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Tiger Striped Sky Roo Panes Resolution Matt Corby Middle of the Bed Lucy Rose Brother Mighty Oaks Ordinary Lives The Slow Show Ghosts Laura Marling Monday Matt Corby The River L'aupaire Later, the affair continues to stir trouble at home when the maid passes along Nucky's message that he won't be attending the St. Gregory Award ceremony. Meanwhile, Nucky's crew prepares to leave for New York City. Owen offers Eli an extra fifty dollars to ride along.

Taking the hint, Owen hands him his gun. The convoy finds trouble when they pull into the Tabor Heights filling station and Sheriff Sickles, strong-armed by Gyp Rosetti, refuses to let them fuel up. On Chalky's orders, Dunn Purnsley beats the attacker into a bloody pulp.

Unable to reach Nucky, the crew heads back to Atlantic City. Margaret chastises him for forgetting their meeting with the Bishop's man to discuss his knighting at the St. Gregory Award ceremony in gratitude for his donation to the Catholic Church. Forced to take the meeting alone, Margaret seizes the opportunity to pressure the scheduling of a private audience with Bishop Norman during the reception.

Atlantic City to New York. The drug deal is aborted when Masseria's men try to take down Benny. Lansky kills at least one man, while the unpredictable Benny shoots wildly at the speeding getaway car, stirring even more unrest between the gangs.

Gyp makes plans to visit the Artemis Club where Gillian Darmody stole his heart. He invites Nucky to come with him, but Nucky declines. A calculating Gillian reveals that Nucky's own brother tried to have him killed. Gregory's Award ceremony. As the Bishop bestows his medal, Nucky confuses the blond boy from his dream with an altar boy.

Shaken, Nucky excuses himself from the reception and tries to call Billie, whom he's been unable to reach for two days. Meanwhile, Margaret meets Bishop Norman and introduces him to Dr. Landau is trying to convince my husband and I to sponsor a women's health clinic at the hospital. Van Alden escapes arrest when Agent Coughlin realizes he knows him from somewhere. Believing it's because they're neighbors in Cicero, Coughlin lets Van Alden pay the fine directly to him.

He forces Doyle to confess his lie about killing Horvitz. He fought. He lost. In the morning, he wakes to the sound of bacon frying and fears he's having another nightmare, but it's only Billie cooking breakfast. Mickey protests, as the back roads are covered in ice and unpredictable. The crew looks to Owen for approval of the new plan, drawing Nucky's ire. He tries to teach his son how to fight, but the boy breaks down in tears. Mason meet with Sister Agnes, who is reviewing teaching materials for the new women's health clinic.

Owen again asks Nucky how he wants to handle the situation, offering to accept responsibility for the robbery if Nucky wants to let the young Smith go. Before they can proceed, the hideout is raided by federal agents in Waxey Gordon's pocket , who have been tracking Smith. When the Prohees execute Nucky's bodyguards, Nucky, Owen, and Rowland are forced to hide in the cellar overnight until they leave.

Not looking to fight, Guzik tries to leave, but Miller attacks him anyway. Siegel demands more involvement in the business after his scuffle with Joe Masseria's men. A nervous Luciano tells Lansky he's been summoned by Masseria to discuss his share of their heroin profits. She bumps into Mrs.

Shearer who refuses Margaret's invitation to attend a class, insisting she knows plenty on the topic, despite her miscarriage. Shearer tells Margaret that when his wife is up to it, they'll try to have another baby. In the clear, Rowland appeals to Nucky for a job, revealing that he's actually nineteen. Nucky shoots him dead, sending a message to Owen about who's in charge. Furious, Capone tracks down Miller and beats him to death in retribution. In Chicago, Capone comforts his son by singing to him, Margaret learns that Carrie Duncan's plane has crashed, and Eli meets Nucky in front of the Ritz to tell him about the massacre in Tabor Heights.

Nucky wants to work with Rothstein to take out Rosetti, but Rothstein balks at the idea - Gyp answers to Joe Masseria with whom Rothstein has a very delicate truce. Later, when Coughlin stops by his apartment and slips a business card under the door, Van Alden believes he's been caught. He tries to tell Sigrid about his past, but she cuts him off: She claims to know what he's been accused of, but believes the accusations are false. He reminds her that costs exceed revenue and that she must declare Jimmy dead in order to qualify.

An aide reveals the details of his testimony to Gaston Means, who is waiting outside the Senate chamber for information. Mason gives his first lecture at the women's clinic, though attendance is low. Afterwards, Dr. Mason apologizes to Margaret for having misjudged her ability to get the clinic up and running. Nucky offers to talk to Shubert, but she asks him not to get involved - she only wanted to complain. Eddie declines, unwilling to break a contract in New York and Nucky claims to understand.

Later, he sends Chalky White and Dunn Purnsley to Eddie's hotel room to strong-arm him into accepting the role. Means suggests that Smith put a bootlegger in prison to get Mellon off his back, but Smith fears the consequences. Misinterpreting his intentions, Sigrid violently attacks Coughlin before Van Alden can stop her - he only wanted to complain about a faulty iron Van Alden sold him.

Desperate for business, she orders her ladies to advertise on the porch. When Dr. Mason is called away for an emergency procedure, Margaret takes over, speaking to the women herself. He attempts to kill Gyp on behalf of Rothstein and Nucky, but fails. Owen makes the rounds, ensuring that nothing's out of sorts. While a scout master gives a speech extolling scout values, Smith has a public breakdown about his own moral state.

When Nucky discovers Remus beat him there, already in a private meeting with Daugherty and Smith, Daugherty implies that he will indict Nucky, and not Remus, because Remus is the only person who paid Jess Smith directly. Lock, stock, and whiskey barrel. Though Teddy insists that he didn't start a fire in the greenhouse, Margaret believes he is lying and spanks him.

