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It's home to "Someday I Suppose," which they play during their Clueless cameo and which proved they had as many pop songwriting chops in their arsenal as punk and metal riffs. It's not just as good a pop song as the Bosstones' later, higher-charting singles; it's better. And it's not alone on Don't Know How to Party. The title track and "Almost Anything Goes" proved the pop smarts of "Someday I Suppose" were no fluke, and hinted at the big breakthrough the band would soon have.

Not to mention, Bad Brains' Darryl Jenifer guests on this record, so it's got punk cred just for that. It's the best of both worlds. Pick up a vinyl copy of 'Don't Know How to Party. Mustard Plug would get lumped in with the mainstream ska-pop-punk boom when they signed to pop punk label Hopeless Records and released the great Evildoers Beware! The rhythms are crisp and kinetic, the warm horn lines wrap around you like an old sweater, and singers Dave Kirchgessner and Colin Clive display a unique chemistry that separated Mustard Plug from their peers.

There's no denying that Big Daddy Multitude has a goofy side at times, but if you listen a little more closely, there's a deeper, more serious side to Mustard Plug as well. Ska is a place to have fun, and it's also a place to express raw emotion, and this album did both.

They wrote several amazing ska songs in their early years, which started back in Most of their early records are good , with some great songs. In , the band, apparently aware of this, pulled their best tunes from their catalog, a few unreleased ones, and even re-recorded a few, and released the whole thing as the Vasos Vacios record.

Every song is a classic. The title track, featuring Celia Cruz, is a fantastic jam. Before Dance Hall Crashers were on MTV, before they were featured on the Angus soundtrack, they were a poppy horn-driven ska band, albeit, still one with fast tempos and punk elements.

They released one album in and broke up. After playing a few highly successful reunion shows, the band reformed, though this time without a horn section and a slightly heavier sound. Bruce Lee, and which lasted from - at which point he turned his attention fully to his other label, Asian Man Records.

With that saturation came a lot of forgettable, generic, same-y acts, which is why this album in particular shines. They seamlessly blended the influences of punk, hardcore, 2 Tone era ska, and even straight up rock to create a frenetic sound that stood up alongside acts like Mr. Bungle, The Bosstones and The Queers all of whom they shared bills with during their career and more.

They even squeezed in a phenomenal cover of "Turning Japanese" by The Vapors which, if I am being honest, was just begging to be covered by a band like this and Skankin' Pickle were surely taking a dig at the casual racism of the original. At this point in my life I simply do not revisit much of the old ska punk of the third wave, but every now and then I throw this sucker on and remember my previous life as a skinhead dancing alongside other skins, rude boys and rude girls, sweating, stage diving, wheezing, and driving home with a ringing in my ears that exists to this day.

But they added something to ska that no one had done before: Satan. Coming at ska from a metal background, the invocation of Satan was a hook I could not ignore. And although satanic ska may sound gimmick-y, Meph truly were one of the most far out third wave ska bands in the business and MAN were they good. Although they had sonic similarities to many of their third wave brethren, Meph was grittier and eviler, and their live shows had a touch of aggression not often found at ska shows thanks to frontman Andre A.

Worrell aka The Nubian Nightmare. So while you have classic sounding ska songs like "Bad John," "Satanic Debri" and "Sabo," Worrell always added an undercurrent of menace both to the records and to the live experience. Meph was a one of a kind act in a scene absolutely muddied with sameness. The Skatalites are the blueprint for the ska genre.

Being one of the pioneers, they helped set the stage for the sound of the genre. Their contemporaries were the crazy punk bands in the Chicago scene, who saw the Meanies manic energy as just a different version of what they were doing. Ska bands in other Midwest cities embraced them as part of the scene, possibly because they had horns and occasional upbeats. The ska elements in their early records were usually in the vein of Mr. Bungle, who by the way also had some ska songs on their first record.

The Blue Meanies were even scarier live. Oddly the band got some tours with mainstream ska bands like Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish, and eventually signed to a major. Presumably taking notes from Fishbone and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Southern California's Voodoo Glow Skulls threw a little metal riffage into their ska-punk formula, but much more so than either of those bands, they were also tied to mile-a-minute hardcore.

