesse James Henry Boy Growin' Up Born To Run Badlands The River My Father's House Born In The U. Brilliant Disguise Living Proof The Ghost Of Tom Joad The Rising Long Time Comin' This concert is a continuation of the celebration of our blues heritage, which began with the production of Joe Bonamassa - Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks presented by Keeping The Blues Alive and was a tribute to the music of Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf.

The whole package is just beautiful which comprises the audio and video of the show with some interchangeable songs and clocks in at over two hours of driving blues heaven. The 22 tracks on offer is blues rock the way they were meant to be played, a big band, a big sound and a whole collection of guitars, horns and piano.

The box set contains recordings from the group's tours of Japan, Canada and France. Some of the material has not been performed live since the s, although the songs were rearranged to suit the current line-up. The title is derived from a song of the same name that the band has been playing in concert. Meltdown Radical Action II Level Five The Light Of Day The Hell Hounds Of Krim The ConstruKction Of Light The Talking Drum Peace Pictures Of A City Banshee Legs Bell Hassle Easy Money Vrooom Suitable Grounds For The Blues Interlude The Letters Sailor's Tale Red One More Red Nightmare Epitaph Starless Devil Dogs Of Tessellation Row This award, was not the only highlight of the weekend for Mike, the second was witnessing the performance of one of the most amazing female blues singers Mike has seen in years — Sari Schorr.

Mike was so knocked out with Sari that he offered to come out of retirement and produce an album with her. Already a consummate songwriter, with tracks on major labels, Sari has written or co-written most of the songs on her new album A Force Of Nature Sari has now put together her own band — The Engine Room, featuring British guitarist Innes Sibun, formerly with Robert Plant.

Aunt Hazel feat Innes Sibun Damn The Reason feat Innes Sibun Cat And Mouse feat Innes Sibun Black Betty feat Innes Sibun Demolition Man feat Innes Sibun Oklahoma feat Oli Brown Letting Go feat Innes Sibun Kiss Me feat Oli Brown In addition, Duke has logged countless gigs over the years as a producer, bandleader and guitar player with a plethora of giants of blues, roots and jazz music.

Rain Keeps Falling Mourning Dove No More Tears Last Night Fool About My Money The Mood Room Shufflin' And Scufflin Blues For Eddie Jones You Used To Be Sugar Worth Waitin' On Deb's stage presence is captivating while her amazing vocals take the audience to new levels of enjoyment. Her standout performances have garnered awards and critical acclaim at festivals and venues throughout the US, Canada and Europe.

She writes all her own material and the lyrics paint a gritty, personal picture of life, love and trouble with just a well crafted touch of whimsy. Her critically acclaimed powerhouse vocals are supported by the mastery of a Grammy Award winning producer Tony Braunagel, and an A-list group of musicians. You can expect her to continue to imprint her mark on the blues world now and in the future. Ain't Gonna Be Easy Get A Little Steam Up Blink Of An Eye Sweet Mary Anne Lord Knows I Do Panic Mode Just Her Nature New Mechanic Patrick's Blues Rivers Forgiveness Prisoner Of War She has written and produced hundreds of original songs, including the songs on her albums.

She has received critical acclaim and has toured internationally. Mandeville has said she was most influenced by Muddy Waters and called Koko Taylor her idol, but it was when she heard Luther Allison singing live that she knew the blues was her genre. Writer Karen Hanson described Mandeville's voice as sultry and wrote that she is a contemporary performer steeped in tradition. A critic for Illinois Blues called Mandeville's songwriting "great" and original. American Blues News reviewer Monica Yasher wrote that Mandeville is "known for her remarkably versatile voice, insightful songs, humorous onstage patter and deeply traditional guitar work" and is also "an accomplished Louisanna washboard player.

Too Hot For Love Blues Is My Boss Everybody Knew But Me One Dance Try Me Truth What Could Have Been Bad Blues Habit River Of Blood Yoel Hyman provides strings and horns and Arlene Coutee supplies backing vocals. Joey Gilmore can still fire up excitement with his style of deeply soulful, uplifting blues.

Man Of My Word Cant't Kill Nothin Brownskin Woman Livin A Lie Breakin Up Somebody's Home Chain Of Fools Room Sole Survivor Learning the basics from his father, singer and Blues harmonica master, Raful Neal, Kenny is known as a modern swamp-blues and multi-instrumentalist, that draws from the sizzling sounds of his native Louisiana.

A member of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame and a multi-award winning talent, Neal has never sounded better than he does here, offering some of the most moving songwriting and performances of his incredible career. Bloodline proves that the blues is most definitely in the blood - no less than eight members of the Neal clan lend their musical talents to this unique album, making it a true family affair.