Harrow tends to a very drunk Sagorsky until his daughter, Julia, arrives to take him home. After they drive away, Harrow realizes that Sagorsky left his coat behind. A Croix de Guerre medal falls out of the pocket. Later that evening, Gillian walks the boardwalk where she meets a young man, Roger McAllister, who bears a striking resemblance to Jimmy. Roger takes her to his boarding house and they have sex.

Afterwards, Gillian asks if she can call him James. Though Esther tells him it's impossible, Nucky suggests he can get the case sanctioned by a higher authority, freeing him and making Esther's career. Julia tells him that the medal belonged to her brother Fred who died right before the Armistice - a fact her father cannot forgive. Julia learns that Harrow has a sister, and tells him that she's lucky to have him back.

After hanging up on Nucky, she dismisses the bodyguard, Gareth, telling him the threat's over. The phone rings and Nucky gruffly tells the caller she's not in, only to discover Gaston Means on the other end. Nucky promises him a suite at the Ritz the following night. She goes out to investigate with a loaded shotgun and finds Owen, keeping watch. How did that happen? She leads him into the greenhouse where they make love. With everyone gone, Gillian rises from bed and welcomes Roger, the young man she met on the Boardwalk, and seduces him throughout the day.

Margaret, Nucky and the children have Easter dinner at Eli's, where June professes her gratitude for all Nucky's done for their family. Harrow takes Tommy to the Sagorskys', where Julia is hosting a small Easter dinner. Julia asks for Harrow's help in the kitchen, where she offers him a private place to eat without his mask. Gyp's wife orders him to the dinner table, where she and his mother-in-law ridicule him about his clothing and his poor table manners. In the kitchen, Margaret apologizes to June for their hardships over the past two years.

Eli worships him. When Paul refuses to let go of Tommy, Harrow threatens to kill him. He relents, but demands that everyone leave his house. Harrow insists Julia go with him. They head to the boardwalk where a photographer takes their picture, mistaking them for a family. No matter what you do it's all right. He relaxes in the tub while Gillian washes him, but is startled from his reverie when Gillian stabs him with a syringe of heroin. Gillian drowns a weakened Roger with ease, and places Jimmy's dog tags around his neck.

When a priest approaches him, Gyp hits him and steals the collection bag. I can't rely on you. And I can't afford you. Margaret admits her surprise at Nucky's hidden talent and he offers to teach her, but Margaret tells him it's too late. After she goes to bed, Nucky calls Eli to inform him he'll be running the warehouse with Mickey starting in the morning. The funeral director has agreed to list the cause of death as accidental drowning, at the insistence of Leander.

Gillian laments her son's heroin addiction before asking Harrow to say a few words. Van Alden will provide him with 24 bottles of whiskey per week, as repayment for O'Banion's help disposing of Agent Coughlin's body.

Later, Nucky goes to the Artemis Club to offer his condolences, but pretense is dropped when Gillian throws her drink in his face and accuses him of killing Jimmy. Capone finds Torrio's even-temper unsettling - he barely reacts to the news that Capone killed O'Banion's man Joe Miller. Shearer asks Margaret about obtaining a diaphragm; she confesses that she drank raw milk to induce a miscarriage.

Margaret tells her she must speak with a doctor but Mrs. Mason for two diaphragms - one for Mrs. Shearer and one for herself. Means has arranged for Nucky to get into the exclusive Union Club in Manhattan under a borrowed identity, in order to get him in the same room with Andrew Mellon. Means reveals that Mellon is the majority shareholder in the Old Overholt Distillery, suggesting the now-useless business is a sore point Nucky could work to his advantage.

Instead, Torrio excuses himself and tells O'Banion he should hash it out directly with Capone. When the boss calls Van Alden to participate, his partner teases him ruthlessly to the amusement of the entire office. When its suggested Van Alden's poor sales skills extend to the bedroom, Van Alden flies into a rage, pressing a hot iron into the man's face before destroying the office.

That night Van Alden prepares to leave town but Sigrid stops him. She's already made O'Banion's whiskey as well as a Norwegian spirit - aquavit - to sell to other Norwegians. She wants to use the money they can earn to buy a house in Cicero and Van Alden won't have to worry about losing his job.

Mellon considers the offer before revealing Nucky as an interloper to one of the club's attendants. You break bread with my enemies. I want you out. Before dinner with Rothstein and Luciano, Nucky presents Billie with an annuity so she'll always be provided for. Moments later, Babette's explodes. Nucky, Rothstein, and Luciano are spared - but Billie isn't as lucky.

Margaret unsuccessfully attempts to lay down the law with Teddy and Emily who are frustrated about having to live at the Ritz for safety. Margaret finds Owen alone and presses him for information about the explosion. Reluctantly, he tells her it was Gyp Rosetti. He begins to tell her they will run away together when the situation is resolved, but they're interrupted by Nucky, who wants to discuss Emily's birthday pony.

When Margaret reminds him they never got one, he fights back tears. Sheriff Ramsey attempts to hide in his office, but Gyp finds him and beats him within an inch of his life. Later, Gyp and his men assemble the townspeople, informing them they will be doing business in Tabor Heights.

When Nucky picks up, Gyp reads him an article mourning the death of Billie Kent before offering condolences - from him and Joe Masseria. Nucky tells Owen and Eli to call in the other bosses for a meeting - he needs their support to kill Gyp and Masseria. He tells her that he's planning to leave in a year or two but she presses him to go sooner. When he asks if that's what she wants, Margaret doubts his sincerity, believing he's only saying yes because he doesn't think she'll leave.

They sit on the sidelines until Julia pulls Harrow to the dance floor. Unsupervised at the Artemis Club, Tommy looks for Josephine, an Artemis girl who played with him earlier. Another girl directs Tommy to her room, knowing he'll see Josephine with a John. Margaret excuses herself, but Nucky insists she stay. They warn him the meeting could go either way, and they're concerned that the men won't feel confident supporting him in his current state.