A lot of bands earn the "ska-core" tag due to vocals, but more than most, Voodoo Glow Skulls' rhythm section earn it too. Between their heart-racing speed and Frank Casillas' burly bark, they're one of the loudest, fastest bands on this list. They're also -- as they began fully embracing on their sophomore LP and Epitaph debut Firme , which was released in both English and Spanish -- true to their Latin, Mexican, and Spanish roots, and it remains important that they brought that to a genre that was dominated by white people.

Firme perfected the sound that Voodoo Glow Skulls would continue to hone for the rest of their career, and as good as some of their later stuff is, Firme remains some of their freshest sounding material. Ska-punk could often be light and breezy, but Firme is dark, heavy, and claustrophobic. No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom helped bring ska to the mainstream when it exploded in late , and though it's No Doubt's best record and one of the best records of the s in general, it's also the album where No Doubt began departing from ska.

The 2 Tone-loving band's ska influences were far more prominent on their first two albums, and they sounded best on their sophomore album The Beacon Street Collection , released just about six months before Tragic Kingdom. No Doubt's self-tilted debut wasn't a big hit, so their label Interscope Records became less invested in the band, leaving No Doubt to build their own studio, and record and release this album themselves.

A more aggressive album than their debut, the songs mixed 2 Tone ska with punk and grunge, and Gwen Stefani became the star we now know her as in the process. Their radio-rock side was getting more accessible, but their ska side was still rivaling the ska underground, with rich horn lines and sharp rhythms that proved No Doubt were a real-deal ska band. The album is full of great ska and ska-infused songs, including its singles "Squeal" and "Doghouse," but its very best ska song is "Total Hate '95," a collaboration with Bradley Nowell of Sublime and released before either band had a charting single.

Beacon Street ended up taking off, its success convinced Interscope to put their weight behind Tragic Kingdom , and the rest is history. But as big as No Doubt and Gwen Stefani ended up getting, the heavily ska-infused Beacon Street Collection remains a gem unlike anything else they've released. Browse our selection of No Doubt vinyl. The bands tended to have more jazz, 2 Tone, and traditional influences. And they knew how to dress right. One of the best was The Pietasters from Washington D.

Like the Voodoo Glow Skulls, Detroit's Suicide Machines made ska-punk that leaned punk and hardcore, but instead of going thick, dark, and heavy, TSM favored the tinnier sounds of early hardcore. Their debut album Destruction by Definition ends with a ska cover of Minor Threat's "I Don't Wanna Hear It," which is both an awesome cover and a good metaphor for what the original songs sound like. The Suicide Machines started hitting even harder over time, eventually building up to the more beastly sounds of their George W.

Bush-era album War Profiteering Is Killing Us All , but Destruction by Definition is the album that started it all, it's classic Suicide Machines, and it's also the sound they returned to on their comeback album , so if you gotta go with just one, this is always the one. This record is great because it's got the intimidatingly cool punk side that a lot of ska-punk lacks, but it also fully embraces just the right amount of the cheerier side that makes ska-punk so fun.

It's got it all -- the bright melodies, the gang vocals, the horns, the organs, the skank-inducing rhythms -- but it's also got roaring screams, razor-sharp power chords, and mosh-inducing rhythms too. It's less a fusion of ska and hardcore and more a record that flips between ska and hardcore at the drop of a hat, without ever losing focus.

These guys embraced a ton of familiar sounds but always managed to stand out from the pack, and they wrote songs with real lasting power. Beneath the silly band name, goofy mascot, and inexplicable obsession with Pez lies a lifer band with an arsenal of great songs, many of which make up their still-awesome album, Losing Streak. Losing Streak was Less Than Jake's sophomore album and Capitol Records debut following their debut album Pezcore , released a year earlier on Mike Park's pre-Asian Man Records label Dill Records, and featuring re-recordings of two songs from that album , and it remains their most seminal album.

They tightened up their sound from the promising Pezcore but had not yet gone in the more polished-sounding direction as some of their later albums, and it's the perfect middle ground. As much as they were obviously ska, LTJ were also just a great skate punk band, and the raw but sharp-sounding Losing Streak is as good a skate punk record as '90s classics like Punk In Drublic or Dude Ranch.

Like those records, Losing Streak is scrappy and distorted and zips by at laser speed, but it's also full of great pop songs. With two lead vocalists Chris DeMakes and Roger Lima who have insane chemistry and can trade lines, call and respond, overlap with each other, and harmonize, Losing Streak is packed to the gills with a kind of rich melodic work that you don't always hear in snotty punk rock.