Bloodline Plain Old Common Sense Funny How Time Slips Away Keep On Moving I Go By Feel I'm So Happy Blues Mobile I Can't Wait Real Friend Recording started in with a few songs I had been working on. We were patiently waiting for George to recover from his shoulder surgery, and had Chris Reddan on the road with us.

He was a great substitute and allowed us to continue touring and working without missing a beat, so to speak. We decided, after a few weeks on the road, that Chris would be a great addition to our studio endeavor, and he most certainly was. Recorded towards the end of the tour season in ,Tony's Treasures Studio was again, a perfect fit.. As always, George did just that upon his return and we finished up this year in time to take it with us on this next trip out west.

Written by myself at my demo studio in the Caribbean, the songs run the gamut from classic blues to rockin' instrumental to tropical rock to soul ballad and back again. Candy Apple Red Blues All Night You Can't Come Back No More Than Me Fighting In The Jungle I've Got News For You I Even Lost The Blues Five Inch Knife Same Page On Demand Puttin' The Word Out Bella Noche This album is dedicated to my big brother David Maxwell.

We were born on the same day ten years apart. His playing was a deep as the ocean, as high as the sky and as bright as a quasar. When he passed I felt a huge loss as I still do. David was a Broadcaster and he and I made a few records together.

It was always a supreme honor to play with him. He played blues as well as jazz with incredible expression from Otis Spann to Cecil Taylor. He knew and loved it all. He became Otis Spann in the later years. Mother Angel Elegy For A Bluesman In Memory Of T-Bone Kismet Double Trouble Blues For David Maxwell You Don't Know Me Brojoe They formed as Fanis in in Sutherland, Sydney. Drummer Geoff Plummer was working with Glenn A.

Holden and, later in the year, saxophonist Wilbur Wilde. The band enjoyed popularity with a style that bordered on parody but managed to combine novelty retro kitsch and clever theatrics with a keen sense of pop dynamics and an acute understanding of rock 'n' roll. Their debut album, Take It Greasy peaked at No.

After line-up changes, Ol' 55 disbanded in for a few years; while both Holden and Wilde had already furthered their musical careers and also taken roles in television entertainment. Manzie moved to Hollywood, where he wrote film music - mainly for horror movies - and produced recordings for bands.

His idiosyncratic brand of showmanship when performing and vocal vibrato led him to become a cult figure on the British rock scene. Chapman is claimed to have said that he was trying to sing like both Little Richard and his idol Ray Charles.

Since the early s he has spent much of his time in Germany and has made occasional appearances there and elsewhere. He was awarded an Artist of the Year award in for his vocals on Mike Oldfield's song "Shadow on the wall". In he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award. Released in , it is also the first of many solo albums on which he collaborates with Mick Ronson. The pop-metal band Great White would later cover the song on their album Twice Shy.

Because of management issues, Mick Ronson did not appear on this album; instead, Hunter brought in keyboardist Chris Stainton to act as a balancing force in the studio. Unlike his previous album, the album didn't feature any of his trademark rockers and he opted for a more jazzy direction including budding bass legend Jaco Pastorius.

In , the album was reissued with several bonus tracks. The album was recorded during a two-week period in August Mudcrutch was originally formed in The band recorded several demos and singles but never released an album. Mudcrutch was disbanded by the record company in and did not play together again until recording this album 32 years later. The album entered the U. Billboard chart at number eight, selling about 38, copies in its first week.

Tom Petty reunited with his early seventies southern rock band, Mudcrutch, in for their self-titled debut LP. Now the quintet has reteamed for a second album, 2. Mudcrutch formed in in Gainesville, Florida. The band signed to Shelter Records in and released one single, "Depot Street," before breaking up in Decades after Petty, Campbell and Tench found multi-platinum success with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the quintet reunited for 's Mudcrutch and a run of seven club shows.

Petty spoke to Rolling Stone last year and discussed plans to record a follow-up LP. I imagine most of it will be done there. The wild thing about the last album is that the vocals and even the harmony vocals were done live on the floor of the studio at the same time we played it, so there weren't many overdubs. I'm hoping we can do that again.

They play their solos on the fly, so every take is a little different, but in the end you just go for the best one. We made that record in 10 days. But these dudes do nothing if not persevere. Having lost their signature falsetto and lowdown harp man Alan Wilson in , 's Canned Heat Blues Band fronts "The Bear's" third vocal replacement, Robert Lucas, who wisely doesn't pretend he can cover those cool old road-trip-on-acid songs like "Going Up the Country" in a particularly familiar manner.

To his credit, he works hard blowing that harp Heat-style, although he cannot reach the flutter and intensity of many other drop-in Heat men. A sad note: this is the last contribution we get from the ever-cool Henry "Guitar Gangster" Vestine. Since there are virtually no original members remaining and the sound seems good but far from its source, maybe this current incarnation should consider changing its name.

It's canned all right -- but it just ain't the late great Heat. Stranger Quiet Woman Iron Horse

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