He hands Gyp a stone from the beach, telling him it took thousands of years to get smooth. Maybe one day you make a good general. Meanwhile, the lost bottles wash ashore in Atlantic City, exciting beachgoers as King Neptune unlocks the sea to symbolize the start of tourist season.

He worries if they leave at the same time Nucky will figure them out. He wants her to leave first and he'll follow a month later. When he returns, Van Alden is hauled out at gunpoint by two goons who deliver him to Capone at the Four Deuces. Despite Van Alden's claims of innocence, Capone believes he's selling whiskey in his territory at the behest of Dean O'Banion.

He orders Van Alden to tell him everything he knows about O'Banion's operation. Eli offers to go as backup, but Nucky sends him to Chicago to get manpower from Johnny Torrio instead. Nucky worries about Owen going after Masseria with only Sawicki for backup, but Owen assures him he will be fine. Just patience and opportunity. However, Rothstein declines, citing the war brewing between Masseria and Nucky.

And a fool will always rush in. After, Means shows Daugherty that Jess is burning the money in the backyard and suggests he's mentally unstable. But you? You'll be doing hard time. Gyp tells McCoy about his bungled delivery, blaming the loss of cargo on a drunken captain. When Franco tells him he's wrong, everyone is surprised to see Gyp laugh him off again.

Mason to tell them they're closing the women's clinic to utilize the room for more important hospital matters. Mason secretly gives Margaret the diaphragms she requested and asks her to consider continuing their work together outside of the hospital.

Later, Harrow and Julia sit around a beach campfire, and Julia reveals she was with an older widower before the war but he married someone else when she was forced to care for her father after her brother died.

Harrow accepts her past and they make love. He envisions a high-end venue with black performers for a white audience. He asks Means how much Harry is paying to have him killed before shooting himself in the head. Gyp tells Tonino he owes him -- for not leaving his cousin to drown. Seeing the contents, Nucky orders Margaret back to her room.

When she sees Owen's corpse inside, she wails and beats Nucky who realizes she was having an affair with Owen. Locked in the bedroom, Margaret flashes back to her last conversation with Owen, where she revealed she was pregnant with his child. Rosetti's men enter the suite and open fire. Nucky, hiding behind the door, picks off the men one by one.

When the coast is clear, Nucky and Eddie escape through the back entrance and commandeer a car they won't be recognized in. When Eddie veers off the road, Nucky realizes he's been shot. Nucky tries to leave Eddie at the hospital, but more of Gyp's men arrive and open fire, forcing him to find help elsewhere.

On his knees or on a slab. Gillian tries to protest, but realizes she won't win. Everything connects, Charlie. The two men turn out to be cops and they arrest Luciano. I can't reach Eli, Eddie is in the car with a bullet in his gut. He needs a doctor. I came to you for help. What is it you'd like to do? For the nonce.

He must perform the surgery without ether, so Chalky and Nucky will need to hold him down while he removes the bullet. Amid Eddie's anguished screams, Gyp and his convoy arrive. Chalky goes to face him, ordering Nucky to keep Eddie quiet. Nucky stifles Eddie's cries of pain. Gillian catches them and Tommy reveals they're headed for Julia's because Tommy doesn't belong there.

She fires him, keeping Tommy, and telling two of Gyp's men she wants Harrow gone. When they're stopped by two more of Gyp's men, Dunn pretends to give Nucky up before he and Chalky shoot them in the head. Refusing to be run out of town, Nucky decides to stay and has Chalky bring him to the lumberyard where Eli's oldest son, Willie, works. Nucky promises Chalky the club if he helps him get Atlantic City back.

A convoy headed by Eli arrives - he's rounded up Chalky's men and additional forces from Chicago. Some chow. And then you and me sit down and we talk about who dies. Bodies are piling up and reporters are hounding Mayor Bader for a statement. He denies losing control over the city and refuses to answer questions about Nucky's involvement or whereabouts. Masseria meets with Gyp, angry that he's lost twelve of his men for nothing.

And Arnold Rothstein - he's still eating dinner in Times Square! Eli suggests he gives the people what they want, which is how Nucky succeeded before. Encouraged, Nucky arranges for Mickey to suggest to Arnold Rothstein there is profit to be made at the Overholt Distillery. In Brooklyn, Margaret meets with a doctor to end her pregnancy. Nucky agrees to the deal. Revealing to Lucky that the undercover cops were in his pocket, Rothstein offers Masseria a partnership in the heroin business if he'll pull his support from Rosetti.

When he discovers Masseria's men leaving, he rushes to demand an explanation from his remaining men in the parlor, but is interrupted when Harrow enters and starts gunning them down. Gyp escapes with two men, leaving Tonino behind. Harrow heads to Tommy's bedroom, shooting anyone who crosses his path. He finds a man holding a gun to Tommy's head who orders Harrow to put down his weapon or he'll kill Tommy.

Harrow slowly lowers his rifle, but angles it at the last moment, shooting the man through the eye, saving Tommy. Nucky and Eli enter the Artemis Club and are surprised to find everyone already dead, except for Gillian, who is strung out on heroin. It's not what a soldier does. Tonino stabs Gyp to death, at the command of Nucky and Eli, who wait nearby. He tells Margaret he's willing to forgive her and that he wants her to come home.

He offers her money, pressing her to take it because it doesn't mean anything. Following that lead, he heads to Michigan and kills a businessman who claims he's only a middleman. As workers prepare for the night, Chalky and Dunn Purnsley meet with talent agent Dickie Pastor, who hashis wife, Alma, by his side.

Chalky and Dickie negotiate a fair price for the dancing duo, Grover and Greene, to perform at the Onyx, while Alma flirts with Dunn, suggesting they meet later. Though unwilling to shake his hand, Masseria accepts a cash settlement from Nucky, putting the bad blood behind them. Rothstein, however, is uncertain of Nucky's motives. As Eli and Sawicki take care of business, bootlegger Elmer Borst, a big bankroll of cash in hand, approaches Knox about getting protection of his own.