They're also great storytellers, and -- hailing from from the same Gainesville Rock City that birthed Against Me! Not saying it's Shakespeare or anything, but the imagery in the lyrics is as vivid as the melodies are catchy. Listening to Losing Streak feels like peering into a world of drug deals, liquor stores, and fights on street corners, all told by a protagonist that's drunk on self-doubt.

Browse our selection of Less Than Jake vinyl. When it comes to American ska, most want to believe it was all infused with pop punk, but many bands played a wide rage of the genre. Hepcat held it down on the West Coast, playing the smooth soul-infused traditional ska-jazz sound.

Right On Time is a phenomenal record front to back, filled with catchy melodies, solid jazz chops on the instrumental songs, and irresistible grooves from the rhythm section. And then the double-time section that comes later in the song is ungodly fast, while somehow managing to have a bouncy groove. Link 80 first got attention as tough East Bay punks that were crazy good on their instruments despite still being in high school. That fact was a hurdle in the punk scene, one that they got over quickly.

Nick was one of the most charismatic ska singers at the time and was so genuine and downright punk rock, you immediately forgot that his mom lived in a San Francisco mansion. Those six songs and all their others ended up on this self-titled compilation, released the year after Slapstick broke up, and this comp offers more than just a look at two famous musicians' early band. It's one of the best ska-punk records of the '90s, period.

Slapstick's lineup also included trombone player Peter Anna who went on to play in Less Than Jake from to , and you can retroactively describe them as sounding like "The Lawrence Arms meets Less Than Jake" and not be too far off the mark. Obviously Brendan Kelly and Dan Andriano both went on to have very fine careers, but if Slapstick never broke up, I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up getting a lot bigger.

Brendan's songwriting was already as strong in this earlier, more underrated band as it was on the much more widely-loved Lawrence Arms classics that were soon to come. Catch 22 started shuffling around their lineup, and eventually Tomas, Josh, and James formed Streetlight Manifesto who re-recorded their own version of Keasbey Nights in Both bands went on to do worthwhile stuff, but nothing ever captured the magic of the original, eternally great Keasbey Nights. At the risk of sounding too hyperbolic, this album is like the true heir to Operation Ivy's throne.

Like that band, Keasbey Nights sounds thin and scratchy and rough around the edges, but it's perfect the way it is. And like Op Ivy, Keasbey Nights shows off a true love and understanding of ska, while also sticking to a true punk mentality.

The bands on this list all found various ways to bring ska and punk together; Keasbey Nights fused them to the point where the lines between them ceased to exist. The rhythms were rooted in ska more often than not, but the speed was full-on punk. Keasbey Nights is such a fast record that it has several songs where it sounds like Tomas and his bandmates can hardly finish their sentences, but everything always sounds intentional and under control.

It's dizzying to try to keep up with them, but the opposite of inaccessible. Tomas packs an insane amount of hooks into these songs; I don't even know if the album technically has a "single" but it feels like a greatest hits. Nearly every track on Keasbey Nights is a stone-cold ska-punk classic, and the album flows brilliantly and never suffers from filler.

Sometimes liking ska-punk requires you to embrace a little cheese or a little '90s datedness, but there's nothing cheesy or dated about this near-perfect record. Check out his kids' album, Smile. The name of the band was an unsettling starting point—reclaim a slur. For the album, he took the rhythm section of the recently broken-up Slapstick.

Subsequent releases featured this lineup on the recordings. But the energy of the first Chinkees record, especially with the driving organ lines, is just incredible. For their follow-up album, Shed Some Skin , the group broadened their punk-ska sound and incorporated new wave melodies, indie rock swagger, and mind-melting Fugazi breakdowns. Leading up to Shed Some Skin , they were on the road quite a bit.

Even though Slow Gherkin had incredible pop sensibilities, a lot of their weaknesses were also their strengths. The best Rancid album is 's The album featured veteran Jamaican reggae musician Buju Banton alongside members of The Specials, The Slackers, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and more it also featured members of Green Day, Agnostic Front, and the Ramones , and it saw Rancid utilizing organ, steel drums, horns, blues harmonica, and more to create the most real-deal ska songs of their career.

Songs like the title track and "Wrongful Suspicion" are much more in the "traditional" ska realm than Rancid's ska-punk hits, but Rancid are so punk to their core than even the parts recorded in Jamaica are dripping in the sweat of Gilman. It's by far the most unique and ambitious album that Rancid ever made and one of the most unique and ambitious albums to come out of ska-punk in general.

