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Doodie Lo Lil Durk. Hear It Back feat. Moneybagg Yo Lil Durk. Huuuh Lil Durk. Psychic feat. Jack Harlow Chris Brown. You Proof Morgan Wallen. Through infrared photography we saw that this one had added pigmentation [over the original appearance], and even the paint brush bristles could be perceived. Of course, after that we had no doubts it had been painted. Alonso, a researcher of the Spanish National Research Council. However, the results are ambiguous on the subject of how the images were formed.

Also, Alonso refused to wield judgment on the thoughtographic claims. However, his analysis did confirm the presence of a melanocratic compound. In general, artificial cement is made from limestone, clay and gypsum natural cements are obtained from rocks containing lime and clay.

The main components are lime and kaolinitic clay. There are some cements such as the aluminous, derived from aluminous and lime materials, that are black melanocratic. However, in his report Alonso does not indicate the percentage of said cation, nor its structure, resistance to compression, elasticity module, chemical resistance or other characteristics necessary to differentiate a Portland cement from an aluminum cement.

Neither Bender nor de Argumosa published an official report on them. Argumosa, a Spanish parapsychologist, spent two years evaluating what he believed was a Gothic mystery, but published nothing on the subject either. Bender did mention the case in passing and referred to it in some of his lectures. His crucial statement referred to the sealing of areas of the floor where some faces were in progress with a transparent plastic material:. The most serious publication to date by a believer appears in the first chapter of the book The Seen and the Unseen by Andrew Carr MacKenzie.

The samples, one 30 milligrams, the other 60 milligrams, were subjected to various tests such as granulometric, mineralogical and chemical. According to Carballal, "The result, expressed in extremely abridged form, was that no traces of paint were found at any place. For example, nitric, sulfuric, muriatic, acetic acid, and others, could be used to obtain such an effect. Presently this old face is fading out in the dark, humid cement as can be seen in the photographs of a website.

Brian Dunning of Skeptoid has written that "the faces were shown to have been painted on the concrete floor, the first with paint and later with acid, and the woman living in the house found to be perpetrating a hoax on the public for financial gain. After extracting samples from the faces under the house owner's permission, Gracenea proceeded to analyze them and concluded that the images "weren't made with paint" and "according to scientific knowledge and techniques employed in the analysis, there is no external manipulation or elements" in the faces.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alleged paranormal phenomenon. Constructs such as ibid. Please improve this article by replacing them with named references quick guide , or an abbreviated title. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Prometheus Books. Skeptical Inquirer.

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