Back door. With the Mayor of Cicero in their back pocket and the election on the horizon, their plan is to boost their illegal operations, solidifying their stronghold in Cicero and the South Side of Chicago. Privately, Willie approaches Nucky about wanting to be part of the family business. Just as they begin to have sex, their encounter is interrupted by Dickie, who pulls a gun. Dunn realizes he's been set up, as Dickie holds him at gunpoint, forcing him to have sex with his wife while Dickie pleasures himself and watches.

Then, in a flash of rage, Dunn murders Dickie, allowing Alma to escape out the window. Eli and Chalkyforce Dunn to clean up the scene and bury Dickie in the frozen marshes. Making excuses, Knox hangs back as Sawicki heads straight into Borst's back door booby trap; when Elmer comes out to investigate the shot, Knox blows him away.

This all has got me pretty rattled. Ellen confesses she wanted to meet him, hinting that she wants the same opportunities he provided to Billie Kent. Disgusted, Nucky leaves and sends Eddie Kessler to throw her out. Later, Nucky finds solitude on his porch, reviewing a prospectusfrom Bill McCoy, friend and rumrunner, regarding a land deal in Florida.

Nucky looks out at the ocean from his rnew esidence, the Albatross, an abandoned hotel, at the end of the Boardwalk. Just as he is about to knock on the door, he finds a gun pointed straight at him, in the hands of his stunned, pregnant sister, Emma. Richard has returned home to the family farm in Wisconsin. Recalling their previous run-in over aquavit, Van Alden protests, but O'Banion needs him to keep an eye on the Capones' future plans.

Are you staying? Inside, Harrow finds a notice that money is owed on the house. Nucky is also unhappy that he had to go to Bader, not the other way around. During Nucky's interrogation of Bader, Eddie comports himself well, impressing Nucky. While there, Purnsley pulls Chalky aside, informing him that Alma Pastor still hasn't been found.

Harrow is acting on behalf of Carl Billings, the disgruntled ex-partner of Liebling and Werner, the man Harrow killed in Michigan. After a struggle, Harrow finds he cannot finish the job knowing Liebling has a family. Edgar Hoover. Supervisor Elliot is then arrested as a corrupt prohibition agent.

Valentin Narcisse—with Alma Pastor in tow. Narcisse reveals that Dickie Pastor actually worked for him—not Owney Madden—and he wants restitution for Dickie's murder. Chalky refuses to give up Dunn Purnsley, saying that last he heard, Dickie Pastor was heading to Newark. As a result, Narcisse pulls the acts from the Onyx Club. I have watched other men come and go. Lesser men. Duplicitous men. I am still here. Frank Capone calms Al down, seeing an opportunity to use O'Banion's spy against him.

Van Alden goes with the Capones to violently break up an election meeting and earns Frank's respect after he rescues him from attackers. However, the caller is not who he claims to be; it is actually Carl Billings, calling from Liebling's office, the dead Dolph Liebling on the floor. Billings finished the job Harrow was supposed to have done, in the process discovering the notice about the family farm Harrow unknowingly left behind.

McCoy wants Nucky to invest in a 14,acre land deal. Skeeter informs Nucky that the area surrounding McCoy's land is being developed, rendering it worthless for Nucky's bootlegging purposes. Narcisse cuts a deal with Rothstein for heroin.

Pastor will not be returning. Despite a difficult encounter with Doyle, they manage to secure a case of whiskey. Emma insists she already paid them and refuses to pay the assessor twice - she sold the family car to pay off the debt. Gillian agrees and the foursome takes in a show at the Onyx Club. The night is a success, but later, at a coffee shop, Gillian is approached by Greg, a friend of Roger's the young man she drowned. Greg insists he met Gillian before, in front of Abe Klein's on the Boardwalk.

Gillian denies she knows Roger, and Phillips chases Greg off. Rattled, Gillian excuses herself to the ladies room where she shoots up heroin. Both men are shocked when Nucky tells them the 14, acres are worthless; McCoy already guaranteed Nucky's participation.

He was trying to lure Nucky in on the deal as a way to pay Tucker back. Nucky stands firm; if McCoy needed money, he should have come to Nucky as a friend instead of trying to sucker him. Intrigued by Sally's boldness, Nucky asks her to spill the beans on Tucker.

Looking through Harrow's wallet, Billings discovers he hasn't touched the money he paid him. Willie's victory is short-lived; Henry and his cronies catch them making out in the library and heckle them. Willie shoves Henry to the floor but Henry levels a blow of his own by pointing out Willie's visible arousal.

Willie flees in shame. Control over men who are lesser than you. Chalky White is one of those men. Richard tells her that when he was in France and full of fear, he'd dream of the day he came home. An exhausted McCoy listens dejectedly as Tucker's lifeless body lays on the floor, a machete in his head.

McCoy killed Tucker when he came to collect after Nucky rejected his offer. Edgar Hoover and his associates about an organized crime syndicate stretching from Chicago to Florida, with Nucky Thompson at its center. Narcisse with cash from a recent heroin deal. Narcisse sends him away, angry that Dunn ignored his explicit instructions to meet him in Atlantic City with the money.

Eli softens when Willie explains that he feels like an outsider at Temple. He reminds Willie he's a Thompson and that he needs to make something of himself—if nothing else, it'll make his mother proud. Eddie meets Mr. Brown, aka Ralph Capone, and ends up accompanying him to dinner. During their meal, Eddie shares his personal history with Ralph, revealing that he went to work for Nucky after his wife died, leaving two grown sons behind in Germany.