Browse our selection of Rancid vinyl. Around the same time The Suicide Machines were mixing punk, ska, hardcore, and politics in the Midwest, Against All Authority were doing a similar thing down in Florida. With fierce DIY ethos, raw recording quality, and aggressively political lyrics, their sound had roots in Culture Shock's anarcho-ska-punk as well as in the American hardcore scene, and AAA knew how to make it their own.

Their vibe and energy was more punk than ska, but their ska parts were the real deal; they understood how to utilize upstrokes and horns just as much as they understood how to make whiplash-inducing punk, and they were masters at combining the two. On All Fall Down -- their sophomore album and first for Hopeless Records -- they said "fuck you" to politicians and societal injustices in blunt and uncompromising ways, and they got their message across with songs that were genuinely catchy.

Following in the footsteps of Operation Ivy and Catch 22, Big D and the Kids Table seemed to want to make ska-punk that was as fast as possible and overstuff their lyrics with as many syllables as possible, and in the case of Big D, they had two lead vocalists to make things even wordier. There was clearly some hip hop influence in there too. They'd perfected the approach by the time of their debut album Good Luck , released in on Asian Man Records, which struck the ska scene like a bolt of lightning as some were already ready to declare the genre dead.

The production is scrappy but the playing is insanely tight, and worked into these raw, fast songs are some of the catchiest melodies to come out of '90s ska. Even with ska getting oversaturated by , Good Luck was able to stand out as a fresh new take on the genre. And as the genre disappeared from the mainstream in the s, Big D stuck to their guns and became lifers, releasing a slew of worthy albums even when ska was at its least fashionable.

There were other ska bands who favored a raw, dark, punk aesthetic, but Choking Victim lived and breathed it. They led their career with uncompromising politics, they literally lived in a squat house, and their music sounded as grimy as the poverty-stricken s Lower East Side that informed it.

Once you know their story and their ethos, it's not too surprising to learn that No Gods, No Managers is the aural equivalent of sticking a middle finger up at the government, society, capitalism, and the music industry, but what's sort of surprising is how tuneful Choking Victim's songs are.

No Gods, No Managers isn't just about the message and the image; Choking Victim put just as much care into coming up with really good melodies, even if sometimes they sing those melodies like they've got gravel in their throats. Peppy mid-tempo brass-filled 2 Tone ska grooves that always leaned on the fun side of the ska spectrum.

Simple, bright, and ever permeating the music. This album catches the group at their prime, with Chris Murray producing. Truly there was—is—no ska band in Canada that compares to The Planet Smashers in terms of reach, popularity, and influence. Great stuff by a band that never took themselves seriously. Ska is incredibly popular in Mexico. One of the biggest ska groups, Panteon Rococo, is one of the biggest bands in Mexico of any genre.

Their mixture of ska, pop, rock, and Latin music hits all the right buttons. But before Panteon Rococo were huge pop stars, they were disenfranchised kids from the outskirts of Mexico City. And their experiences of witnessing violence and injustices are a theme that runs through their music. Party tunes with a serious message. The only person interested in putting out ska in Mexico was Pepe Lobo, a guy who would sell these tapes at his stand at the El Chopo flea market.

Their follow-up and first full length, A La Izquierda de la Tierra , jumped to a more prominent label, but the grit and raw production stayed intact. The song was a huge hit in Mexico, but they were never a one-hit-wonder.

In they sold out 2 nights—40, tickets—at Arena Ciudad de Mexico in just 8 days. True legends. A few years later, the band changed a lot. For one thing, they were now known as RX Bandits. The first album they released under this name, Halfway Between Here and There , branched outside of the OC ska sound a bit. But on their next album, the aptly titled Progress , it was almost a whole different band. Technically, Steve played on the Progress demos, not the actual album.

He joined full-time after Progress. But his contribution is felt on the album. The group incorporated prog, math, and post-hardcore elements. And they managed to mix it with ska. Not every song has upbeats, but there are hints of the genre throughout, with the horns blasted on different accents in the music.

The more overt ska tracks are still unusual and create a compelling, bizarre groove that was unlike anything being done at the time. And for a moment, as more people started to get what the group was doing, it seemed a prog-ska movement was inevitable.