Having bonded over supper, the two continue the evening at a German speakeasy where Eddie introduces Ralph to his compatriots. When Van Alden arrives at the hospital with the sorry bouquet from O'Banion, the brothers decide to take him on their rounds. With an operation in Florida, they can get Cuban rum up to Atlantic City and whiskey back down to Florida. They break into a chemistry lab and steal some chemicals that will act as a laxative; they plan to spike Henry's drink with them at a party that night.

Narcisse accepts, telling him that Chalky White's days are over: Even though he controls the Northside of Atlantic City, he's still working for the white man. Hoping to prove his worth, Dunn savagely beats a man Narcisse deems a disgrace to his fellow Libyans. Nucky plays conservatively until Arnold goads him to play like he means it; Nucky wins big when Rothstein misjudges his hand.

The brothers promise he can keep it and expand into Cicero if he continues to work with them. Then, the trio stumbles upon one of O'Banion's liquor delivery trucks parked outside of a speakeasy and the Capones decide to steal it, despite Van Alden's protests. While Henry is on the dance floor, Willie slips the laxative into Henry's cup. Later, Willie watches as his rival crumples, defecating on himself in front of everyone at the party. In the morning, Henry is dead, his lifeless body discovered on the bathroom floor of the boys' dorm.

Understanding, Al offers him work. Their conversation is interrupted by frantic banging and screaming coming from the back of the truck; it turns out one of O'Banion's men was inside taking a nap. The man recognizes Van Alden and swears he'll keep quiet, but Al warns against letting him go.

When Van Alden attempts to kill the potential snitch, his gun jams—and a machine-gun wielding Al gleefully finishes the job. Al and Frank drop Van Alden off at home, but tell him they'll see him in the morning: He will be helping them keep the voters in line for the mayoral election in Cicero.

Just as he is about to leave the train station, Eddie is stopped by Agents Knox and Selby and taken into custody. When Eddie won't budge, Knox punches him in the gut and threatens him, to no avail. Meanwhile, Nucky has noted Eddie's absence from the Albatross Hotel, but a desperate phone call from his nephew, Willie, in Philadelphia takes precedence. Later, she melts down in Judge Varick's chambers while they discuss Tommy's custody hearing.

Fueled by fear that she might lose the case, Gillian puts a hand on Varick's crotch and asks if there's anything she can do to improve her chances of getting Tommy back. He advises her to leave at once. Willie tells Nucky exactly what happened with his rival Henry—that he and his roommate Clayton spiked liquor they obtained from Mickey Doyle, thus implicating Nucky.

Mulhearne informs Nucky that the coroner believes Henry was poisoned, and as Henry's parents are major donors to the Pennsylvania Republican Party, anything arranged with the D. But he wasn't. The Capones arrive at Western Electric to help, but their crew is outnumbered and the chaos proves to be too much. Van Alden spots Al, vulnerable, crawling on the ground and aims his gun at him.

But before he can fire, he realizes Frank is watching him. Frank begins reaching for his own gun, but Van Alden is saved when shots ring out, fired by a group of armed men who kill Frank. I like my lambs comin' home. The people that discount you, they don't know who you are. As he leaves, Nucky meets Willie's roommate, Clayton. Gillian later wakes in her bed to discover Roy at her side.

They confront him with a file, which details his transgressions in Germany: Eddie stole money from his employer and ran off with his mistress. The shocking news brings Doris to Willie's dorm room, where she collapses into his arms, distraught. Later, upstairs in his room at the top floor of the Albatross, Eddie writes a note in German and changes into a fresh suit. Having betrayed Nucky and unable to face his past, Eddie leaps from the window to his death.

Nucky reveals Eddie has died and presents her with a birthday gift for Teddy. Margaret, wary about sharing details about her new life, will only say that she works in an office downtown. While sorry to hear Eddie is gone, she tells Nucky he can't continue to involve her in his life. Edgar Hoover reprimands Agent Knox for the risky behavior that contributed to Eddie Kessler's demise. It could be you going out a window—or worse.

Knox begs for one more chance. She reveals she's bored with her current material—she's working on something new. Chalky balks, telling Daughter he keeps his boredom to himself. The bank manager recognizes Eli and refuses access without a death certificate and a will. We both could. You don't want that again, do you?

On his way out of the VA hospital, he spots Richard Harrow and chases him down. Later over drinks, Harrow admits to Paul he couldn't face anyone after what happened at the Artemis Club. Sagorsky assures Harrow he's a hero for rescuing Tommy, no matter what it took. He confesses to having a demon of his own, and tells Harrow he shot a young girl in the face when he was stationed in the Philippines because she couldn't show ID. McCoy tells Nucky that August Tucker has disappeared and is nowhere to be found.

Then, two of Tucker's friends, Callum and Earl, approach and pull a gun on McCoy, blaming him for Tucker's disappearance. Sally draws her shotgun and forces the men to leave. When Nucky rages they're out a partner, McCoy promises he's already got someone lined up—a man named Pierce, who has connections in Havana. Eli mistakes the visit as a shakedown for a payoff, but sees an opportunity to make an exchange.

He convinces Knox to use his authority at the bank to gain access to Eddie's safety deposit box. That night, they take a walk on the beach with Tommy, who is now interested in astronomy. Not so easy, is it? She admits to Harrow that he turned her life upside down when he gave her Tommy, but she doesn't want to do it alone, even if she's not sure she can trust him.

When she and Tommy turn to head home, Julia tells Harrow he's coming too. Petrucelli wants in on the land deal, but Nucky is hesitant, telling Petrucelli he will think on it. As they enjoy the gator fights, Petrucelli, recognizing Luciano, takes him aside and tells him he's happy Joe Masseria lets him conduct business on his own—Masseria and Petrucelli are cousins.

Eli, surprised to see the entire sum, rules out a guilty conscience as the motivation for Eddie's suicide. Hoping to find a clue, Eli has Knox translate the letter, only to find out it's Eddie expressing his joy at learning he'd become a grandfather. However, Lansky firmly tells him he cannot kill Petrucelli and suggests cutting Masseria in.

Unsatisfied with the alternatives, Luciano backs out of the deal but cannot convince Lansky to give up his stake too. They have a heated argument as Lansky tells him their partnership is over. Luciano leaves, headed back to New York. Later in the Club Room, Chalky scolds her for singing that song, and Daughter tells him she wasn't in the mood to sing the same old material. He grabs hold of her and they have sex in the upstairs office. Nucky questions his morals and motivations, lamenting his reaction to Eddie's death and his inability to stay behind the scenes.

When his whining gets to be too much, Sally punches him—twice. When she winds up for a third blow, Nucky clocks her in the jaw instead. The ensuing scuffle quickly leads to sex. In the morning, bruised but newly awakened, Nucky embraces life and the deal, accepting Petrucelli and Lansky as partners. He tells McCoy that Sally will watch over his end of the business in Florida.

Hoover doubts Remus knows anything and is only playing along to get free meals and a night out of jail. Al, who wants to avenge his brother Frank's death, believes the Chicago Police are in Dean O'Banion's pocket and were behind it. Torrio orders him to stop his rampage, telling Al he doesn't need a war; he has business with O'Banion. Luciano insists he's not in business with Nucky and Vicenzo Petrucelli; he turned down the Florida deal. Aware of this, Masseria tells Luciano to strike a new arrangement with Petrucelli, who as Frankie Yale points out, is the biggest heroin importer in the southeast.

She regretfully tells one potential investor that because she talked her husband out of the opportunity, they lost their chance at a fortune. Torrio believes him and agrees to buy a brewery he doesn't need as repayment for O'Banion's help winning them the election in Cicero.

However, Torrio won't give up Greektown and the meeting ends on a sour note. Later, just as Torrio signs the deed to the brewery, it is raided by the police. A furious Torrio accuses O'Banion of setting him up as they are taken away by the cops. Roy admits he began divorce proceedings the day he met Gillian, prompting her to share a secret of her own: He's brought her happiness—something she hasn't felt in a very long time.

He also reveals Supervisor Elliot retired from the Bureau and moved away, leaving no forwarding address. The news does little to quell Nucky's unease. That night in bed, Daughter tells Chalky her history: she watched her mother, a prostitute, get strangled to death by a john after she burned him with a jar of lye when he got too rough. It was Narcisse who found her hiding in the closet and took her under his wing. She asks Chalky to push for a year-long engagement instead.

Rothstein calls to ensure she received his gift and to request a reciprocal relationship of discretion. Wracked with guilt over the death of Henry and the arrest of his roommate Clayton, Willie bolts in the middle of class. At a family dinner that evening, Willie announces he's dropped out of school.

Eli, furious, hits Willie and tackles him to the ground when he refuses to change his mind. Nucky separates them and Willie runs out. Narcisse, taking advantage of Chalky's absence, promises to right the situation since Chalky's ambitions are elsewhere. It's Chalky's apathy, Narcisse insists, not heroin or alcohol, that is the real scourge on the community. As Hoover is introduced as the new Acting Director of the Bureau of Investigation, he takes credit for uncovering a nationwide criminal conspiracy.

Dismayed, Knox storms out of the room and ends up in a speakeasy complaining to Gaston Means about Hoover. During the course of the conversation, it is revealed that Means is working for Knox, and supplying Nucky with false information. You never had a family. He lets him stay the night on the condition they talk in the morning.

Purnsley confronts the deacon, promising he's now on a righteous path. Asking for Cuffy's hand in prayer, Purnsley pulls him in and then stabs him to death. His shirt off, old burn scars visible on his chest, Daughter dips a rag in water and ritualistically cleanses them.

From their interaction, it is clear he was the john that her mother threw lye at, and that she is under Narcisse's control. She reports that Chalky is very pleased with her. Satisfied, he sends her onstage at the Onyx, as Narcisse buttons his shirt and savors Daughter's beautiful singing. Dunn supplies Moses with two bricks of heroin, in exchange for cash.

When Moses complains he's running low, Purnsley orders him to cut the batch a minimum of four times. As he leaves, Dunn hands Moses a flyer for Dr. After a moment, an agent coolly mentions the poisoning case involving Nucky's nephew Willie, and the murder trial his former roommate Clayton Davies is facing.

Looking for leverage, Knox meets with Clayton in jail, offering him three packs of Chesterfield cigarettes in exchange for information on Willie Thompson. Frustrated with his nephew's extended stay, Nucky tells Willie that while returning to Philadelphia isn't practical, he needs to think about how to turn recent events into an opportunity.

Valentin Narcisse. Chalky's wife, Lenore, and his daughter Maybelle notice that Chalky is drawing stares and whispers from the congregation. Immediately, she deduces that Nucky is thrown by her presence and she attaches herself to a welcoming Mickey Doyle who has Eddie Kessler's cane in hand for a night on the town.

To get back in the Northside community's good graces, Chalky, Dunn and some men raid the heroin den to find out who is supplying the drugs. Before Chalky can find anything out, Dunn kills Moses, silencing him. Once Nucky sends his nephew away, Bader reminds him it's an election year.

Downstairs, Nucky confronts Mickey, busy flirting with Sally at the bar. When Sally attempts to leave with Mickey, Nucky cracks him on the head with Eddie's cane and leaves with her instead. After an awkward introduction, she assembles a feast for them on the porch.

When Nucky joins them, Willie tells him that after talking with Sally, he realizes he can't stay at the Albatross any longer. He wants to make his own way in Atlantic City, starting from the bottom. Nucky agrees to his plan on the condition he apologizes to his parents.

Knox tells Eli about his illuminating talk with Clayton Davies—and how Nucky got Willie's murder charge pinned on Clayton. If Eli doesn't cooperate in Knox's investigation of Nucky and his co-conspirators, Knox will put Willie in jail.