But this record stands out as a true gem in this transitional period. Several bands continued and saw growth in their fanbase. This was a great time for the band. But Wasted Days was also an important moment for the band perfecting their sound. The grooves on Wasted Days are infectious, bouncing between old ska, rocksteady, and skinhead reggae; laid back and done with class.

Browse our selection of Slackers vinyl. If you want to talk about criminally underrated third wave ska, most can agree that MU was one that just barely missed that wave. Not only does Ultra Panic keep the energy up with 17 upbeat tracks, but it also hits hard lyrically.

Nearly 20 years later, the messages of this record have sadly only gotten more relatable. Ska can be mixed with almost any kind of music, and in the case of NJ's Folly, they figured out how to mix it with dramatic s post-hardcore and metalcore. With a sound that was too aggressive for much of the ska community and too ska for much of the hardcore community, Folly were understandably niche, but if your record collection had Poison The Well and Catch 22, Folly seemed like a dream come true.

They were not only crazy enough to attempt this odd concoction of genres, they were also good enough to pull it off. The songs on their debut album Insanity Later -- released on the primarily emo label Triple Crown Records -- segues so seamlessly between heavy post-hardcore and clean upbeat ska that you almost don't even notice it happening. It could've come off like a gimmick in a lesser band's hands, but Folly made it sound natural, and it resulted in one of the most unique albums to come out of the s punk scene.

And even if Folly never got huge, they did leave an impact. It's hard to imagine fellow NJ ska-core band The Best of the Worst sounding the way they do without Folly's influence. ASOB was already starting to fizzle out by the mids, and Jeff had begun dedicating his time to BTMI, but they eventually managed to finally finish and release one last album, Three Cheers for Disappointment , which had been in the making for about five years. And thank god they finally finished it, because it's one of the best albums Jeff ever made.

If you're someone who got into Jeff Rosenstock more recently through his solo work and you're wondering where else in his huge back catalog to start exploring, this album wouldn't be a bad place to start. As more of a punk record than most of Bomb the Music Industry's stuff, it's more similar to his current solo work than some of the BTMI records are. Like those bands, it's undeniably and unapologetically ska, but it's very much a punk and sometimes even hardcore record.

Like Catch 22, ASOB always seem to be playing faster than they should be, but always sound impossibly tight. Like Op Ivy and The Suicide Machines, there are times ASOB are pulling directly from early '80s hardcore, but they always make it work within the context of fun, catchy, upbeat ska songs. And Jeff Rosenstock may have only recently started to get critical acclaim for his lyrical wit, infectious melodies, and explosive delivery, but he had all of that in spades as far back as this record.

Its reputation might've been hindered by how long it took to release wasn't a very good year to put out a ska record , but most who hear it agree: it rivals just about anything from ska-punk's '90s heyday. Browse our selection of Jeff Rosenstock vinyl.

The American mainstream had turned its back on ska by the mid s, but there were still true believers who stuck with the genre during that time, and some of the best ska music ever released came out during that era. Connecticut's Flaming Tsunamis started out as a straight-up ska-punk band, but by the time of their sophomore album Fear Everything , they were blending ska-punk with metalcore, progressive rock, jazz, and a sense of art-scene discordance.

It's a truly genre-less record, and it's as heavy as it is catchy as it is chaotic. It's all a little ridiculous, but it still manages to feel like an incredibly focused record, and a purposeful one too. Ska-punk was alive and well on Long Island in the late s, and it wasn't just because of Bomb the Music Industry. The Fad who were close with Bomb and shared a couple members were some of the LI punk scene's biggest ska cheerleaders, and also one of its best bands. They cited both Gorilla Biscuits and The Specials as reference points for that sound, and this album was truly deserving of both comparisons.

It stood out at a time when ska was entirely out of fashion, and it holds up today as one of the genre's crown jewels. Holding it down since the late '80s, the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra are one of the most solid bands in the genre. It is rare to find a book that can appeal to both the scholar and the general public, but this is what American Political Fictions achieves.

Book Title : American Political Fictions. Authors : Peter Swirski. Publisher : Palgrave Macmillan New York. Copyright Information : Peter Swirski Hardcover ISBN : Softcover ISBN : Edition Number : 1. Number of Pages : XI, Skip to main content. Search SpringerLink Search. Authors: Peter Swirski. Buying options eBook EUR Softcover Book EUR Hardcover Book EUR Learn about institutional subscriptions.

Table of contents 6 chapters Search within book Search.

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