Following Narcisse's orders, she encourages him to stay. They are interrupted by Dunn, who tells Chalky he's found out who has been pushing heroin on the Northside. Chalky, aware Dunn is lying and working for Narcisse, confronts him.

They have a vicious fight, and just as Dunn is about to kill Chalky, Daughter plunges a knife in Dunn's back, killing him. Willie apologizes and asks for permission to move back in. Eli hesitates for a moment, then opens his arms and welcomes his son home. Unable to fix the sink, Van Alden heads to work at the flower shop where he has to put up with O'Banion's questions about Stu's murder the day he disappeared with the Capones.

Van Alden deflects O'Banion's inquiries and heads out for a floral delivery. Outside of the shop, Phil, the iron salesman Van Alden scalded in a rage last year, spots him through the window. Chalky insists Dr. Narcisse was behind Dunn Purnsley's attempt on his life, but Nucky is unconvinced.

The two spar about who owes whom what; Nucky believes granting Chalky a club on the Boardwalk settled their debt, but Chalky feels otherwise. Nucky insists that Chalky let him feel out Narcisse before he takes action, as he does not want to go through another war: Narcisse is connected to New York and that can spell trouble for both of them. She spills her history: She never saw the boy again because she met the Commodore the next day, and he ravaged her just six weeks before her thirteenth birthday.

Narcisse that Joe Masseria squeezed Arnold Rothstein out of the heroin business. Madden agrees to arrange a meeting between them at the Cotton Club. I know a dozen people who'd kill Mickey for free. Lenore gives her husband the cold shoulder, unsure how to explain his bruised face to the Crawfords when they come for dinner.

While presenting her case, Gillian is momentarily thrown by Richard Harrow's entrance. Noting that the law favors blood relatives, he says he'll have a decision in a month. Van Alden draws his gun when the men won't stop their beating, prompting them to suggest he relax. Though she swears Chalky wouldn't stay, Narcisse notes the signs of a struggle. Later, Chalky receives a call from De-Ernie Coates and abandons his dinner with the Crawfords to tend to a badly beaten Daughter.

Finding himself staring down the barrel of another gun, a tightly-wound Van Alden reveals that Capone killed Stu but he himself has killed others—including the partner he drowned when he was a Prohibition Agent. Unsure of what to make of Van Alden's speech, O'Banion returns to the front of the shop to help a customer, only to be viciously shot by Frankie Yale and two men. Discovering O'Banion's body, Van Alden empties the cash box and then leaves through the alley where the corpses of his former co-workers still lie.

He returns home, tosses the cash onto the bed, and has sex with Sigrid. Chalky's arrival causes an even bigger scene when he calls out Narcisse for beating Daughter. Nucky warns him to think before he speaks, unless he's ready for a war—one that he will fight alone. Furious, Chalky flips their table and stalks out. Late that night Nucky has a phone call with Sally Wheet. He asks her what a man can do in Florida. She tells him a man does what he wants, or doesn't do anything at all, though she wouldn't put up with the latter for long.

After they hang up, Sally smokes a cigarette in bed, holding her shotgun. Eli gives them the name of Johnny Torrio's second in command, Joseph Balanchuk. Selby and Knox, pleased with the intel, assure Eli he is doing the right thing. The next morning, Eli finds Agent Knox, posing as a life insurance agent, at his table with June and Willie. When he gets Eli alone, Knox tears into him about Balanchuk, who has been dead for two years. Knox threatens Eli that if he doesn't start cooperating, Willie will go to jail.

She reports the bad news to Nucky, who warns her to keep the discovery to herself. When they stop the shipment which is led by Meyer Lansky , Agent Knox goes overboard and shoots an uncooperative driver in the head. Shortly thereafter, they find the heroin stashed away in the cases of rum. Arnold Rothstein, arriving for a meeting with her boss, Robert Bennett III, notes that the rent of the prospective apartment is more than Margaret could possibly afford.

He offers her a deal in one of his buildings in exchange for tips about Anaconda Realty. Just then, Richard Harrow steps outside. Johnny Torrio learns Al Capone has reorganized, bringing on Van Alden to take over collections for his brother Ralph, whom Al promoted. Narcisse survives the hit and shoots Chalky in the shoulder as he makes his getaway.

Furthermore, there's a fortune to be made in heroin; what would Nucky have done in the same position? Nucky orders Lansky to call Masseria down to Atlantic City, if he wants to see him or his heroin again. After Daughter arrives for support, Nucky is called in. Nucky advises Chalky to lay low, as Narcisse wants him dead, and not to leave there until he calls. Nucky assures Chalky he will do everything in his power to help him, as Chalky helped him last year.

Dodging reporters, he drives away with Willie and Narcisse. Rothstein agrees to the deal but questions why Margaret will take from him but not Nucky. Narcisse wants Chalky dead and Nucky, playing along, says he wants his cut from the heroin if they are going to ship it on his trucks - and a deal is struck.

Soon after, Nucky calls Mayor Bader to have Chalky escorted out of town. Unbeknownst to Nucky, Bader is in Narcisse's pocket and the two Deputies that pick up Chalky try to kill him and Daughter. Chalky fights back and ends up killing them both. Al becomes suspicious that Torrio left at a very convenient time. Edgar Hoover about the Thompson Organization. When Maybelle goes to her father's office to lie down, Narcisse happens upon her.

She introduces herself as Chalky's daughter and reveals that Samuel's father called off the wedding, with relish. Knowing that things have just gone from bad to worse, Nucky adds more men to protect him at the Albatross. Eli shows up and sees that Willie is now involved in the family business. Eli questions if this is the life his son wants. They're driven to safety by two of Boneau's men, Levi and Weems, and welcomed by his nephew, Scrapper.

At dawn, Chalky reunites with the once indestructible Boneau. Boneau, 80, is now blind and clearly in a weakened state. While he and Chalky catch up, Oscar sends Daughter off to the kitchen to cook, much to her displeasure. Ferry tells her they could tie up Tommy's custody case in appeals court if she loses, but the risk is that Tommy would end up in an orphanage during that time. Gillian, an orphan herself, knows the grim reality that would await her grandson.

Realizing that Tommy would be in the victim in the custody battle, she goes to the Sagorsky house, and finds him playing in the back yard. Richard Harrow catches her talking to Tommy, and orders her to leave. Before Gillian does, she gives Tommy his father's dog tags, and tells Richard to take good care of him.

Knox is surprised Nucky takes orders from Dr. Narcisse, but Eli tells him that it's the money that Nucky can't walk away from. Despite Eli's reluctance, Knox urges him to put together a meeting with Nucky and all his key players. When Nucky questions Knox, Eli brushes off his brother's concerns. Gillian thinks he's leaving her behind, but he asks her to marry him.

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With a demo track, you have a track to sing along with when you record your vocals in the studio.

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Like i used to lucy rose torrent You just have to make a decision. Dunn supplies Moses with two bricks of heroin, in exchange for cash. Both drunk, Jimmy helps his mother back to her hotel and into bed and Gillian tells him there's no one else for her. Willie shoves Henry to the floor but Henry levels a blow of his own by pointing out Willie's visible arousal. Later, the affair continues to stir trouble at home when the maid passes along Nucky's message that he won't be attending the St.
Like i used to lucy rose torrent Album: City. Hoping to prove his worth, Dunn savagely beats a man Narcisse deems a disgrace to his fellow Libyans. The bank manager recognizes Eli and refuses access without a death certificate and a will. After she goes to bed, Nucky calls Eli to inform him he'll be running the warehouse with Mickey starting in the morning. Later, Luciano, Benny Siegel and Lansky meet with Tonino, who updates them: Maranzano still believes Luciano and Lansky are on the outs and are in no way connected with the attempted hit on Nucky.
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Servindo a dois senhorestorrent Instead, Torrio excuses himself and tells O'Banion he should hash it out directly with Capone. Halo Ane Brun Unsatisfied with the alternatives, Luciano backs out of the deal but cannot convince Lansky to give up his stake too. Understanding, Al offers him work. Margaret insists that evening's dinner with John McGarrigle will take place regardless. When the press asks Nucky about his golf outing with the Attorney General, Dempsey mock jabs the reporter.


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Dispatched from and sold by musicMagpie. Other Sellers on Amazon. Not added. Details Sold by: Amazon. Sold by: Amazon Only 2 left in stock more on the way. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon. Image Unavailable Image not available for Colour:. Like I Used To. For Amazon Fresh offers the Was Price is calculated as the median price offered locally for at least 7 days of the last 90 days excluding promotional prices.

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Previous page. Lucy Rose. Audio CD. Work It Out. Young Heart. Light up the Dark. Gabrielle Aplin. Next page. Customer reviews. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings, help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from United Kingdom.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. First heard about Lucy Rose through reading up on Rae Morris. Thought I'd check this album out - glad I did, it's got all the ingredients for a great album. Chill-out acoustic, some funky beats, great simple production and of course Lucy's wonderful, whispering but beautifully tonefull voice.

At times I can hear a bit of influence re-Bombay Bicycle Club, who she has been associated with, but that's a good thing! Her songs are hauntingly melodic with lush harmony. Can't wait for the next album! One person found this helpful. If one word summed up this album, it would be 'wistful', after Lucy Rose's vocal style. But it's also an album to expect the unexpected: the songs are peppered with lots of light and shade, unusual changes of time signature, and the arrangements veer off into places you wouldn't predict.

This is a real understated classic that repays repeated listening and insinuates its way into your subconscious. If this is what can be done with an effectively 'home-produced' album, it bodes well for a follow-up. I only came across Lucy Rose through the BBC's Glastonbury coverage, which only really scratched the surface of the capabilities demonstrated on this album. If you've already got the 'Lines' EP, my only word of warning with this album is that the four Lines tracks are reproduced on this, so there are fewer new tracks than you might expect.

That's not Lucy Rose's fault, but her record company should get a rap across the knuckles for doing this. Overall, this should be considered one of the albums of from a newcomer who will have a lot more to offer in the future. First time I've bought a cd by this young lady although I've heard some on the radio ,enjoyed it and after listening to her new one so I'll buy that too.

No comments. Horror soundtrack architects-in-waiting Gigwise. Supernova basks in its own raw originality and kicks any naysayers to the curb with its unforgettable impact Kerrang! Since we've been around, that is. So, the highest-rated albums from the past twelve years or so. Rankings are calculated to two decimal places. Kendrick Lamar Damn. Self Esteem Prioritise Pleasure. Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways. Frank Ocean Channel Orange. Any decent music?

We review the reviews. You get the final word. Hello 19 June Here's how it works: The Recent Releases chart brings together critical reaction to new albums from more than 50 sources worldwide. Just in New albums just added. Unlisted recent releases. Source list Go to: All A.

Highest Recent Ratings Horsegirl Versions of Modern Performance "Horsegirl are the authoritative future of noise pop" Exclaim. Tomberlin i dont know who needs to hear this ADM rating[? Sort by ADM rating Sort by most recent review. Back to main chart. Watch it. Hear it. Latest Reviews Foals Life Is Yours The British indie rock band turn their attention to rebirth with their seventh album The FT The Smile A Light For Attracting Attention Far more than an indulgent side project, A Light For Attracting Attention deserves to be taken on its own merits as a daring, invigorating and often very moving piece of work in its own right Record Collector Perfume Genius Ugly Season It's not the most essential Perfume Genius album, but it feels like an important one — the wind-whipping, pulse-quickening sprint to some place even bigger and more daring Exclaim.

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